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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1344

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1344

Henry and Ryan, the identical twins, were also with Jordan. They shot Sophia a smug look as they walked by.

After Lucy’s people killed every last one of the twins’ people, they were sent back to the Yard Family and put under house arrest on their property in Bayside City. Now that they were back out again, they had been following Jordan around and had even changed their last names.

By changing their last names to Edwards, they were able to succeed their father and also inherit their mother’s property. They were not going to give up their right to inherit the Edwards Group either as they were determined to destroy Lucy.

Sophia brushed past their provocation and quickly made her way into the elevator.

When she got to Maddie’s office, she saw that Joel and his military troop were also there. They were all dressed in plain clothes to disguise themselves as ordinary people, but the way people in the military walked and talked were clearly different.

The truth was that, apart from Maddie, Sophia had also come here today to see the military troops.

Unrelated staff in the office were kept away. Maddie also went outside to stand guard by the door while a tense discussion took place inside.

Once the two parties exchanged greetings with each other, they sat down on opposite sides of each other. A middle-aged man who was on equal footing with Joel had come from the military. He must have had a strong backing. If Joel hadn’t recommended him, Sophia would never have met someone like him.

She had the assistant hand over the relevant documents. “These are the related research information on the camouflage feature. The results we’ve gotten over the years are all in there.”

The other party received the documents with a smile. After the brief meeting, they took the documents with them and left through the secret passageway. Because they left just as discreetly as they had arrived, the people at the newspaper office were completely unaware that several big figures had dropped by.

When Nicholas went to save Sophia after Quinton abducted her a few years ago, he unintentionally exhibited Michel Military Technology’s latest camouflage feature. It allowed one to change colors according to their environment in order to stay hidden and avoid radar detectors. It was a feature that the military was very interested in.

At the time, it was still in its early stages and not fully developed yet.

Later on, the Fletcher Family managed to attain the materials and related technical information from Linus for the Cethosian military to begin their own research. Unfortunately, several years had passed and they were still unable to produce any results. The technology in the state-owned arms factories in Cethos was just not up to par with the Michel Group’s, which were the second-largest arms dealer in the world.

Since the Michel Group upgraded this technology and started putting it into practical use, the Cethosian military was especially keen. Sophia had willingly contributed to its latest success.

The forces against Cooper this time were terrifyingly powerful and involved too many things. Even if the Fletcher Family stepped in, Sophia felt the need to find more power for protection.

“The Fletcher Family won’t just sit back and let this happen,” Joel said in a stern voice before leaving.

He felt an inescapable responsibility for this matter. Even if the people attacking Cooper did not take advantage of the current situation, they were going to find another way in the future. The spark that set things off this time, however, was that Clive had raped Sophia. He was from Maddie’s maternal side of the family, and the person who killed him was Quinton—one of the Fletchers’ people. As the head of the Fletcher Family, Joel was not going to run away from his responsibilities.

“Thank you.” Sophia stood up and bade him farewell.

She did not forget to remind him. “Don’t startle Old Master.”

He nodded then went on his way. He was determined to do this right and not put Mark in shock.

Mark was already over a hundred years old. Joel was not going to trouble him with these things.

Despite knowing that the Fletcher Family was going to take action this time, Sophia did not want to wait for someone to save her.

As the second-leading company in the global arms industry, the Michel Military Enterprise always dominated with the latest technology. Cethos might have banned guns in the country, but several of their state-owned arms factories were the top in the world. Nonetheless, they were also envious of Michel Military that was ahead of them.

Since Sophia had shared some of their resources with them, the Cethos military was very pleased and were not going to let Cooper get destroyed so easily.

After the meeting with Joel ended, Sophia had a talk with Maddie.

“Don’t worry; I will take over the media. Let me write the press release!” Maddie reassured.

She also felt a strong sense of responsibility for this issue. Because she couldn’t hide from it, she was determined to do her best.

Once the discussion with Maddie ended, Sophia headed to Michel Group’s Cethosian branch.

In the past, it used to be Linus’ territory. Although Sophia also held a title at Michel Group, she rarely came to the company. But today, she was there as the emergency person-in-charge during that critical time.

Strictly speaking, the Michel Group was a family corporation. People were caught off guard by her sudden arrival, but they did not stop her.

Inside a conference room, Sophia started a video conference with the people in Africa.

They reported the sudden events that had happened over the past two days.

Several of the heads working in the branch in Africa were attacked—some died on the spot while some were sent to the hospital. Their business partners were also pulling out at the last minute. Currently, they were all left without leaders.

There were many people who wanted to take the opportunity to get promoted.

Some of them wanted to step up to save the desperate situation, some probably wanted to make money, and some had other hidden motives.

On the other side of the video call, the executives at the African branch gave a report on their situation. As they were reporting, the meeting started to get heated. They completely disregarded Sophia, the daughter whom Fass had brought out of nowhere.

She had never participated in their company’s management before, and she did not even know who was who.

While they were arguing, Sophia looked up from the documents and instructed, “Wilson, I am appointing you as the acting person-in-charge of the Michel Group headquarters in Africa. You must clear everything up within three days. Everyone else must assist Wilson in completing this task. If you do well, you won’t just be the acting person-in-charge anymore.”

The people who had been arguing were taken aback.

She knows us?

Someone immediately objected, “Miss Lucile, I don’t understand why you would pick Wilson.”

Looking away, Sophia took a sip of coffee then looked back up at the screen and identified the person who had just raised an objection. “Mr. Watson, I might not have directly participated in Michel Group’s internal management, but my father has nurtured me this whole time with the hope that I could return to the company someday. I’ve been watching all of you and have a good understanding of each person. Of course, I have my own reasons for choosing Wilson.”

They had stopped arguing now and were all doubting the capability of the young woman.

Meanwhile, Sophia ended the conference and quickly rushed off to deal with other things.

She was confident in the person she had chosen for this role. Since she kept an eye on them all this time, she was familiar with their day-to-day work. Wilson, the person she picked, was someone that both Cooper and Linus were fond of. He would certainly get the job done.

A successful decision-maker had to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the people working under him, and be able to use them during critical times. He did not use those he had doubts over while those he did use did not give him any doubts.

As for the list of moles in the Michel Group, Anna had already handed that over to Cooper. Cooper wanted to find an opportunity to get rid of those people, but he still had not done so for fear that it might alert the enemy.

Now, Sophia was going to take this chance to get rid of them!

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