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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1329

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1329

Mr. Evans was so furious that he could barely hold his phone securely. He did not expect that his daughter would say something as ridiculous as that. “Maddie Evans, I no longer have a daughter like you!”

It was just what Maddie wanted. “Fine; just think of me as dead! In any case, I am incompetent! I disgraced the family! Goodbye!”

After saying that, Maddie fiercely threw Byron’s phone to the ground. The phone smashed into the ground and broke into pieces. Following that, Byron and the Bishop siblings were dragged away. Peace returned to the world with their departure. Then, Maddie slumped to the ground weakly all of a sudden, burying her face in her hands as she wept…

It was late at night. Everybody else had left the company, except Maddie. She remained at the office, working overtime without saying anything. She had not eaten anything all day long, and her personal phone had been turned off.

Christine had accompanied her the entire day out of worry. At that moment, she walked in carrying a box meal in her hands. “Maddie, I brought you dinner. Here, have some.”

Maddie lowered her head and wrote her manuscript. Sniffing slightly, she replied, “I don’t feel like eating.”

Christine said, “It’s late. Why don’t you go home? I’m sure Joel is getting worried since it’s so late.”

Maddie said, “I’m not done with work.”

Christine was extremely worried. After what happened today, Byron had given Maddie a severe tongue-lashing. Moreover, the news had quickly spread across their hometown, and Maddie was now the target of the hatred and loathing back in their hometown.

Christine also constantly received phone calls from the Evans Family; they called simply to insult and scream at Maddie. Walking out of the office, she paced about anxiously. She wanted to call Joel and ask him to come and pick Maddie up from work. However, she did not know his contact number. None of Maddie’s colleagues, who were working overtime, knew his contact number either. Thus, she did not know who had his contact number. She did not know anything about Maddie’s in-laws or her personal social circles. Mulling over it, she decided to try and call Sophia. She saw that Maddie and Sophia were friends on Messenger, so she thought Sophia might know, or at the very least, have some clue.

Inside The Imperial, Linus was still fuming over what happened during the day. Every time he closed his eyes, that face that reminded him of a monkey’s butt filled his mind. Thus, he hurriedly looked at his sister’s cute face—it was an instant cure for his ailment. Unfortunately, he would soon remember that monkey’s butt of a face again—so much so that he lost his appetite for dinner.

On the other hand, Sophia was no longer angry. Rather, she was worried since Maddie seemed unhappy today. She was tempted to call Maddie and talk to her, but she was worried about disturbing Maddie’s rest. While she was agonizing over it, a call from Christine came.

Christine was not aware that Sophia and Maddie were sisters-in-law. However, she was certain that Byron had offended Linus and Sophia today. Putting aside the fact that Maddie had broken all ties with her family today, she had also been scolded by the head of the newspaper office for upsetting the young master of the Michel Group. The head of the newspaper office claimed that Linus was somebody their small newspaper office could not afford to offend.

Therefore, Christine cautiously apologized to Sophia, seemingly scared that Sophia was still angry about it. “Sophia, I’m sorry about what happened today. It’s the first time Uncle Byron came to the city, so he is not familiar with the rules here. Maddie has berated them for their behavior. Furthermore, she had a big fight with her family because of this. She also got scolded by the head of the newspaper office too. I really hope you don’t take it to heart. Maddie will come and personally apologize to you on another day.”

Sophia had not expected things to turn out this way. Hence, she quickly said, “Don’t worry about it. I’m not bothered by it. Why don’t you bring Maddie home? It’s so late!”

Upon hearing how polite Sophia was, Christine felt even more uneasy. Sophia had to coax her for quite a while before she finally got over her uneasiness and said, “Maddie refuses to leave. I wanted to ask Joel to come and pick her up but… I don’t have his contact number…”

Unfortunately, Sophia did not know either. Thus, she hurriedly asked Michael to call and ask Joel to go and pick Maddie up from her workplace. After ending the call with Christine, she let out a long sigh. Just then, Michael finished his call with Joel, turned around, and asked her about the events that transpired today.

Sophia managed to glean some information from her call with Christine just now. Combining what she heard from Linus today, she more or less had an idea of the overall situation. When I recall the looks those siblings gave me and Linus… Ugh; her makeup reminds me of a monkey’s butt. And, she had a pretentious expression too! It’s as terrifying as it could get!

When Michael heard the story from Sophia, he was immediately reminded of his pitiful mother. Back when she married Theo, she had concealed her family from him too. She never allowed him to come into contact with the Murray Family. Even now, Michael and his siblings had never met Elizabeth’s natal family. Maddie probably comes from a similar kind of family… Back then, many factors had contributed to Elizabeth’s suicide, including Theo’s death, Tanya’s persecution, and her complete disappointment in her natal family.

It was late at night by the time Joel drove to Maddie’s workplace in a rush. Christine had waited at the entrance for a long time. When she saw Joel, her eyes were slightly red. “Joel, please go and check on Maddie. She has been crying all day long. Moreover, she hasn’t taken a single bite since lunch.”

Therefore, Joel rushed upstairs after hearing those words.

Inside the office, Maddie was finishing up that day’s manuscripts while crying non-stop. Her dinner sat beside her untouched—she couldn’t bring herself to take a bite. Since coming to Bayside City, she had been exposed to a completely new way of thinking and a brand-new culture. Only then did she realize just how unbearable and unsightly her family was. They were openly plotting against my friend right in front of me today. I’m sure that they will also be plotting against Joel and the Fletchers in the future. But, what can I do? I didn’t choose to be born into such a family!

All of a sudden, the door to the office opened. She lifted her head only to see Joel’s tall and large figure standing in the doorframe. Surprised, she hurriedly wiped away her tears. “Joel?! Why are you here?”

Joel walked over. His deep eyes were filled only with the sight of her and her teary visage as he said in a low voice, “I came to pick you up.”

Maddie regularly worked overtime, especially if she encountered breaking news. She constantly had to drag herself out of bed in the middle of the night to work on her manuscripts. As a result, Joel was used to it and did not realize something was wrong when she did not come home today. It wasn’t until he received a call from Michael that he learned about the incident that had taken place today. At this moment, he did not say anything else and simply pulled her into his arms quietly. Lightly patting her on the back, he said, “It’s okay; it’s okay… I’m right here; don’t be scared…”

She buried her face in his chest, rubbing against him piteously and weeping softly.

Then, he kissed her face lightly. “It’s alright; it’s over. It’s no big deal. In the future, we won’t contact anybody from your hometown anymore, okay?” From what Michael and Christine told me, that family sounds like trouble. They are not worthy of my wife.

She had long since lost all patience for her family. However, she still felt empty inside when the time came to cut them off. She couldn’t tell if she felt empty or relieved. In any case, it was an uncomfortable feeling.

“Joel, I don’t think I’m worthy of you…” Maddie did not know how many times this thought had crossed her head. Even so, Joel fiercely kept those thoughts at bay, every single time. “Maddie Evans, how many times have I told you this? Marrying you is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”

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