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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1334

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1334

Standing beside Lucy, Sophia blew a smoke ring and said, “Of course, I know of it. It’s a mysterious island located outside any national borders in Europe and belongs to no country. Moreover, the identity of the mastermind behind the scenes is a complete mystery. I heard it is a paradise for the wealthy where they can do anything they want there even if it is prohibited by law.”

For instance, the killing of humans, cannibalism, and the hunting of humans as prey… Anything that will shock an ordinary person can become the bloody way the rich and powerful entertain themselves daily. She continued, “I heard that my uncle and his family are working on the island now.”

That was something that happened many years ago. I wonder if they are still alive after Linus sent them there. I’m sure Michael and Cooper are aware that Linus was one of the masterminds behind Devil Island. Despite Linus’ cute and handsome appearance, his heart is as dark as can be!

Lucy blew another smoke ring, her deep gaze studying Sandra, who had stuck her head out of the rental house just now. “How much do you think I can sell Sandra for?”

Sophia frowned. “She won’t be worth much. Look at her; she’s all skin and bones.”

When Sandra popped her head out of the house just now, Sophia could barely recognize her. She looked like a walking skeleton covered in skin. Her recent drug addiction had been unexpectedly strong. It had reached a point where she was taking the drugs constantly—so much so that it quickly depleted all the wealth she had and she was now penniless. As she was now, she was the very epitome of the saying ‘drugs kill’.

On the other hand, Sandra was so terrified that she ran back inside when she saw Lucy and Sophia. She used the tables and chairs to block the entrance before hiding behind the door and trembling in fear. Even so, she could still hear the conversation between the two ladies outside. She could hear Lucy’s voice loud and clear.

“Since she’s not worth much, I might as well feed her to my wolves. I am raising two in my manor that feed on human flesh. Don’t worry; I will let her die a painless death. I will inject her with an anesthetic in advance so that her entire body will not be able to feel anything. But, her brain will remain alert when I throw her into the wolves’ den. She can watch as she gets eaten by the wolves, bit by bit. She will witness the entire process clearly. Her heart will beat slowly, so her death will come slow. Did you know? Wolves feed on the meatiest part of the body first. The head comes last. Therefore, she will be forced to watch as she gets eaten but be completely helpless against it.”

Inside the house, Sandra covered her ears. I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want to hear it! She was terrified beyond anything she ever felt before. As she tried to look for a way to escape, she heard Sophia’s voice coming from the outside. “Eek! That sounds terrifying! I’m leaving.”

Then, Sophia headed in the direction of her car. Lucy seemed to recall something and suddenly spoke up. “Tell your father to be more careful these days. Proceed cautiously; don’t leave any traces.”

“Got it.” Sophia drove away in her car. It looks like Jordan is looking for a weakness to deal with Cooper. We better be more careful.

After Sophia left, Lucy put out her cigarette, led her men, and slowly surrounded the small little rental house…

From then, Sophia never saw nor heard about Sandra again. Sandra disappeared from the surface of the earth without a trace. Sophia didn’t know whether Sandra had been sent to Devil Island or fed to the wolves. In any case, Lucy would never let Sandra see the light of day ever again.

Meanwhile, Mitchell’s Technology was officially acquired and merged into Dragon Technology Corporation, becoming Cooper’s property once again. The Mitchell Group underwent a series of divisions and reorganizations and was finally restructured under Cooper’s control. With that, it was bound to progress toward a bright future.

Nobody knew if it was because Linus was the mastermind behind Devil Island; Theo’s resurrection was against the laws of nature; Cooper sold most of the military ammunition; or that Sophia killed too many minks. In any case, the pet pig died suddenly. By the time they discovered it, the entire pig had gone cold. Even so, Sophia hurriedly sent it to the vet. After the autopsy, the results indicated that it was too fat. It also had poor sleeping posture, which caused it to suffer from difficulty in breathing and resulted in death by suffocation. In other words, it died because it was obese.

The pig used to be very popular. It once made its debut as a fashion model. However, it retired because its body was getting out of shape, and now, its glorious life finally ended on a calm note.

The pig was later taken back home and temporarily placed in the backyard. When Carmen returned from school, she cried sorrowfully after learning that the pig was dead. Due to how young she was, it was her first time coming face-to-face with the word ‘death’.

Upon learning the news, Michael rushed home only to see Carmen crying by the side. The sight of her crying distressed him greatly. Thus, he hugged her and comforted her by saying, “Sweetie, everything will die eventually, whether they are man or pig. You’re still young. You will understand once you grow older.”

Carmen looked at him with tears in her eyes. Then, she anxiously grabbed his hand suddenly. “Daddy, will you die too?”

He did not know how to answer her question. Reaching out, he wiped away the tears on her face. “Death is not the ending. It’s simply part of a journey. Piggy might have died, but the truth is that it simply changed the way it stays beside you. Even if I die one day, I won’t actually leave you. I will still be by your side. You will still feel my presence beside you whenever you close your eyes.”

She didn’t quite understand the meaning behind his words and continued to sob. Afterward, he carried her and walked around the garden, kissing her small face as he did so. How could I bear to leave you, my little princess? Still, I will have to leave soon. No matter how reluctant I am, I cannot control the strings of my fate.

“Daddy, why are you crying?” She suddenly lifted her head to look at him and was surprised to see tears at the corners of his eyes.

Wiping his tears, he replied, “I’m also feeling a little sad because Piggy died.”

She quickly hugged him in response and comfortingly said to him, “I’ll hug you, Daddy. That way, you won’t be sad,”

Those small and tender arms wrapping around him felt like the chains of destiny that would never allow him to die peacefully…

Following the death of the pig, grief enveloped the entire household. Nobody was in a good mood as they sat in the living room discussing how to deal with the pig. In the end, they decided to hold a funeral for it. They would choose a burial spot and hold a majestic funeral for it! To their surprise, Stanley and Sean rushed over with their children in tow while everybody else was still discussing their plans.

“Why are you here?” Michael exclaimed in surprise when he saw Stanley appearing all of a sudden.

Stanley replied, “I heard from Grand-uncle Theo that you are butchering a pig today. So, I came over to lend a hand!”

Everybody was rendered speechless by those words. While everybody was discussing how best to carry out the pig’s funeral, Theo had dragged the pig to the kitchen at the back and butchered it cleanly. The intestines, fatty meat, and lean meat had been neatly processed—so much so that it looked professionally done.

That night, everybody ate pork stew for dinner. Theo also made a large pot of braised pork belly. They didn’t know how he made it but it was especially delicious. Therefore, Michael placed some of the braised pork belly on Carmen’s plate and said, “Eat more, sweetie. Eat and grow up well. Piggy will become part of your body and stay with you forever.”

In response, Carmen ate heartily, converting her grief into appetite.

Cooper also placed several slices of pork on Sophia’s plate. “Eat more, sweetie. You’ve become thin recently.”

Sophia frowned. “Dad, it wasn’t easy for me to lose that weight!”

After eating and drinking their fill, Stanley and Sean went home. Stanley was holding his child by hand while Sean carried two pieces of fresh pork. Before they left, they said, “Come over to the cybercafé whenever you’re free!”

Unexpectedly, an angry expression immediately came over Cooper’s face. It was a standard Cethosian father’s angry expression. “You are not allowed to go to the cybercafé!”

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