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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1335

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1335

Unexpectedly, Sophia visited the cybercafé the next day in secret.

In this era of decline for cybercafés, Stanley set up a huge cybercafé. Originally, everyone thought he would lose a lot of money. However, after the business went on for a while, it was surprisingly good. It became an established brand and quickly became the must-visit landmark amongst the internet celebrities in Bayside City. The business was roaring and it was visited by fans and media from all around the world every day.

Sophia came when she went out to walk her dog. She wanted to book a separate private room to try the supreme gaming experience Stanley offered. The package came with a professional gaming desk and chair. Just the thought of the setup made her satisfied.

Usually, Cooper wouldn’t allow her to visit the cybercafé. So, she had to sneak over while walking the dog. I have to play two rounds before going home.

Nevertheless, she did not expect Stanley to notice her the moment she stepped foot into the cybercafé. He came forward and patted her shoulder. “You’ll have to pay me one hundred, Sophia! Otherwise, I’m telling your dad that you snuck out here to play games!”

“Hmph! If you complain to my dad, I’ll withdraw my money and let your illegal business go bankrupt!” she retaliated.

With an annoyed expression, Stanley protested, “What a ruthless, cold-blooded capitalist!”

While Stanley said that, Sophia saw Christine, who was standing next to Stanley.

“Sophia, you’re here to play games too?” Christine greeted her.

Sophia eyed the pair and said, “Yeah. I’m here to have some fun.”

Arching his brows, Stanley said to Sophia, “Aha! Guess what! Christine is Aunt Maddie’s younger cousin. Aunt Maddie said that Christine is not familiar with Bayside City, and she’s alone here. So, she asked me to bring her around when I’m free to enjoy the scenery of Bayside City.”

So… you brought her to the cybercafé to enjoy the scenery? Sophia rolled her eyes. What a typical Stanley way of doing things.

“Okay, let’s go and play games together!” Stanley ushered her.

Yet, Sophia was aware of the situation. She knew this was an opportunity Maddie created for them, so she decided not to join them and said, “You guys play on your own. I want to play by myself.”

Patting her shoulder, Stanley did not argue. “Fine, then. You can find a room and have fun, Aunt Sophia!”

Seeing that the pair were talking and laughing as they looked for a computer to play games on, Sophia was sure that there would be something between them. It looks like the reason God made Stanley into someone who would go on a date at a cybercafé was that he reserved him a girl who would be willing to have a date in a cybercafé!

Carrying her dog, Sophia found a private single room and began to play computer games.

In the meantime, Christine and Stanley went into a private room as they chatted. Neither of them knew that a security guard was watching them from the other side.

After a while, Christine went out to the bathroom and she saw her uncle, Byron. He pulled her to the corner with a serious face and asked, “The guy from earlier; is he the owner of this cybercafé?”

It was only a few days since he had been here, but he already found out that the owner was someone called Stanley Fletcher, and it was the man from earlier. Instantly, Christine grew cautious. Yet, she affirmed, “Yes.”

Byron’s eyes immediately shone. “Then, you should tie him down quickly!”

In response, Christine quickly shook her head and said, “How could I? Look at his family background! And, look at mine! Nothing is going to happen between us.”

In all honesty… it would be the happiest thing that could happen to her if she could get together with Stanley. Unfortunately, she could only dream about it. She knew her place, and she knew his status. She was already satisfied just to play games with him occasionally.

Unlike her, Byron’s face sank. “What’s so bad about your family background? Look at Maddie. She’s not as pretty as you and she can’t earn as much money as you, but she got married to someone from Bayside City. With your capabilities, you can even marry the president.”

Upon hearing that, Christine let out a chuckle and said, “Uncle Byron, you should be content working here. The benefits are good and the wage is high.”

Byron noticed her reluctance, but after he thought for a moment, he decided to forget about the idea. Their family wanted Christine to make more money. If she were to get married now, the money they got would be less when her husband’s family was in charge. Taking the opportunity, he said, “If you don’t want to, I’ll ask Tawny to do it. Find a time and ask him out. We can create a chance for Tawny!”

Why is it Tawny again? After the Bishop siblings were kicked out of Maddie’s company, they had been loafing around doing nothing. They stopped working completely and played games at the cybercafé every day. They basically ate and lived there; even Christine was reluctant to care about them.

Once Christine found out about Byron’s intention, she no longer wanted to talk to him. Pretending that she had a phone call, she said, “Uncle Byron, I have a phone call. I’ll leave now.”

Hurrying back to the private room where she played games with Stanley, she saw Tawny, whose face was painted like a baboon’s bottom. She was greeting Stanley. The weather was slightly cool in early May. However, Tawny had already put on short pants, exposing her fair thighs which were covered by goosebumps that were triggered by the cold.

“What are you doing, Tawny Bishop?” Christine rushed over quickly.

Because Tawny had a guilty conscience, she ran away as soon as she heard Christine’s call.

Out of confusion, Stanley inquired, “You know that baboon’s a**?”

Forcing out a smile, Christine admitted, “She’s my cousin back from my hometown…”

Baboon’s a**… What an awful analogy. Although Stanley wasn’t referring to Christine, those words pierced through her ears as if he was talking about her. Fine. Tawny’s makeup style has always been like that. She really does resemble a monkey’s bottom.

Recalling Byron’s words, Christine bad-mouthed Tawny intentionally. “She’s a bad girl. When she was in junior high school, she fooled around and had an abortion! The next time you see her, please avoid her.”

Christine was not the one who had an abortion, but right now, she found it hard to say those words. It was as if she was the one who did it. After she said that, she looked down to the ground. She knew Stanley would despise her because her relative was so humiliating.

Surprisingly, it seemed like Stanley did not take it seriously at all. Seeing Christine’s embarrassed expression, he quickly added, “So, she’s your cousin… Hey, who doesn’t have a disgraceful relative in their family?” Mysteriously, he continued, “I have an uncle—my biological uncle, in fact! He’s a killer on the global Killer List, and he’s taken countless lives. There’s no crime he would not commit, including raping and pillaging!”

This time, Christine was shocked. “Whoa, you have such a person as a relative?!”

As if it was something worth bragging about, Stanley boasted, “Of course! My family sent a lot of people to catch him, but they failed every time. Afterward, I shot him in his balls and he has to squat to pee now. Your cousin having an abortion is nothing compared to this…”


At the Imperial, Quinton was reading a novel as he lay on the sofa. Suddenly, he let out an explosive sneeze. Subconsciously, he tightened the blanket around his body and continued with the novel while cuddling the dog in his arms.

Michael hadn’t come home as he was rushing his work at the film set. Since Quinton fell sick, Michael had asked him to go home and rest for two days. Recently, he had been getting sick very easily, and his health was getting worse.

Meanwhile, Carmen’s piano teacher came and was giving her lessons.

As for Sophia, she had said she wanted to walk the dog and hadn’t returned. However, it was already raining outside. Cooper was reading the newspaper, but he kept on looking at the rain outside with concern. Millions of scenes of ‘Darling Encountering a Horrible Event While Walking Her Dog in the Rain’ were playing in the theater in his heart.

It’s so dark outside and the rain is so heavy. What if she falls? What if she runs into a bad guy? What if she’s abducted by an alien?

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