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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1318

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1318

“Young Master, Mrs. Yard is attending a conference. She really can’t leave!”

The person’s reply infuriated Ryan. Upon seeing that Lucy’s men were about to barge into the room, he forced himself to call the cops.

As soon as the call was the connected, he yelled, “Fck you! I thought Cethos is a country that forbids the use of firearms! I have two gangs fighting with guns here! You fcking police, why aren’t you guys here to take care of this?”

The person on the other side of the phone immediately hung up on the call.

At the same time, the door was kicked down. Members of the Edwards Family burst in and caught Henry and Ryan while the rest of the Yard Family were killed.

That day, there was bloodshed in the Edward residence as both parties fought to their heart’s content behind closed doors. The injured members of the Edwards Family were sent to the hospital for treatment while those from the Yard Family were carried to the side and given another bullet in their heads.

Those timid ones had all escaped. Lucy calmly sat at one side while drinking coffee and occasionally cast a glance at the piles of bodies with eyes that were void of emotions and colors.

The entire garden was soaked in blood as its stench shrouded the place. Under the nourishment of the blood, all the plants in the Edwards residence would produce beguiling fragrance for the next several years.

“Young lady, the cops are here.” A subordinate came to report to Lucy.

She replied, “That’s not an issue. Someone will help me to stop them.”

The fight did not last for a long time. Henry and Ryan were covered in blood when they were taken out while dozens of their men, who emanated aggressive aura, all fell asleep at one side. If it was not for Lucy, who spared their lives, even the two brothers would have been killed too.

Everyone from the Edwards Family currently wished that they could kick the two of them. On the other hand, Lucy did not even look at the two pathetic guys and calmly instructed, “Remove the bodies and clean the floor. Send the Yard brothers to the Yard Residence.”

Henry and Ryan were roughly thrown into the car. Before they left, Henry intractably threatened, “You killed members of the Yard Family. Dad will not let you off the hook!”

She was still impassive and unaffected by his threats.

After they were sent off, the enraged Edwards Family broke into their rooms and threw all of their belongings. They then kicked everyone with the family name of ‘Yard’ out of the Edwards residence, regardless of age and gender.

All the things in the rooms belonging to Anna and her two sons were also thrown out. It was a fortunate thing that she had taken her pets with her; otherwise, they would have been skinned alive!

From now on, the Edwards and the Yards were sworn enemies!

Anna, who woke up in the pet store, was informed of the shocking news the moment she opened her eyes. “What? Lucy actually launched a massacre in the Edwards residence and killed more than twenty people from the Yard Family? How dare she—”

While she was beyond furious, Callum pretended to be frightened as he stood on the side. “That’s bad! She will definitely be coming to kill us! Mother, let’s leave Bayside City for now!”

She carried the dog in her arms and agreed. “Let’s go!”

The three of them took their cat, dog and alpacas and hurried to the airport to escape to the Ronney Group.

If the mother and her two sons continued to stay after the Edwards Family had killed many members of the Yard Family, they would probably be the next targets.

They hastily boarded their private plane and left overnight.

It was only when Anna’s most trusted people were around her that she dropped her frantic expression and looked at the gradually fading land of Cethos outside the window with a stern look. She suddenly grinned. “Looks like I have underestimated Jordan’s eldest daughter—she is surely courageous. I wonder how Jordan is going to handle this situation!”

It was indeed an impressive move by Lucy! By escalating the matter, it would cause the relationship between the Edwards and Yard Family to be completely broken and made it impossible for Anna and her two sons to be part of the Edwards. Lucy could establish her authority while severing all possibilities for the Yard Family to lay their hands on the Edwards Family. Her move has killed multiple birds with one stone!

Her marriage to Jordan would most likely be called off since the Yard Family was dissatisfied with the Edwards Family as well.

At the Imperial, Stanley said to Sophia the moment he entered, “Sophia, give me 100 and I’ll tell you an extremely huge gossip! It’s exciting! I promise to return you the money if it is not exciting!”

Michael would be returning from abroad today after finishing the scenes that he filmed abroad. The subsequent ones would be in Bayside City, enabling him to return home often.

They had made delicious food to welcome him home, so Stanley also popped by.

Sophia replied, “I will give you 5 at most!”

Stanley pleaded, “Come on! I think this news is worth at least 80!”


“No, at least 50!”

“I’ll give at most 20!”

“Fine! Give me the money!”

She gave him 20. He then took the money and announced, “Something big has happened in the Edwards Family!”

He dramatically explained about the incident in the Edwards residence that day. Although the news had been sealed and Lucy had done an awesome job in handling the aftermath of the matter, he still learned about it.

It would be impossible for the government to overlook the matter since an open gunfight happened in a country that forbade the use of firearms. They turned a blind eye to that incident since it was a fight that happened between their own family members and she managed to keep the situation under control without drawing the public’s attention. However, the Fletcher Family were aware of the incident, but they ignored it since it was merely a fight within the Edwards Family, which posed no threat to the society.

As a matter of fact, Sophia had learned about the incident some time ago, but she still forced herself to listen to Stanley’s explanation since he knew more of the inside story.

“After the incident that befell the Edwards Family, Anna and the others fled the country—I bet that they were frantic and panicked! I heard that the Edwards Family chased after them until the airport, but failed to catch them! If they actually managed to catch Anna and her folks, they might have lost their lives in Bayside City!”

Sophia chuckled. It is impossible for Anna not to be aware of what her sons did. She intentionally allowed them to have their way.

As Jordan had confined Anna in Bayside City, she would not have had a reason to return to Ronney City if her sons did not do something outrageous. It was perfect timing—she was able to return to Ronney City with her two sons and even took Sophia’s alpacas with her.

Sophia initially worried that Lucy would not be able to handle Anna upon returning to the Edwards residence. Seems like I was overthinking the issue.

Theo lay on the couch after returning home today. After only being home for half a day, he felt bored.

He actually disliked the house—the vibes of capitalism and intellectualism made him feel suffocated.

It was impossible for him to live with Cooper because he found it unacceptable that an intellectual family under the influence of capitalism actually reared a pig in their house.

In fact, the pig that Carmen brought home last year was one that was bred for its meat and it had been neutered. As it was well-fed, it speedily grew. Now, the pig grew pudgy that it had long exceeded the optimum slaughter weight—it happened to weigh 300 pounds last week.

In the past when resources were scarce, the military troops could not eat meat even if they wanted to, so they had to rear the animals themselves. When Theo first joined the military, he was in charge of rearing pigs in the logistics unit.

At that time, he diligently learnt about ‘Postpartum Care of Sows’, ‘Scientific Feed Mix for Piglets’, and other subjects. After some hard work, he managed to rear four fat pigs with the average weight of 280 pounds, which earned him a Third-Class Meritorious Service Medal and a promotion.

Currently, the pig, which was nudging his trouser legs, was wearing a strange diaper, while she was chasing it from behind with excitement.

While looking at the pig’s fat body, he gulped and wondered how the animal, which was kept as a pet, would taste like…

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