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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1316

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1316

At that moment, Lucy, who was standing next to Jordan, spoke.

“I’ve never thought about sabotaging you two. All my thoughts and actions are based on the company’s benefit. If you want to buy that house, you can always use your own money. However, if you’re planning on using our company’s fund to buy a private residence that you can’t even develop for your vacation, I’m sorry, but I won’t let that happen! I’m directly responsible to the Edwards Group board of directors and the shareholders meeting. What I’m doing is absolutely correct and I’ve already explained it to Dad.”

Jordan nodded his head because he did not see anything wrong in her decision. Not only was the land forbidden for demolition and development, the value was also ridiculously expensive, which made it a terrible decision to purchase that property. Both the Edwards and the Yard Families had their own mansions for their people, so it was meaningless for them to buy such a house. If he was at the meeting, he would also reject it.

Henry knew that Lucy’s intention of returning home this time was not simple. Even if she did not have any other intentions, they needed to accuse her of something unfavorable because she was the biggest hurdle to face if they planned to stage a takeover of the Edwards Group. We must kick her out of the company!

“Dad, you need to wake up. She helped Cooper to beat us and kick us. Look what we’ve become! She is taking revenge on us and you too!”

Upon hearing that, Jordan was even more enraged. What a bunch of morons. The Yard Group has long been a sensitive subject that the government in Bayside City are concerned with. They are a foreign investment company with previous convictions, so it’s natural for the government to pay close attention to them. However, at such a critical moment, these two actually bribed government agencies to forge documents so that they could buy a first class national relic and turn it into an office building without authorization. Even though this seems to be nothing wrong during normal times because that’s one of the perks of being rich, the timing is still wrong and they didn’t find the right partner. They don’t know the rules in Cethos at all. From a young age, they have always looked down on the law and acted recklessly without having any abilities themselves, which will ultimately cost them. I’ve taught them multiple times that the rich shouldn’t be involved with politicians, but they still wouldn’t listen. Luckily, Lucy’s here to quickly settle everything. The house is returned to the Mitchell Family, calming them down, so they wouldn’t make a big deal out of this, but the consequences of this matter are severe. If it went drastically wrong, this might be the downfall of the Edwards Family.

As Lucy settled the situation in a fast and excellent manner by killing a huge trouble at its source, he was very pleased with her.

“Alright. Shut up!” Although they were his two favorite sons, he still could not help but speak harshly. “I want you two to stay at home and think about your mistakes! Stop wasting your time thinking about that house! If only you two are half as good as your brothers and sister, then I won’t have to worry about you so much!”

When he heard Jordan’s words, Henry was furious again as his eyes and nose were filled with rage. “What’s good about that b*tch? She has been concealing her evil intentions all along. Now that she is back, she will kill us all sooner or later. Dad, my brother and I won’t be able to live that long!”

Jordan was exasperated that he was rendered speechless, so he raised his hand and wanted to slap his son. However, Anna was there in the nick of time to separate the father and son. “Alright. Alright. Everyone, calm down. It’s just a house…”

Afterward, Jordan angrily left with Lucy following him. Before she left, she even heard Anna whispering to Henry while wiping his tears away. “My dear child, it’s fine. If your dad won’t buy it for you, then I’ll buy it. If the Edwards Family won’t provide the funds, the Yard Family has plenty of it…”

In Lucy’s ears, Anna’s words felt particularly strange. This isn’t some normal love. Anna’s practically raising troublemakers! Of course, she had no idea about Anna’s relationship with Cooper. She purely felt that if Anna continued to spoil them, the two brothers would cause trouble sooner or later. However, Lucy was looking forward to seeing something happen to them!

Sure enough, after Anna’s comforting, Henry and Ryan felt that they were unstoppable again.

What’s wrong with buying a house? We are the heirs to the Yard Group and Edwards Group, so we are worth billions. Not only will we be able to buy a palace in Bayside City, we can even turn the Forbidden City into our golf course. All of Bayside City, the Mitchell Family and Fass will be nothing to us! Who cares if Fass has nuclear weapons? We are now living in Bayside City, so let’s see if he dares to drop a nuclear bomb here. What does he think the Bayside City’s national defense does for a living?

From a young age, she had brainwashed Henry and Ryan to the point where they thought they were specially chosen by the heavens. In their minds, the Yard Group and Edwards Group would be theirs sooner or later. As for Callum and Cade, they would only be worthy to work for Henry and Ryan because of their inabilities, so the position as heirs must be left to the latter. Under those circumstances, it was not a surprise that they had such personalities.

A few days after Jordan returned, something happened in Europe again, which forced him to leave for a while. However, his confidant remained in Bayside City to monitor Anna and her sons’ whereabouts. Lately, he had been keeping a close eye on them.

Amidst the pressure, she and her sons hardly interfered with the matters of Yard Group and Edwards Group. Every day, they remained in the Edwards residence to greet guests and drink some tea—there was nothing odd about them.

Henry and Ryan stayed at home to treat their injuries while Lucy obeyed Jordan’s order to keep them at bay to prevent them from causing any more trouble. She was doing her job well, but in their eyes, her action was equivalent to house arrest. She won’t even let us interfere with the Edwards Group’s business. This is blatant oppression!

Since they were in house arrest and could not leave home, they became even more arrogant in the Edwards residence. Without their mother and Jordan there to control them, they were simply unbearable.

Both Henry and Ryan were maddened by the beating they received that night, so they went around the house to look for the culprit. They even preserved their clothes that night, which had a few shoe prints on it. With the logo and size of the shoe, they searched for the culprit based on the shoe prints. We must take our revenge!

A few days ago, they had caught two people and whacked them to death alive, but they were nobodies, so it did not cause a fuss. Today, they found another matching shoe print—the owner of the shoe was Ian Edwards. His shoe print was found on Henry’s crotch, which meant that he almost rendered the latter impotent for the rest of his life.

Ian worked in the Edwards Group and lived in the Edwards residence. Therefore, Henry and Ryan pushed the door to his room open and hid inside to ambush him. However, Ian was not at home and his newly-wed wife returned home alone. When she opened the door, she realized that the lock was broken, but she thought that it could have just been a coincidence. We are all living in the Edwards residence, so many members of the Edwards are here. Besides, it’s open daylight and Ian is the family’s direct line of descendant. Who would dare to pry open the door of our wedding room? Therefore, she opened the door and went in alone…

At the same time, at Pourl’s store, Callum and Cade took the alpaca that they stole from Sophia’s home to the store for a bath and makeover. Other than selling luxurious pet merchandise, the store also offered multiple pet services. While the alpaca was in the midst of undergoing the chosen services, Callum and Cade waited in the VIP lounge and listened to music while reading a magazine that was published by Pourl.

In the meantime, Anna had also brought her dog and cat for styling. A few people from the Edwards and Yard Family stared at them and did not let anything out of their sight. Anna carefully selected a few accessories for her pets such as nail polish, collars and vest. After that, she felt tired, so she went to have a full body massage next door and specifically reminded her bodyguard. “No matter what, do not interrupt me.”

Callum and Cade also grew tired of waiting for the alpaca’s services to be completed, so they lay down comfortably and enjoyed the music. With a fragrant scent in the air, they eventually took a nap while wearing an eye mask.

Just then, the bodyguard’s phone continued to ring.

“Where are Mrs. Yard and the other two Young Masters? Quickly inform them to come back. Something big has happened!”

After answering the call, the bodyguard glanced at the three of them who were sound asleep, as if they were having a beautiful dream. They even specifically told me not to disturb them earlier…

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