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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1322

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1322

Christine looked at Tawny in disbelief. “Tawny, what are you babbling about? I was at an event and it was reported on the news. After that, I was playing games at an internet cafe all night long.”

But, no one really cared where she had gone.

“Christine stayed out all night long playing games? Who would even believe such a lie? I think she must have found herself a sugar daddy! Nobody from our line of work would stay out all night merely to play games. She must be lying!”

Christine found it hard to defend herself with everyone gossiping about her.

In their industry, if one stayed out all night, it was akin to having a sugar daddy.

She felt so much rage that she started to pant heavily as she did not expect her cousins to be ungrateful after she had been treating them well enough all the while.

Bethany snorted arrogantly and added, “Since you have found yourself a sugar daddy, be sure to repair my necklace.”

She rose to her feet and swayed her hips as she walked about in her high heels. In no time, a bunch of her followers rushed after her.

Christine cluelessly looked in the direction that Bethany was heading toward. She had to hold back her tears the moment she saw the set of pearl necklace that Bethany held in her hand. Three million! Where am I going to get three million? I’m barely scraping by to feed myself as it is.

Both her cousins were also kicked out.

It was not long until her family learned about it. “Christine, what have you done? You couldn’t even handle such a small matter, could you? How am I supposed to deal with this when it blows up in our family? Word has been spreading like wildfire from other families. I am so embarrassed,” her father said.

Christine burst into angry tears as she replied, “Was it my fault that Tawny stole things and Jay peeped on the artist who was changing clothes in the company? He was the one who did all of that, yet the fault is being pinned on me!”

Her father boiled in anger. “Well, if you had introduced a girl to become his girlfriend, he wouldn’t be bothering others now, would he? He merely stole a few trivial items. Could you just settle this somehow? Do you even realize how much embarrassment you have brought upon me? Now, everyone says that you and I are incompetent,” he stated in a fit of rage.

She felt sad and whimpered, “So, it’s my fault again? Everything is my fault, huh! All of you have never thought about me and how I struggled alone in a strange place. They treated me like a bank card, expecting me to cover their expenses and sought after me for employment. Why can’t they get a job by themselves?”

Mr. Bishop grunted. “I don’t care. You have to resolve this. You have to take care of them! I am going to hang up now.”

Christine was in the midst of sorting out the paperwork of departure for the siblings at the company’s entrance. Unexpectedly, her cousin had overheard Christine’s conversation with her dad and decided to start an argument with her at the entrance.

“We came to Bayside City to make money—and just look at the kind of job you have arranged for me. Not to mention, you even gave a place with horrible living conditions!” her cousin said plausibly. “While you are enjoying your good life, we are working hard in the company and staying in a dormitory!”

Tawny felt aggrieved. “I stayed in your closet and had to settle with your hand-me-downs. I didn’t make any money in the company. In fact, I was abused everyday. All the dirty jobs were done by me. I shouldn’t have listened to you and let myself be influenced by you to come to Bayside City in the beginning. Back in my hometown, I was doing just fine.”

Christine finally knew their true colors and replied angrily, “Was I the one who pestered the two of you to come here? If it wasn’t for your family who sent you both to me, I wouldn’t have taken you both in! If the jobs I’ve gotten for you are not enough, why don’t you find yourself a job instead? You both did not even graduate from junior high school. What type of job did you both expect to get? Even the cleaners in our company are high school graduates.”

Tawny felt insulted and snarled on the spot, “You made us do dirty, lowly jobs just because we don’t have any qualifications!”

Christine found that it was impossible to reason with them anymore. She realized that she, an artist, was quarreling with someone in front of the agency and had caused quite a scene. A crowd of onlookers had gathered and started to take out their mobile phones to snap pictures of the gaffes she had made.

She then rushed to take out a mask to cover herself in hopes of avoiding any scandals. However, her cousin ripped off her mask unexpectedly then shouted, “Well, explain yourself then, Christine Bishop! Say it as you mean it! Just because you are richer than us, you are looking down on us! You look down on my family! How did your parents raise you to become cunning?”

Christine felt the flash of the camera shine on her face as she looked at the camera. She quickly covered her face with her hands and yelled, “Let me go!”

Her cousin clearly wanted to humiliate her as he deliberately grabbed her to reveal her face in an attempt to give the chance for others to intimidate her.

At that point, she felt extremely helpless.

A car suddenly pulled up in front of the office—it was Maddie Evans. She barged her way through the crowd towards Christine. Maddie then removed her coat right away to cover Christine’s head before the both of them immediately left.

Both siblings chased after them with the clear intention of wanting to say something. Maddie, who was ahead of them, yelled, “Get the f*ck out of the way! You both broke the law, stole things, and on top of that, peeped on an actress who was bathing. I will call the police if you both dare to challenge me any further.”

The both of them knew better than to push Maddie’s buttons any further. Maddie immediately took Christine to the car and they left in a haste.

In the car, Christine wept uncontrollably to the point where Maddie felt sorry for her. She had to drive carefully while concurrently comforting Christine.

Soon afterward, word had spread amongst Christine’s relatives and cousins in her hometown and caused them to mock her while they gloated about the incident. The Bishop family has been showing off all this time! Now that things have gone south, there is absolutely no way they can get out of this! Instead of feeling embarrassed by the actions of the two offenders, the Bishop family is embarrassed with Christine’s incompetence to cover up the matter. Christine, who is always praised so extravagantly by her father, can’t even handle such a small issue. She has failed to live up to her status as a superstar!

Maddie knew her family well enough and how society worked. Hence, she continuously pretended that she was poor.

She painted a picture that exemplified that she did not have any money—a simple working-class pauper with a grass-root paratrooper husband whose house that was allocated by the unit was nothing more than just a basement. They did not have a house of their own and they also had a son to raise on a $10,000 salary per month that she received from her work as an editor at a press.

If someone from her hometown asked her to arrange for a job, she would make it clear to them that they had to attend the interviews themselves. As for the accommodation and money, they needed to find their own ways to source and manage them.

Maddie was terrified at the thought of family members coming to her like how Christine’s family, including some relatives, had done countless times in the past. Now if it was just a favor to help them find jobs, I’d be okay with that. If it is to cover up the troubles that they have caused? That’s a big no no. What a mess to deal with! They didn’t even think of Christine, who is merely a young lady in her twenties!

Yet, Christine’s avaricious brothers back at her hometown still greedily demanded money from her from time to time to buy houses. They truly were the epitome of the saying, ‘give them an inch and they will take a mile’.

Maddie was also aware of what her own circle of relatives in her hometown said about her and Her dad would scold both her and her husband for being losers, unlike Christine, who was successful. She said nothing because she was happy to be poor.

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