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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1327

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1327

Despite how hard Sophia tried persuading Maddie, Maddie refused to budge. I wonder what’s making Maddie so resolute? Sophia decided that she still had many chances in the future and ended things for today, planning to try again in another two days.

Afterward, Maddie decided to see Linus and Sophia on their way. Walking into the lounge with Sophia to look for Linus, she saw her second uncle that had just arrived at Bayside City to work. He was surrounding Linus with Tawny and her brother behind him. I can’t believe Tawny called him over!

Byron had a grimace on his face as he leaned close to Linus while saying, “Look; this is my niece. She is 19 years old. Isn’t she quite the pretty one? Her family conditions are great too. Why don’t you exchange contact numbers or add each other on Messenger? You should chat with each other a little…”

Tawny pulled up her Messenger on her phone. Then, she blushingly stepped forward to add Linus on Messenger.

Linus looked troubled. “Uncle Byron, I’m sorry but I don’t really use Messenger.”

Any discerning person would know with a single glance that Linus was rejecting them. However, Byron did not know what it meant to be reserved and even went so far as to enthusiastically reach out to take Linus’ phone. “Don’t worry; I’ll teach you. Come—”

Maddie stared at the scene in front of her with her mouth agape… Feeling confused, Sophia stepped forward and asked, “What are you doing?”

Linus immediately stood up as soon as he saw that she was here and eagerly said, “Sofie, you’re here! Let’s go back now.”

On the other hand, Byron’s face brightened up when he saw Sophia. He excitedly said, “Hello! You must be Mr. Linus’ younger sister! I’m Byron Evans, Maddie’s second uncle on her mother’s side!”

Oh, it’s Maddie’s uncle! Thus, she greeted him. “Nice to meet you, Uncle Byron…”

Listening to the way he talked, she realized that he mistakenly thought that ‘Linus’ was their surname. Thus, she was just about to correct his misconception when he dragged the young man standing next to him into the conversation. “Come; come here. Miss Linus, this is my nephew. He’s 21 this year. Besides, he hasn’t gotten a partner yet. Why don’t you guys get to know each other?”

She couldn’t help feeling weird. Looking at the young man, he didn’t look like much. Rather, he had a shifty look. I’m sure he’s no good. Still, it was Maddie’s relative. She did not want to put Maddie in a difficult position, so she politely replied, “Hi, nice to meet you.”

The young man had never seen such a young and beautiful woman before. Thus, he was so charmed that he couldn’t move anymore. Swallowing nervously, he said, “Hello, my name is—”

All of a sudden, Maddie spoke up with a smile. “Oh, my; look at the time. We talked so much that we lost track of time. Sophia, Linus, your car is waiting downstairs. Why don’t you leave first? Otherwise, the elevator will be jam-packed with people soon.”

“Let’s go,” Linus swiftly said. He was certain that Byron was up to something. Since just now, this man has been trying his best to inquire about my financial situation while introducing me to that girl. Her entire face is caked with a thick layer of makeup—it reminds me of a monkey’s butt. Thus, he hurriedly dragged Sophia away. Similarly, Maddie looked extremely upset as she hastily led Linus and Sophia away.

Upon seeing that, Byron became anxious and quickly rushed after them. “Mr. Linus! Why don’t you leave your contact number with us?!”

In response, Linus sullenly dragged Sophia away with him. Maddie, who was leading the way, shot a glare at her assistant when she saw her family members chasing after them. Following that, her assistant immediately stepped forward and stopped the Evans Family from approaching the siblings. “This is the VIP elevator; you are not allowed to enter.” They’ve been irritating me for a while now. How dare they harass a VIP?!

As a result, Byron, Tawny, and her brother could only watch as Maddie led Linus and Sophia into the elevator. They were so anxious that they nearly hopped about in anxiety. Argh! We nearly became the relatives of somebody in Bayside City!

