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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1338

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1338

If the Evans Family and Bishop Family make a big deal out of this, not only will I suffer, but Maddie will get involved too!

In a hurry, Christine quickly called Maddie. She had to stop the Evans Family and the Bishop Family before they made it to the cybercafé.

When Maddie received the call from Christine and was informed about the incident, she knew immediately that it was the Bishop siblings.

After Tawny ran out in the middle of the night last time, Joel came and helped to find her. She did not expect Tawny to fall for Joel since then. From time to time, Tawny would find excuses to meet Joel, and she even tried to move into their house.

Maddie had long known about her intention. She stood strong on her ground and refused to give Tawny any chance. Yet, Tawny tried the same trick a few days ago and sneaked out late at night. Christine and Byron went after her, but they couldn’t find her. Alas, they could only call Maddie.

This time, she refused to let Joel go out and look for Tawny again. Instead, she called the Winston Family’s men from the underworld. In the end, they found Tawny in a small bar.

After that, Tawny was not content with what happened. She was not satisfied because Joel didn’t come looking for her in his Range Rover.

If that happened again, Maddie swore she would beat her up so bad before sending her home!

All in all, she didn’t want to send help if the siblings got themselves into trouble. However, she didn’t expect them to cause trouble so soon again.

“What? How dare they do something to Sophia?”

Maddie was so fed up that she almost smashed the phone.

“How dare they come here to make a fuss?”

People would find this kind of thing unbelievable. Nevertheless, this was completely possible when it came to the Evans Family and the Bishop Family!

A few years ago, Tawny was only fourteen years old, and she got pregnant. The man was an unemployed gangster, who wandered around at the cybercafé and pool room all year long. Knowing that the man was quite rich, the Bishop Family went to his house and made a scene.

The reason behind their action was not to seek justice for Tawny, who had been deceived at a young age, but to get the man to marry Tawny. They even asked for fifty thousand as a betrothal gift.

The man was shocked. Yet, because Tawny was pregnant, and she was not from a prestigious family, he was not afraid at all. He didn’t want to pay anything at all.

In short, things went way over the line, and they became the laughing stock amongst the people for many years in their small county town. Later, nothing had been agreed on in relation to the betrothal gift, and Tawny had to undergo an abortion. Although Tawny’s reputation had never been good, she was just a fourteen-year-old child. It was natural to make mistakes, but without her parents’ guidance, she ended up getting worse.

Back then, Maddie witnessed the situation with her own eyes. The two families were utterly shameless, showing the despicable side of human nature to the fullest.

“Wait there. I’m coming now!”

Hanging up, she called her father, intending to stop them from making a scene. After all, they were her family; she didn’t want them to get themselves killed.

However, her father was riled up. “Maddie Evans, you’re worse than pigs and dogs. Where did you find the courage to call me? You want me to leave? No way! Just wait for me! I’m coming to your company tomorrow and show everyone what kind of a b*tch you are!”

“What? That woman’s family is powerful? How powerful can they be? Aren’t they just an ordinary rich family? Clive slept with her. If she doesn’t marry him, who would dare to marry her?”

“She has a husband? How dare she cheat on her husband? Ask her brother to marry Tawny, then!”

“They won’t have the courage to kill us in broad daylight!”

Maddie was completely at a loss for words. At the same time, Joel had already driven his car out and was honking at her from outside.

As a son-in-law, Joel couldn’t sit out the situation. Besides, this was something he had to deal with personally.

After Maddie got into the car, Joel quickly drove toward the cybercafé. The Evans Family and Bishop Family were almost at the cybercafé; it was impossible to stop them now.

On the way to the cybercafé, Maddie was unexpectedly silent. She grabbed her phone in a daze. Although there were phone calls coming in, it seemed like she didn’t hear them and was staring straight out the window.

Everything happened so suddenly and she had not expected them at all. She originally thought she had the time to change her family’s mindset.

All these years, she entertained her family with hospitality whenever they visited and helped them find jobs. She did that hoping that they could live a better life in Bayside City. She hoped they could see the world and abandon the traditional worldview passed down from generation to generation.

Yet, she did not expect that they really just came to earn money. No matter how much money they earned, there was no way they would change.

Slowly, she gave up. She discovered that they refused to communicate, and she could not change them at all.

Finally, here came the day Joel was going to have a head-on fight with her family. And, it was an occasion that was way more serious than she had ever thought.

She couldn’t imagine how Joel would feel after meeting her narrow-minded family, who thought that they were on the right side.

It was only a matter of time before the whole Fletcher Family would find out how embarrassing her family was.

Joel will be ashamed, and the whole Fletcher Family will be ashamed too. I’m a sinner!

The Fletcher Family of Bayside City was so influential that it was as if they could summon wind and call for rain. However, the matriarch of the family had a bunch of unbearable relatives! What would the Mitchell Family, Winston Family, and Edwards Family think?

At the thought of that, Maddie’s tears welled up in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Joel, who was driving, reached out and held her hand. Immediately, he noticed that her hand was cold.

Forcing her tears back, she said, “It’s nothing. I’m fine.”

She quickly put his hand back to the steering wheel. “Concentrate on driving. I’m really fine.”

But, Joel could see tears rolling in her eyes.

He knew what she was worried about.

She always felt inferior and sensitive. To prove that she could be his woman, she worked like there was no tomorrow.

Nonetheless, she always found that no matter how hard she worked, he was like a mountain she could never conquer. They would never be equal.

The marriage of the wealthy as she knew it had to be between families of equal social rank. She and Joel were like earth and sky.

However, Joel had never thought about it in that way. He knew a good woman like her was out of his league. He was lucky to marry her.

In the past, he was immature and did a lot of rebellious things. It was a childish past that he didn’t want to remember.

When Maddie appeared, she exposed him to a whole new world. She also gave him a new mindset, slowly maturing his thinking and letting him reflect on his life.

She was the love of his life.

The only regret was that he came to the world twenty years earlier than her, so he would be leaving twenty years earlier than her.

He was willing to wait another twenty years for her by the River Lethe.


Joel’s voice rose in the car. “No matter whether it was the Fletcher Family, the Bishop Family, or the Winston Family, we are all humans. As long as we are human, we make mistakes. There is no such thing as a perfect existence.

“Every family has skeletons in the closet, and the Fletchers couldn’t avoid it too.”

He continued, “I have a relative. He’s the son of an uncle. He became a killer and killed a lot of people. He was even on the Killer List. Our family sent people out to catch him many times, but no one ever succeeded. In the end, he was shot in his groin, and he lost his fertility. You see; we even have people committing murders and arson in the Fletcher Family…”

Achoo! Somewhere in the cybercafé, Quinton sneezed again.

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