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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1317

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1317

The bodyguard gritted his teeth and replied to the voice at the end of the line, “Madam and the Young Master are still busy. Try to hang in there first.”

After that, a few of them returned to help while the rest continued to guard Anna and the two sons of the Yard Family. The three of them were sound asleep until night time, so they missed a lot of happenings.

At the Edwards residence, a tragic cry startled everyone in the house.

“Aaaah! Ian, helppp! Help meeee—”

Everyone was dumbfounded at the knowledge that Henry and Ryan actually broke into the room of Ian—the Young Master of the Edwards Family and its direct descendant. To make matters worse, the two brothers took turns to defile Ian’s newlywed wife under everyone’s nose and did it in the Edwards residence!

It was unprecedented and none of the Edwards could believe it!

When the Edwards arrived at the scene, they found Henry and Ryan’s men blocking the door by forming many lines of human wall. Ian, who had learned of the news and hurried over, was continuously battered by the same group of people until he was covered in blood. He collapsed on the floor after being beaten, but continued to get up. Upon hearing his newlywed wife’s tragic screams while looking at the wedding wreath that was hung on the door of his wedding room, his eyes became crimson.

As the legitimate Young Master of the Edwards Family, it was utterly unimaginable to him that his newlywed wife would be violated under his nose!

With red eyes, Ian was on his feet over and over again, but ended up being on the receiving end of repeated punches from them.

His wife’s scream that came from within the room sounded like sharp claws that were tearing his heart!

The door was finally opened. Henry limped out from the room while lifting his pants up. While looking at Ian, who had already been beaten to a pulp, Henry guffawed. “Haha, weren’t you strong when you were beating my brother and I back then…”

“You bunch of bstards! Bstards!”

The elders arrived and saw what happened, which caused two of them to have heart attacks in extreme fury on the spot.

As the Edwards were no pushovers, they dashed forward in an attempt to fight with Henry and his groups. However, the other party suddenly drew their guns before dozens of the weapons were aimed at the Edwards Family, scaring them to the point where they started to flee. They actually have guns!

Henry yanked Ian’s collar and lifted him. “Your wife is having a great time there. Listen to her moans—it sounds like your wife feels pleased since she makes such sexy moans! But, all you can do is watch!”

Ian glared at Henry and trembled in fury, but with the gun trained at his head, he would still be helpless—even if his hatred toward the latter made him shed tears of blood. If I have the chance, I will definitely make sure that these two sinful b*stards die by strangling them!

Henry intentionally called a few more people to enter the room, which resulted in the woman’s shriek becoming more tragic—even her voice became hoarse.

“Ian, save meeeee—” As he listened to her cries, Ian glared at Henry in indignation with both blood and tears in his eyes.

All they could do was to watch helplessly when the Yards violated the Young Mistress of the Edwards Family in their territory.

“Where is Mrs. Yard? Quickly call Mrs. Yard over to control them!” The people of the Edwards Family shuddered at the guns being aimed at them and lacked the courage to approach.

“Elder, Mrs. Yard and the two Young Masters are busy with their business negotiations elsewhere. They can’t make it here on time!”

“How about the Young Lady? Ask her to return to deal with this situation! The Edwards Family will be destroyed by these people from the Yard Family!” While the person spoke, another elder in his nineties suffered from a heart attack.

It was on that day when the entire Edwards Family had a taste of how extreme humiliation felt like.


They suddenly heard the sound of glasses being shattered in the room followed by a large commotion in the room; the woman’s scream was mixed with a man’s roar before everything miraculously became quiet all of a sudden. Only the woman’s cry was heard.

At the same time, sounds of footsteps, which were in an orderly manner, were heard from all directions. The security guards of the Edwards Family appeared in black and dragged away all the old and weak individuals as well as those who died from heart attacks. They cleaned the scene and, in the blink of an eye, completely surrounded the area where the incident happened.

Henry and Ryan, who still had their feet on Ian’s face, had been asking him to listen to his wife’s moans when they were suddenly surrounded by the security guards.

Looking at the Edwards Family surrounding them, the Yard brothers were still fearless. “We have guns! If you guys dare to come closer, do so at your own risk!”

Lucy scoffed. “What a coincidence. We have guns too.”


It was the sound of bullets being loaded into the gun. Everyone from the Edwards Family held a gun in their hands—it was the Michel Industries’ most recent product with great impact, high accuracy and zero rate of misfire.

At the same time, countless red dots appeared and were trained on Henry and Ryan’s heads—snipers!

When more of Lucy’s men appeared, it was only then were Henry and Ryan afraid.

Her men broke into the wedding room by breaking the window and saving Ian’s newlywed wife. They even gained control of the room in an attempt to launch an attack from within, causing Henry to be surrounded from both directions.

Lucy saw that his subordinates had consisted of a number of people from the Edwards Family—they were Jordan’s direct subordinates which he assigned to Henry

“Members of the Edwards Family, please come here. I cannot guarantee your safety if we have a fight in a moment.” The few members of the Edwards Family opposite them exchanged glances with one another. However, as Jordan’s subordinates, they now had to listen to his son, so they did not dare to easily rebel against Henry.

Henry laughed with arrogance. “Haha, they won’t dare to go over because they listen to my orders!”

Lucy declared in a cold and merciless manner, “I’m counting from three to one and we will launch an attack after that.” Before they managed to give any response, she started to count. “Three.”

In fact, there were a few members of the Edwards Family who immediately ran over to Lucy, but the Yard brothers still did not budge. She cast a cold glance at Henry and Ryan as well as their people before turning to leave in a vigorous manner. She then made a turn and went downstairs while instructing, “Convey my orders—kill everyone besides Henry and Ryan.”

Kill everyone. Henry and Ryan were dumbfounded by her words. Does Lucy really have the courage to launch a massacre in her own territory?

Unexpectedly, the moment her figure disappeared around the corner, the snipers immediately pulled the triggers, shooting many people down in that instant. At the same time, members of the Edwards Family started to open fire. In the blink of an eye, the Edwards residence became their battlefield.

Meanwhile, other members of the Edwards Family hid far away from the scene outside the residence as they heard gunshots from the building and saw reinforcements constantly entering. On top of that, the injured people were being carried out with blood all over them.

Again, everyone was dumbfounded—they were actually having a gunfight in their own house! This is something that the Edwards have never experienced before in our lives.

However, they were especially excited since they shared a common goal—take down every member of the Yards!

Amidst the hail of bullets, Henry and Ryan were practically stupefied as they never expected Lucy to mean what she said. She really ordered a massacre where real guns are being used to kill all of us and turning the Edwards residence into a bloody battlefield.

Henry immediately gave Jordan a ring. “Dad, help us! Lucy is going to kill us! Save us, Dad! We are at home, but Lucy is going to kill us!”

“What? What’s going on! Don’t be afraid; I will send someone over now!” Jordan knew that something went wrong when he heard the sound of gunshots.

Nevertheless, he was now abroad, so by the time he returned, even their corpses would have been frozen.

They rushed into a room to temporarily keep themselves alive, but it would not be long before her men barged in. Ryan hastily gave Anna a call. “Quickly ask my mother to answer the phone now! Help! Lucy is going to kill us!”

In Pourl, the bodyguard glanced at Anna, who was sound asleep, and the Yard twins.

The few bodyguards were reluctant to wake them up.

In the end, they played rock-paper-scissors to select the one with the worst luck. The person then mustered the courage to wake Anna up. “Mrs. Yard—”

Anna, who was suddenly woken up, had an unpleasant mood. She opened her eyes and gave that man a slap. “Get lost!”

That man ran away as he was frightened by her bad temper.

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