Inside the elevator, Maddie stood in a corner. She felt cold all over; there was an indescribable emotion in her heart—a mix of both disgust and fury at the same time. This is what I’ve been worried about! I was scared that one day, my relatives would approach the Fletcher Family. They will surely try to weasel their way into an influential family without any inhibitions just to raise their status… Just look at the two siblings from the Bishop Family! Don’t they ever look in the mirror?! She felt the utter humiliation brought to her by her natal family. It made her all the more aware that she, Sophia, and the Fletcher Family were in completely different social classes. That realization left her feeling inferior and furious.

Meanwhile, Sophia seemed to realize something belatedly. That old man was probably trying to matchmake me with that guy. Tsk; just looking at his shifty-eyed expression tells me that he’s not a good person. If it were any other person, I would have slapped them without hesitation… This is probably why Maddie refuses to let Christine and Stanley get together, as well as why I’ve never heard her mention her natal family before.

They soon arrived on the first floor. Maddie could tell that Linus was in a bad mood and realized that Byron must have greatly offended him. Hence, she did not dare to say a word. She simply forced a smile on her face while seeing them off. To her surprise, she saw Christine rushing over as soon as she opened the door. “Maddie, I heard from my mother that Tawny fainted suddenly. She asked me to come and check on her.” When Christine noticed Sophia and Linus, she immediately respectfully said, “Sophia, Mr. Michel! Why are you here too?”

However, Linus was in a terrible mood. He simply nodded before getting into the car with Sophia. Before Sophia got into the car, she turned to Maddie and said, “I’m sorry. Linus is not in a good mood today. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Maddie smiled bitterly in response. After Linus and Sophia left, she felt tears swimming in her eyes.

“Maddie, what’s wrong?! Please don’t scare me!” Christine lightly tugged at Maddie’s arm.

Wiping away tears, Maddie said, “It’s nothing.”

Then, they both went upstairs and returned to the lounge just now. Sure enough; the atmosphere inside was completely different now. Byron was solemnly sitting on a chair with a majestic and imposing expression—he was like a guardian. Similarly, the Bishop siblings were standing next to Byron. They were practically spitting fire from their eyes. As soon as Byron saw Maddie approaching, he pointed to the ground in front of him. “Kneel, now!”

However, Maddie did not move. After coming to Bayside City for so many years, these words no longer worked on her. In the remote country town that was their hometown, those words were an absolute command when spoken by a male elder to a female younger than them. Therefore, Byron was livid when he saw that Maddie refused to kneel. He felt that his authority was greatly challenged. Taking out his phone, he furiously threatened, “Just you wait! I’m going to call your father right now! And, your grandfather too! They will know about this!”

Upon hearing those words, the Bishop siblings became happy. Their reactions made it seem like informing Maddie’s parents about her digressions was akin to a death sentence. How dare she ruin our marriage prospects?! If it wasn’t for her coming to cause trouble, we might have gotten the contact information of the Linus siblings! We could have quickly gotten close to them!

When Christine heard those words, she became anxious. This is such a trivial matter; how can they immediately raise the issue with the family?! “Uncle Byron, what on earth happened—”

Seeing that Maddie refused to kneel and admit her mistake, Byron took out his phone and pretended to dial a number. “I’m really going to make the call! Don’t think I won’t dare to do it!”

Maddie scoffed. However, her reddened eyes were filled with tears.

Then, he dialed the number while berating her in a loud voice. “You rebellious girl! Your parents have wasted their efforts raising you! Just you wait!”

He was already displeased with her long before she ruined the Bishop siblings’ ‘marriages’. Seeing that his relatives and friends were heading to Bayside City to work, he hurriedly called Maddie and told her to arrange a job for him. Contrary to his expectations, she made him attend the interview himself, saying that it depended on his own abilities as to whether he could get the job. Moreover, she made him look for his own place to stay too. I don’t know anybody in Bayside City. Where am I supposed to find a place to stay?! She is obviously trying to make things difficult for me! She doesn’t respect me at all!

In the end, he called the Bishop Family instead. Without another word, they immediately asked Christine to book his flight tickets to Bayside City. It was his first time flying in a plane. When he got off the plane, Christine even sent her assistant to pick him up and send him to a hotel. All he needed to do was stay there. Several days later, Christine told him that she found him a job at a cybercafé. Not only was the job easy, but it also paid well. Maddie is nothing compared to Christine!

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