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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1313

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1313

Everyone surrounded the members from the Yard Family as they tried to hurl the latter out. With bloodshot eyes, Henry was forced to retreat to a corner.

“What are you doing? Do you know who I am? My father is the head of the Edwards Family and my mother is the president of the Ronney Group. If you dare to take one more step, I’ll incinerate the whole Mitchell Family tomorrow!”

The defeated Sandra also seemed to gain some courage as she rushed in front of him courageously like a lapdog, and shouted, “What are you doing? These two are the Young Masters of the Yard Family and the Ronney Group is influential around the world. In their eyes, they can easily crush the tiny Mitchell Family like ants!”

Everyone looked at each other, but some actually backed off slowly. The Ronney Group isn’t someone whom we can mess with.

The Ronney Group was a huge corporation that expanded around the globe, so the ‘newly born’ Dragon Corporation by the Mitchells was not their match at all. Even if Cooper was back, they still needed time to defeat the Ronney Group. Furthermore, the union between the Ronney and Edwards Groups made it harder for the Mitchells to deal with them. If we actually throw them out, we may never get our ancestral house back. It’s better to lay low and not go overboard…

Among the crowd, Linus rushed forward as he was late, so he was unable to see what had happened beforehand. Now, he felt that he had something to say, so he walked out, but before he could even open his mouth, Sandra slammed him with harsh words. “What are you trying to say? Do you still think you are the Young Master of the Michel Family? You are nothing; you are merely an adopted son who likes to speak nonsense! You have betrayed the Mitchell Family by working for the Michel Group. Do you really think you have any value in that company? They are just treating you as a lapdog!” Linus wanted to say something, but she continued to shout at him. “Go away! You are a traitor in the eyes of the Mitchell Family. Go back and be the Michel Family’s personal dog. We don’t need you!”

After that, he furrowed his brows. I knew I shouldn’t come out. Everytime I make my presence known in the Mitchell Family, they will always mention my refusal to change my last name.

Sure enough, the moment she saw him, she brought up his matters again. “This is your young master—an infertile homosexual who is willing to be the Michel Family’s lapdog instead of returning to the Mitchell Family to be a man! Without any sons, there is no hope in following Cooper. Not only that; he doesn’t even have a competent heir to inherit the Dragon Corporation!”

Everyone stared at Linus. He has been working for Michel Group all this time. However, it is a bit strange for him to be working in other people’s company when he himself has a corporation of his own.

Many of the Mitchells were unaware of Cooper’s true identity, so in their eyes, Linus’ actions seemed a bit weird to them. Usually, no one dared to doubt him, but after Sandra mentioned it, everyone started to whisper among themselves.

“I’m also curious as to why he didn’t return to the Dragon Corporation since he is one of the Mitchell Family. Instead, he keeps on working for the Michel Group.”

“Even though he is an adopted son, he should side with his biological father instead of his adoptive father. Could it be that…”

Everyone had a rough guess in their minds, but no one dared to voice it out loud.

Upon hearing everyone’s discussion, Sandra’s smile turned even more menacing as she used harsh words to answer everyone’s doubts.

“Can’t you see? Haha, Michel Group is the world’s second largest military weapons dealer and a giant in the digital electronics industry, so their market value is many times the value of the Mitchell Family. For Linus Michel, being a lapdog in the Michel Group gives him more status than being a Mitchell. Do you want to know why Cooper didn’t let him officially become a Mitchell? Haha, although he is just an adopted son, his status will still increase if he sends his son to the Michel Group. No matter what, it is still better than being a poor Young Master in the Mitchell Group! Not only did Cooper fail to educate his son, but he even turned him into a disgusting homosexual and used him to gain more fortune! They are no different from each other!”

After that, Sandra laughed maniacally, as if she suddenly had the advantage of standing on a moral high ground.

All of the sudden, everyone remained silent as their eyes turned toward Linus and Sophia, waiting for them to provide an explanation. Does Linus want to be the Michel Family’s adopted son or return and become the Mitchell Family’s true heir?

Just as he was about to explain while rubbing his temple, she suddenly gave Sandra a slap on the face. “It’s none of your business whether my brother likes boys or girls!”

He immediately grabbed Sophia’s hand. After Sandra was slapped, her face had reddened as well as Sophia’s hand.

“Let’s not waste our time with her.” After that, he held Sophia’s palm in his hand and gently rubbed it.

Sandra lacked the courage to stand on the frontline after being slapped because she was afraid of landing herself in trouble if both parties fought, so she gloomily hid behind the Yards.

Henry also suddenly remembered the ‘unbearable’ situation that Linus was still working in the Michel Group even though the latter was merely an adopted son, so he strode forward. When he was about to push Sophia aside, her eyes widened as she glared at him. He followed suit and threatened, “My father is Jordan Edwards, who is the chief behind the Yard Group and Edwards Group. If you dare to hit me, I’ll go home and tell my father.”

She could feel a tingle under her foot and just as she was about to raise it, Linus had surprisingly raised his limb and kicked Henry on his stomach, which sent him to the floor.

“How dare you criticize my father…” Linus elegantly stretched his leg and said to Sophia, “Girls shouldn’t hit people all the time.” When it comes to hitting people, leave it to me.

After being kicked by Linus, Henry coughed as his face paled. “Y-You wait and see. My father is Jordan Edwards!”

Linus elegantly swept the dust away on his pants before replying, “My father is Fass Michel.”

However, he felt that it was meaningless to compare fathers with Henry.

Ryan laughed loudly. “I’m afraid you’ve gone insane! Are you even worthy to be Fass’ son? Are you worthy to have the last name of ‘Michel’?” He ridiculed Linus’ status as an adopted son. “Why would Fass have a son like you? He only has a daughter named Lucile and I’ve slept with her before! Sooner or later, Fass will become my father-in-law and by then, I’ll mercilessly kill you, the little adopted son, like an ant!”

In Ryan’s mind, all of the women he had outside were for fun because he had already intended to marry someone a long time ago—Fass’ daughter, Lucile. She was his only daughter, which meant that the whole Michel Group would belong to Ryan if he married her.

He felt that with his charm and background, winning Lucile’s heart would be a piece of cake. As a result, he was arrogant with his words—even though he had never met her and Fass before.

However, the moment he finished his words, Linus sent another fist in his direction and it was stronger this time. Blood immediately spilled as two teeth fell out with veins still attached to it.

A moment ago, Linus still looked indifferent toward their comments, but his face was now filled with rage and murderous intent as his blue eyes started to burn with fury. “If you have the guts, I dare you to say those words one more time!”

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