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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1314

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1314

Ryan grunted and rose from the floor, but he still refused to admit defeat. “ I’ve slept with the Young Lady of the Michel Family. Haha, what is it? Do you plan to sleep with her too? Are you even qualified? You are just an insignificant adopted son, who isn’t even better than a dog—”

Before Ryan could even finish his sentence, Linus immediately lifted his foot and stepped on his hand. After Linus gave a few hard stomp, Ryan yelled in pain as the two brothers were kicked aside.

Linus was weirdly violent at that moment and even Sophia, who stood beside him, felt goosebumps all over her body.

She called him softly, “Linus…”

His face was as dark as charcoal as he kicked Ryan’s tooth out of his mouth. “If you ever disrespect my little sister, I won’t let you walk out of Bayside City.”

However, Ryan spat a mouthful of blood and laughed. “Haha, your little sister? Lucile is Fass’ only daughter. What makes you think that she is your younger sister? Stop giving yourself so much credit! When I said that I want to have s*x with her, I will do so. You are just a powerless adopted son who does not have the authority!”

Unexpectedly, the deep voice of a man, like a large bell, exploded in the Mitchells’ ancestral house.

“Then, I’ll be the authority.”

The voice came from the crowd as everyone took the initiative to clear a path to the entrance. The moment the door was opened, a group was seen standing outside, but no one knew when they had arrived. Their presence would have been obvious because they had a different feature, as compared to the locals, and wore the same uniform that bore the Michel Family’s sigil on their sleeves.

Cooper stood in front of the group with a weary expression, but his eyes were filled with a profound energy.

“Dad! You’re back!” Sophia happily welcomed him.

His face was cold and strict, but he still reached out to caress her head before striding inside the house. As he walked toward the corner where the Yard brothers were forced to retreat to, he saw the two defeated men feigning strength even though they were hugging each other as their bodies shivered.

At first, Cooper thought that since they were Annabel’s offspring, he should not be harsh on them, but since they were not, there was nothing much to consider anymore.

Upon seeing Cooper walking toward them, the two brothers trembled. Even though they had assumed that he was merely a tiny family head in Bayside City who was not someone whom they should be worried of, they still felt a strange oppressive feeling every time he showed up in front of them.

Although they were under pressure under his oppressive aura, Henry still remained headstrong. “Cooper, my father is Jordan Edwards and my mother is the head of the Yard Family. Please reconsider your current status before trying to lay your hands on us!”

However, Cooper ignored Henry and turned to ask Ryan while his blue eyes stared at him, like an evil dragon’s death stare. “What did you say earlier? Can you repeat it for me?”

Upon seeing their numbers, Ryan started to panic because his backup had not arrived, so the confidence in his voice tapered as he stuttered, “M-My father is Jordan Edwards and my mother is Anna Yard! I-If you dare to kill me, I’ll tell my father about this.”

Cooper’s face remained emotionless as he reminded, “Not that sentence. I want to hear what you said before I came in.”

Ryan thought about it and remembered, so he said loudly, “My fiancee is Lucile and my father-in-law is Fass, the second largest military weapon dealer in the world. He only has one daughter, so his entire fortune will belong to me in the future. By then, I’ll become the second largest military weapon dealer in the world and I’ll shoot you to death!”

Sophia was speechless while Linus gave a resigned smile.

On the other hand, Cooper was enraged and suddenly strangled Ryan’s neck while gritting his teeth. “How dare you take advantage of me!”

Ryan’s eyes widened and no one was able to tell whether it was out of shock or fear. As Cooper strangled his throat, he croaked, “F-Fass?!”

His eyes rolled and saw the Michel Family’s sigil hanging on Cooper’s sleeves. The people behind Cooper also wore the same logo—and some were the Mitchels that the Yard brothers met before.

Cooper gave a cold smile, but did not seem to loosen his grip at any moment. “Are you trying to take advantage of me—Fass Michel? I’m now standing right in front of you. Do what you can!”

Henry also seemed to realize something. “Cooper, you are Fass?! You—”

His words instantly shocked the entire Mitchell Family. When did Cooper become Fass Michel…

Now, everyone started to remember Cooper’s vague explanation of his whereabouts over the years when he first returned—he explained that he was mining in Africa.

That was the reason why everyone thought that he had been abducted and sold to another country as a miner in coal mines… However, the Mitchells themselves were stunned by that revelation. A genius like Cooper, even if he was tricked into a coal mine, will definitely become a coal owner over the course of 20 years!

During those 20 years, he was not mining coal in a foreign country. Instead, he became the uncrowned king of Africa and started a large-scale mining of rare metals on the continent that were used for advanced technology, luxury goods and military weapons…

When Cooper and Fass were combined as one person, everyone was shocked yet felt that it made sense because Fass was what Cooper should have been!

Then, he loosened his hand around Ryan’s neck and condescendingly glared at the Yard brothers. “You’re right—I’m Fass. You can go ahead and tell your father that my children whacked you today. I’ll wait for him to settle the scores!”

At the moment, Henry and Ryan did not dare to utter a word, compare fathers, or even sleep with Lucile. They were only spitting nonsense to scare the ‘hillbillies’—the Mitchells—earlier, but after a while, even they started to believe their own lies. However, now that the real deal was here, their arrogance was immediately washed away by the cold harsh reality. Do we know what kind of a person Fass Michel is?

Not only was he the leading person in the global clean energy industry, but he was also the head of Michel Tech. As for Michel Munitions Industries… There were rumors circulating that Fass stored nuclear weapons, which was why the Yard Family and other nations sent agents to infiltrate the company to gather evidence that he was in possession of nuclear weapons. Yet, every batch that they sent in returned with empty hands.

Without waiting for their reaction, Cooper ordered, “Throw all of them out! Throw them far away from here!”

Everyone was waiting for that moment to hurl the Yard brothers, Sandra and the others out.

Many people had arrived here today; since it was the weekend, everyone had nothing to do and decided to come and join in the fun, causing more of them to arrive. At that moment, everyone was exposed to a shocking secret, which caused the place to be packed like sardines.

As he stood at the place where he grew up, the coming breath of the house still felt as familiar as usual.

He stood on the steps and saw the Mitchells carrying their luggages as they were about to be driven out of their home. “The Mitchells can continue to live here. This is our ancestral house and no one can take it away from us.”

After that, Cooper’s secretary entered with a bag of property deeds. He had personally gone to the real estate department to report about Sandra and the Yards’ illegal operation before quickly taking the deed to the ancestral house back. Now, everyone in the Mitchell Family was co-owner of the house.

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