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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1315

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1315

The Mitchells can continue to live here. This is our ancestral house and no one can take it away from us. Everyone cheered when they heard his words.

As Cooper gazed at the crowd, he continued, “As for my first born, Linus, I want to make it clear here that I am Cooper of the Mitchell Family as well as Fass of the Michel Family, which makes my son, Linus, a member of the Mitchell Family and the future heir to the Michel Group. Both companies are not in conflict with each other. I have the blood of both families in my veins, which belongs to my father and mother.

As for Linus’ future aspirations, he doesn’t intend to leave Michel Group and I fully respect his choice. He has his own plans and wants to live his own life, so I don’t want to interfere much. On the other hand, my daughter, Lucile, has the blood of two families, but they don’t come into conflict with each other. Concerning her last name, I also fully respect her choice. Before she was born, her mother—who is my wife, a Johnson—christened her as ‘Sophia Edwards’ and she chose to retain the name.”

Even though both his children did not have the last name of ‘Mitchell’, everyone felt that anything he said at that moment was correct because he was Cooper Mitchell.

After everyone had cheered, they moved their luggages back into the house while he entered to have a look.

The house had belonged to the Mitchells for a century and it needed people to preserve its structure. As it was under maintenance every year, it was really well-preserved.

After walking around the house, Cooper went to the neighborhood to check around and realized that it seemed to retain the same appearance that it had when he was a child. After all, it was a protected area designated by the government to preserve the historical buildings, so there were no office buildings nearby. The houses looked the same as before and the only thing that changed was the people living in it. Time…

As for the Edwards, Henry and Ryan had been crying for their parents in the hospital for days because they had been badly beaten up. Due to Ryan’s arrogance, he lost three teeth and there were a few of them being infected with pulpitis or fractured. Half of his teeth were also almost knocked out.

“Mom, Cooper hit me. He hit me… He caused me to be in this shape! Look at me now—I want you to send someone to kill him now!” Half of Ryan’s teeth were forcefully knocked out, so he was talking like a blowing pipe while crying like a 20-year-old manchild.

Anna’s face was filled with distress as she panicked. “But… Cooper has a large influence in the local areas. Your mother is just a woman and a foreigner. I can’t do anything about it. We can only wait for your father to return home.”

“Where did Dad go?”

Anna replied, “Your dad is having a meeting abroad!” What meeting? Cooper has just set fire on Jordan’s territory, so he is personally heading there to put it out himself.

However, Ryan and Henry were still moaning on their beds. “I want to kill them! I also want Lucy to die!”

She quickly comforted, “Alright. After your father returns, he’ll definitely kill all of them!”

After leaving the hospital, she dropped her pretense of cowardice and love as her eyes were filled with a deep sense of hatred and disdain. She glanced at her phone and saw a text that was sent by an anonymous number.

‘He’ll return to the country the day after tomorrow. We need to be quick.’

Although it was only a few words, it was still enough to give her strength. I’m not fighting alone.

She replied, ‘Lucy is back. Things have changed.’

Cooper responded, ‘Let her be.’

Alright… Anna also felt that Jordan’s daughter was not someone easy to deal with. Lucy isn’t on the same side as us, but she isn’t Jordan’s supporter either. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

She wrote again, ‘I’ll meet you at the same place.’

She kept her phone away and tidied her hair before applying some lipstick.

Callum knew that she was about to meet Cooper.

Usually, she would apply a light-colored red on her lips, but whenever she was going to meet Cooper, she chose a pink lipstick instead. Although they were almost the same, it made a huge difference inside her.

Naturally, Callum would help his mother to keep an eye around whenever she went on a date.

For the past few years, she started from nothing and was slowly escaping from Jordan’s control, so the folks around her were people whom she could trust with her secrets.

However, Jordan was extremely suspicious of them. On the surface, he brought Anna and her two sons to the Edwards residence because he was prepared to marry her in Bayside City, but actually… he was separating them from the Ronney Group while removing their power at the same time. With the three of them gone, he could restructure the whole company and place his own people in crucial positions.

If she completely lost the Yard Group, she would forever become a flower in his palm. For the rest of her life, she would never escape his control.

Even so, she did not plan to wait and die!

She and Cooper had plans of their own too.

While Jordan was gone, she would secretly go on a date with Cooper once every few days. She told everyone that she was heading out for a drink and spa treatment, but only she knew what she was actually doing…

Her recent rosy cheeks… must have been a result of the spa.

However, Jordan was back a day earlier than what he originally planned.

Initially, he went abroad to seize the Ronney Group, but several problems occurred to his business, so he quickly returned to Bayside City as he seemed to realize something.

As soon as he returned, Ryan and Henry, who just returned from the hospital, came crying to him.

“Dad, this woman… She is a spy and working with Cooper!” Henry shouted while pointing at Lucy, who was standing next to Jordan.

She was wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses that covered her lifeless eyes while she pressed her cold lips.

She did not seem to be affected by their words while Jordan did not look like he believed his sons at all. In an attempt to be more convincing, Henry added, “She must be living in Cooper’s house during those two months.”

At that point, Jordan found Henry’s words unbelievable because for the past two months, it was clear that Sam and Lucy’s grandmother’s family were the ones who kept her behind closed doors.

Regarding that night’s event, the three families agreed to pretend that nothing had happened and Jordan agreed not to hold them accountable for that mass murder too, but those people insulted had insulted Lucy, so he did not plan to let them live for long.

She was living in Cooper’s house? That’s even more impossible. Why would Cooper allow his son-in-law’s ex-girlfriend to stay in his house? Jordan was confident that he knew the daughter whom he raised by himself. She has been working hard in the Edwards Group for years. If she leaves, it means that those years of hard work will be in vain, so she won’t bring herself to leave the family. This is why I knew that she would return.

He never treated Lucy as his daughter. Instead, he raised her like his son. I know my daughter well. In her heart, it is never just about family love, but the benefit of the entire Edwards Family. Judging by her temperament, she would never collaborate with Cooper.

Jordan was very clear and certain about that.

Not only that, but Henry and Ryan’s performances lately had massively disappointed him. Ever since they arranged positions for the Yards in the Edwards Group, it drew dissatisfaction from both families, but the moment Lucy came back, she was able to stabilize the situation, which was a stark difference from the one before her return.

Jordan was also questioning why a genius like him, who had talented children, would produce two useless bums like them. He interrupted them, “Alright. Stop it. You two need to rest!”

Henry instantly lost his cool and started to smash everything in his sight. “Dad, why won’t you believe us? The Mitchells’ ancestral house was already in our grasp, but she rejected our development plan and even watched while Cooper took the house back! She definitely has other intentions in mind. She wants to sabotage us! Dad, can you bear to see her treat us like that? We are your children too!”

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