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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1332

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1332

Ian stared at his newly-married wife in disbelief. The Wallace Company was acquired by the Yard Group? Isla was sent by the Yard Family?

Isla didn’t seem to understand what was going on, asking with a puzzled expression, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

Lucy stared at Isla’s fake expression intently. “From the beginning, the Yard Group planned to take over the Edwards Group. Aside from the surface interference by the Yard siblings, another group of people infiltrated the Edwards Group in advance. And, you’re one of them.”

Lucy had investigated everything a long time ago. The Yard Family sent many people into the Edwards Group. There were two groups in total—one was sent by Callum and Cade while the other was sent by Henry and Ryan. Whilst both groups were slowly eroding the Edwards Group from the inside, they were simultaneously fighting against each other too. Henry and Ryan’s methods were the most obvious. After they got rid of Lucy, they openly entered the Edwards Group. Most of their people had infiltrated the key departments within the Edwards Group by then. Isla Wallace, the young mistress of the Edwards Group, was a prime example.

Contrary to Henry and Ryan’s expectations, Callum’s men began creating strife as soon as they took over. It brought chaos to the Edwards Group, causing the board of directors and the shareholders to be extremely dissatisfied with Henry and Ryan. That was when Callum and Cade were supposed to step in, under the guise of cleaning up after the mess caused by their younger brothers. At the same time, they took the opportunity to kick their younger brothers out of the company.

However, they did not account for Lucy’s return. The fight between the four Yard brothers benefited her, in the end. After her return, she started removing and weakening the Yard Family’s spies, one by one. The first to go was Ian’s wife, Isla Wallace. Lucy was willing to use any means to kick Isla out of her key position.

As Isla was not very successful at her job, Henry and Ryan were very dissatisfied with her. Still, nobody could have expected that they would be willing to sabotage their own people during their fits of insanity. Just because Ian kicked them once, they decided to rape Isla as a consequence.

Lucy explained everything right in front of Ian. “Isla, I know you are not happy working under the Yard Family. You only wanted to get rid of me through Henry. Then, you wanted to gain control over the Edwards Group through Ian. Unfortunately, you did not expect me to survive. Too bad, because I’m here today to take your life for both private and work reasons. So, just stop struggling.”

Ian was completely taken aback. He could never have imagined that his icy and intelligent wife would have such intentions!

Even so, Isla continued to play dumb. Grabbing onto Ian’s sleeve, she begged him piteously, “Ian, I have no idea what she is saying. She must hate me for interfering in the Edward Group’s matters previously. But, I have washed my hands off the Edwards Group!”

He looked at his wife, then looked at Lucy. Hesitating, he did not know who to believe. After all, one was his wife while the other was Lucy.

On the other hand, Lucy threw a length of rope and a bottle of poison onto Isla’s hospital bed. “Choose one!” She condescendingly added, “It’s a good rope. It’s a good poison too—it’s the extract of the Arrow Poison Tree. After you die, you will still maintain a ruddy complexion and a beautiful appearance. It’s a decent way to die.”

Both Isla and Ian stared at Lucy incredulously. She wants Isla dead!

Lucy continued, “I have talked to the Family Elders Council and the Wallace Family. The young mistress of the Edwards Group, Isla Wallace, was too ashamed to look her husband in the eye after being raped. Therefore, she committed suicide in her hospital ward today. Shocked, the Edwards Family held a grand funeral for their young mistress and extended their deepest condolences to the Wallace Family, their in-laws.”

Isla glanced at the closed hospital door. She could hear heavy footsteps coming from the corridor outside. It was filled with Lucy’s men. Thus, she finally seemed terrified. Clinging to Ian, she shouted, “Save me, Ian! Save me! They are going to kill me!”

Ian stared at the poison and the rope in front of him, and the words ‘honorable death’ flashed through his head. Lucy wants Isla dead. She came here to tie up loose ends. After all, it would be humiliating for the Edwards Family if word got out about this. Therefore, the simplest way to protect their honor is for Isla to die. He hugged his wife tightly and angrily reprimanded Lucy, “No! You can’t kill her! She’s a victim too!”

Lucy smiled coldly but did not refute him.

Then, he seemed to recall something and shouted loudly, “You are afraid of Isla, right?! Isla is more capable than you are! That’s why you’re afraid that she might threaten your position by participating in the management of the Edwards Group’s affairs! You’re taking this chance to exact your personal revenge! You just want to kill Isla so that you can eradicate this threat! Am I right?!”

The more he spoke, the more furious he became as thousands of extreme and dark speculations spouted in his heart.

Lucy burst out laughing. “That’s right! I am indeed carrying out my personal vendetta! I am going to annihilate everybody who stands in my way. Therefore… Isla must die today!”

Having said that, several people stepped forward from behind her. They pried Ian away and pressed Isla down against the hospital bed. Wrapping the thick rope around Isla’s neck, two burly men pulled hard on both ends of the rope. Thus, the rope dug into her neck and hindered her breathing.

Isla struggled desperately while screaming, “Save me, dear! Save me!”

Ian desperately tried to rescue his wife. However, he was subdued by several burly men in the blink of an eye. Moreover, they lifted his head so that he could watch as his wife was strangled to death in front of him.

“Save me, dear—” Isla screamed. Her cries were as heartbreaking as the other day.

He felt as if the little world in his heart was breaking apart, again and again. However, he was held back, again and again. It was just like the other day. Last time, he watched his woman get raped. This time around, he watched as she was strangled to death. “Lucy, what are you trying to do?! Ah—I’m going to kill you! Let go of Isla!”

Unfortunately, his two fists were no match for the four arms holding him. In front of Lucy, he was always powerless.

When Isla saw that Ian couldn’t do anything to help her, she suddenly became sweet. “Lucy, I was wrong. I beg you; please let me live. I will never interfere in the Edwards Group’s matters ever again. I just want to live incognito in a remote area with Ian. I was wrong. Please forgive me; I’m begging you.”

Lucy expressionlessly sat down opposite Isla. Her expression remained unchanged whether Isla begged for mercy or tried to curry favor with her. Regardless of heaven or hell, her heart no longer wavered.

Isla saw that Ian couldn’t save her and begging was getting her nowhere. Consequently, she finally revealed her true colors as she shouted, “Lucy, you dmn btch! You should have been raped to death back then! I was the one who investigated where you and Dana were having your affair! I was the one who told Henry about it! I was the one who brought them there! Hahaha! It was all me! What can you do to me?! Even if I died, it will never change the fact that you were raped! I stuffed several dozen men in there and threw several bottles of gaseous aphrodisiacs in there! You should have died back then! Why didn’t you die?! Ian is the real future head of the Edwards Family! And, I am the matriarch of the Edwards Family! The Edwards Group is mine! You will regret this! Even if I turn into a ghost, I will never forgive you!

Lucy simply watched as Isla cursed at her. Meanwhile, Isla went from alive and kicking to a lifeless corpse, her expression remaining hideously savage even after her death. On the other hand, Ian watched as his docile and adorable wife turned into a savage and hideous devil in the blink of an eye. He was completely stunned by the sight. What just happened…

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