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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1328

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1328

Byron called Maddie’s father on the spot, deliberately making the call right in front of Maddie and turning on the loudspeaker. As soon as the call connected, he said, “Oh, Maxton! This daughter of yours is such a worthless good-for-nothing!”

Following that, he immediately poured his heart out about all the ‘wrongs’ he suffered to Mr. Evans, detailing everything from his job-hunting incident to the ‘marriage’ incident between the Bishop siblings.

“I already heard all I needed about them. Their surname is Linus. They have a household registry in Bayside City, a stable career, a car, and a house! Aren’t they the perfect match for the Bishop siblings?! Moreover, they’re brothers and sisters too, just like the Bishop siblings! We could have become one big family in the future! It would have been a piece of cake to discuss the dowry! But, Maddie, this useless child… Not only did she refuse to introduce her family to such great partners, but she also ruined the marriage discussions! Do you know what she did?! When she saw that the children were getting along so well, she went and chased them away! Maxton, I’m not one to hold grudges, but Maddie truly went overboard this time—”

Christine pieced together a general idea of what was going on from what she heard and finally understood why Maddie felt so humiliated. Meanwhile, Tawny and her brother were standing there looking triumphant. Christine glanced at them and thought to herself, How dare these two… even think about approaching Linus and Sophia?! She blurted out loudly, “Don’t even think about trying to get close to them!”

To her surprise, Byron reacted strongly to her outburst. “Shut up! The adults are talking! This is no place for children!” Glaring hard at Maddie, who was crying silently by the side, Byron couldn’t help feeling that he had already won half the battle. Maddie’s shameful actions will soon be spread throughout the family. Her life will become a living hell! If she’s unable to hold her head up high back home… that’s no better than death! Hence, he raised his voice on purpose and said, “Tawny and her brother have such great qualities! Their family is not poor. Besides, they have a car and a house too. Why are they not a good match for each other? Even Maddie managed to marry over to Bayside City. Why can’t Tawny do the same?!”

Upon hearing those words, Christine stared at Byron in disbelief. For the first time in her life, she wondered, Is everybody back home this stupid? Sophia and Linus are top students of Bayside University! What’s more, they each own huge companies despite their youth! They come from the highest class of aristocrats! The siblings are celebrities worth billions—not somebody Maddie’s company can invite over just as they please! Seriously; the Bishop siblings are nothing in comparison! Don’t they have any self-awareness?! Do they think of themselves as kings just because they own several settlements back in our hometown?! How dare they even think about approaching Sophia and Linus?!

“Fine, fine… I’ll shut up; I’ll shut up…” While saying that, she comforted Maddie. At this point, Maddie was so furious that she couldn’t utter a single word anymore. Her entire body was trembling slightly, and tears fell from her eyes continuously as she glared savagely at Byron.

Byron was sitting with his leg crossed over his knee while calling home with his phone on loudspeaker. He made several phone calls right in front of Maddie, talking for more than an hour straight. The more he talked, the angrier he got. He wanted both the Evans Family and the Bishop Family to know all about Maddie’s ‘scandalous acts’.

A short while later, everybody in their hometown knew about Maddie’s ‘scandalous acts’. From the way Byron told the story, the truth was completely twisted to become a tale where Tawny and her brother were in marriage discussions with a pair of siblings that were quite desirable. However, Maddie appeared and arbitrarily ruined the marriage discussions out of spite and malice. Not wanting the Bishop siblings to settle down in the city, she deliberately ruined their marriages!

Meanwhile, Maddie couldn’t stop her tears from falling. She said nothing, simply listening to how they distorted the facts and blew their own trumpets. She cried not because Byron was bad-mouthing her to her face but because she hated herself for being born into such a family. It made her feel like she was covered in filth; it made her feel like she was not worthy of Joel.

Mr. Evans’ furious roar came from the phone that was on loudspeaker. “Maddie Evans! Kneel right now! Kneel! Kneel and beg for forgiveness! Otherwise, I will disown you! You better think of a way to make things right after destroying their marriages! Immediately arrange a blind date for the siblings! Do it immediately! Immediately!”

At that moment, Maddie finally wiped away her tears and swallowed her anger. She cryingly said in a heartfelt yet trembling voice, “Those siblings hold degrees from Bayside University. Besides, they are worth billions. They live in a completely different world from us. It’s not a suitable match—”

“What do you mean by ‘not a suitable match’?!” Mr. Evans furiously yelled. “How dare you look down on us country folks just because you worked in Bayside City for some time?!”

Meanwhile, Byron sat with his leg over his knee. “So what? Didn’t the daughter of the county magistrate marry a laborer from a construction site back in our hometown? That man could make his woman eat out of the palm of his hand. When she got pregnant, even the county magistrate had to recognize their marriage!”

Mr. Evans fervently agreed with Byron as he said, “That’s right; that’s right! Maddie, can’t you act a little smarter? Even if your cousin is not as financially sound as the other party, you should create more opportunities for him to shine! Why don’t you invite Miss Linus out alone so that your cousin will have more opportunities to woo her? Your cousin is such a smart boy. I’m sure it’s easy for him to get her pregnant! We’ll see how the Linus Family reacts once she is pregnant. Their unmarried daughter got herself pregnant; who else would want damaged goods like her? If they are still stubborn… Aren’t you a reporter? Why don’t you just write an article, make it a huge scandal, and ruin their reputation! We’ll see if they continue to remain stubborn! Seriously, why are you so dumb? How did I raise such a useless daughter?!”

Byron hurriedly added on. “Tawny should grab the opportunity to get herself pregnant with that man’s seed as soon as possible too! When the time comes, we’ll cause a huge ruckus. This family is wealthy; they will surely need to maintain their reputation! Therefore, they won’t dare to not marry you! With that, both of you will be registered in Bayside City’s household registry! Not only that, but you’ll also marry into a wealthy family! I’m afraid this old man won’t be able to enter through your doors the next time I come to visit you!”

Tawny immediately flattered him by saying, “That will never happen! We will always remember your kindness! We won’t be like Maddie!” When she said that, she threw a scornful look at Maddie.

At this point, Christine was absolutely livid. Dream on! They will send you all to hell!

Maddie did not know how she managed to finish listening to everything they said. Their words felt like sharp blades stabbing into the most vulnerable part of her heart. Every word stabbed into her painfully. Then, she quietly closed her eyes and forcefully squeezed out every last drop of tears in her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she focused on her anger. All the grievances she experienced throughout her life and buried deep in her heart now bubbled up to the surface as she shouted at the top of her voice, “Security! Drag these three out of here! Throw them out as far as possible!”

Everybody had been waiting for those words for a long time now. Several security guards immediately rushed forward and subdued those three before dragging them away. The three of them were driven away by car and thrown out on the street somewhere far away.

“Maddie Evans, you scum!” Byron screamed in front of her while Mr. Evans screamed through the phone.

Maddie savagely snatched the phone over and yelled at the person on the other end of the phone. “I’ll be honest with all of you! You’re not worthy of those siblings! Don’t even dream about it! I will never help you with this marriage discussion! Don’t crave for what you are not worthy of! How dare you try to trick a young lady?! Go to hell! Let me tell you this: your despicable, contemptible, and inferior genes should never be passed down!”

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