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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1319

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1319

After the pig nudged his pants for a while, it lay on the floor and fell asleep—probably due to the animal exercising too much. In fact, all it did in an entire day was sleeping and eating while living its best life. When it was a piglet, they would bring it out for walks every day. But now that the hog weighed more than 300 pounds, it could no longer go on walks and all it did was sleep at home, causing it to expand like a balloon.

Theo patted the pig’s belly and pinched its ear while praising, “Look at this pig—the coat, skin color, body, meat…” Slaughtering this pig can definitely provide meat for the family for quite some time.

Before he could finish appraising the pig, a big rooster passed by him.

The rooster made Theo recall the days when resources were scarce and even government servants could only afford to eat steam cornbread. The military troops had to eat meat for combat, so they not only reared pigs, but many chickens.

Therefore, when he had to watch a live pork belly and chicken pot swaggering past him every day, he found it difficult to continue staying there and hoped to leave the house as soon as possible. I wonder if they will slaughter the pig during the New Year, but considering the fact that this pig is wearing a pink dress and living an enjoyable life, it seems like it won’t be slaughtered any time soon.

Cooper, who was standing at one side, had long noticed Theo’s hungry gaze. Although he also found the pig unbearable, he could not help but mutter when he saw Theo having the courage to blatantly stare at the pig, “It’s vulgar.”

Theo, who seemed to have ignored what Cooper said, continued to eagerly stare at the pig while contemplating the cooking methods for different parts of the animal.

He and Cooper, who had never been able to see eye to eye on matters, preferred not to speak or disturb each other.

The next day after Michael had returned, Stanley’s cybercafé officially opened.

In the era where cybercafé business was sluggish with the risk of being bankrupt at any time and meeting real estate agents for the procedures to transfer estates, Stanley’s action of investing loads of money to open a large cybercafé and even applying for Guinness World Records had started a trend, resulting in the non-gamers to join in the fun.

On the day that his cybercafé was opened, he managed to invite many famous celebrities of the esport industry and game production teams to his opening ceremony.

Michael naturally went and so did Sophia. Cooper, who was the founder of online games, also tagged along since he had to appear for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It was an incredibly lively and merry scene that day—the number of people who showed up on the opening day of the cybercafé was at an all-time high since there were gaming fans who intentionally flew in from abroad for the event.

The large cybercafé was not only equipped with computers, but also a gym, lounge, café, mall, and over a thousand employees as well as over 100 network administrators. There were even announcements that major esports events were scheduled to be held there.

Many members of the Fletcher Family also turned up at the venue—they stood together in a large group with shining eyes and scanned the place like searchlights. Suddenly, there was a commotion.

“She’s here!”

“Over there!”

“Calm down and restrain yourselves. Don’t let the girl notice us.”

Sophia looked in the direction of their gazes—it turned out that Christine had arrived.

After she became the spokesperson for JNS Group’s new line of products, her outstanding performance in the fashion week significantly increased her social status. She received a lot of gigs and accepted a few offers to be spokesperson for other companies. Thanks to that, she was finally able to throw out the replicas and appear in front of the public in a genuine Mori girl dress, looking like an eye-candy.

She happily greeted Stanley, “Mr. Snow Fox!”

“Chrissy, you are here. Have a seat anywhere you like. It’s full house today, so pardon me for the poor hospitality.” Stanley was on the go for the entire day, but he carved some time out to greet her.

“I understand. Just do what you need to do. I’ll get myself a seat.”

The two of them went their separate ways after greeting each other.

The Fletcher Family were excited—plenty of videos were taken from different angles and uploaded into their family group chat.

“Look at this—Stan is really in a relationship this time! Look at how sweet his smile was!”

“His girlfriend looks stunning! They look good together!”

“It seems like they might have kids next year!”

Christine saw Sophia, so she went over to greet, “Sophia!”

“Hello.” Sophia subconsciously looked in the direction where Sean was and found him in the midst of greeting guests while keeping the scene under control.

The guests who were invited today were all from the same industry—big shots from the esport and gaming industries; they even made special arrangements to host an esport performance game to make the event more interesting. Therefore, he was extremely busy.

He most likely had given up on relationships since his unrequited love has caused him pain.

Sophia took the initiative to invite her to a match. “Let’s have a match later!”

Christine was surprised. “Sure, I’ve always wanted to have a match with Sirius!”

Upon hearing that, Sophia felt extremely awkward. Ever since she learned about the dark history in her younger years, she wished the ground would bury her.

After the opening ceremony, the cybercafé officially began its operation.

The elated Stanley did not invite everyone to have fun in his cybercafé for the entire night, but rather for a meal instead. As he was usually stingy, he was generous enough to treat everyone to a feast that time. Those who were invited were his close friends, Sophia and her family, as well as Harry and his clan. Christine also came along.

That large group of people had reserved the entire restaurant.

After dinner, Stanley and his friends intended to head to the cybercafé with their arms on each other’s shoulders to play games throughout the night. “Sophia, Uncle Michael, let’s go! Let’s play all night!”

Sophia was tempted by his offer, but her father was beside her, so she did not dare to agree— although she really wanted to experience the feeling of playing games in the cybercafé throughout the night!

Cooper glared at Stanley, which caused the latter to suddenly lose his courage to invite her and watched as they drove away.

After Sophia left, Stanley stopped Christine, who was also about to leave. “Chrissy, let’s go. Let’s play all night!”

She seemed to be in a dilemma. “Stan, I need to head to the dance room in the afternoon tomorrow. I think I’ll have to pass.”

He replied, “Hey, what are you afraid of? Let’s go; don’t worry, I’ll bear the consequences if something really happens.”

In the end, she was unable to resist the temptation and went to the cybercafé to play games all night long.

As Sophia’s car had not driven far away, she saw the two of them entering the cybercafé together and thought, Stanley is rather smart to use the tactic of playing games as an excuse to bring himself closer to Christine.

A man and a woman, both in their prime of life, and the cybercafé had dedicated rooms for that…

However, when Sophia returned home with excitement, switched on the computer, and logged into the game, she realized that… They were really going to play games all night. They reserved a VIP room and Stanley had even defeated Christine in the game. This idiot fellow… Is he really dating Christine? Is this how he dates a lady? If he has even half of his uncle Michael’s dating skills, he would have a kid old enough to attend elementary school now!

Sophia lazily killed mobs and gained experience together with them in the game. As she expected, playing games at home was not as fun as playing in the cybercafé. Something just doesn’t feel right!

Sean also nonchalantly played video games while privately chatting with her.

She texted, ‘Hey, do you think that idiot actually knows how to date someone? What kind of dating method is this?’

He replied, ‘They are not in a relationship; they are occasionally playing video games together. That night during the fashion week when they did not return home, they spent the entire night playing video games. In his words, it was merely ‘business games’—he played games with Christine for the whole night to convince her to promote the cybercafé for him. He managed to save a hefty amount of advertising fees through this method.’

She was rendered speechless; in fact, she was dumbfounded! A young man and woman went out just to play games for the whole night? This might sound unbelievable if it involves other people, but if Stanley is involved, it would definitely be possible.

Sean added, ‘Sigh, with Stan’s idiocy, I wonder how long I will have to wait for him to be in a relationship with someone.’

No, Stanley has actually once taken the initiative to chase a woman—Sophia. However, it turned out to be a mess since it’s the reason why the punches that he has received from Michael is more than the amount of food he has ever eaten.

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