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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1310

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1310

Three days later, Lucy woke up in a hospital ward and the first thing that she saw was Jordan’s back.

“Dad.” Her voice was as light as air.

When he heard her voice, he was standing in front of the window and turned to look at her, but his expression was still strict. “As long as you are awake, it is okay. From now on, don’t be so reckless.”

With tears in her eyes, she shouted, “Dad, I was wrong!”

At home, Sophia would ask someone to inquire about the Edwards Family from time to time, but there was no news at all. Ever since that night, Lucy seemed to have disappeared. I wonder if she has returned to the Edwards Family or has been kicked out.

When she asked Callum, he replied, ‘Please transfer 8888 for text description, 18888 for voice description, 28888 for a photo description, or 38888 for a video description.’

Therefore, she transferred 18888 to him.

Then, he responded, ‘Beep! System overload. Customer service no.1 has been disconnected and is unable to provide any service. To reactivate, please transfer 8888.’

Sophia: ‘Go to hell!”

Even the reliable Stanley was oblivious to the situation.

He was added into a group meant for blind dates that consisted of the aristocratic bachelors in Bayside City. He was a mainstay in the group and unintentionally met a lot of people after organizing dates for them batch after batch.

Other than the news of Lucy’s grandfather heading to the Edwards Family, he is completely oblivious to the situation. I guess this counts as good news…

Recently, she was also very busy with work. After the fashion week, JNS Group had successfully drawn the attention of the fashion industry. Since then, orders started to build up, causing her to have her hands full. Not only did she need to launch many new products, she also needed to deal with shop rental and the hiring of marketers, designers and more… The entire company would often work overtime until past midnight.

She had stayed up late into the night that her hair was in disarray and her face was pallid.

A few days after returning from a reality show, Carmen and Linus traveled with Cooper again to film another reality show. Lately, she was busy with her career because she wanted to earn a bit of money before enrolling in primary school next year and focusing on her studies.

The reality show was held in Northern Europe this time. Cooper also took the opportunity to attend a meeting there, so they would stay there for a while before returning home.

On the other hand, Michael was filming a movie abroad, but that would not take a long time because he needed to return to Bayside City for a scene.

Every night, he would send a video to Sophia on time. However, when it was noon at her place, it was already night time at his end.

“Hubby, you only need to focus on your movie. Everything at home is fine.”

It so happened that it was the weekend and she was relaxing on the sofa while eating fruits at home.

In the video, he was wearing his costume with three people standing next to him in the same attire. Of course, they were his three stunt doubles.

Even though he was the only one filming, all four of them were needed. Now, he was acting in the dramatic scenes while all the dangerous action scenes were left to the stunt doubles.

Upon looking behind Sophia in the video, Michael could see the two huskies jumping around in their vests as if they were able to head out for a walk. However, when she was speaking with him through the video call, the impatient dogs continued to bark, urging her to immediately bring them out.

“Hey, they have new vests!”

At first glance, he noticed that the two dogs now wore new neon green vests with five shiny golden words—‘The Dog Version of Taylor.’

He was instantly rendered speechless.

It was the newly launched luxurious limited edition pet vest by Pourl with each piece being well over five digits. The expensive parts of the vest were the brand name ‘Pourl’ and the name ‘Taylor Murray’. After all, it was the only brand in the world who had the official copyright of Taylor’s name to produce dog vests as his merchandise.

There were only a thousand models in the world and when it was sold out, it would not be reproduced. Every model even came with its own identification number and certificate.

At first, Michael thought that no one would buy that sort of item, but he never expected that the rich would quickly pre-order a thousand models the moment the idea was released. Huh, rich people…

“Come and say hello to your daddy. After this, I’ll bring you guys out to have fun.”

Sophia grabbed one of the dogs over and showed the phone screen to it.

As soon as the dog saw the dashing Michael in the video, it immediately licked the phone screen, leaving lots of saliva on the device.

Amidst her rage, the video call ended.

The moment the call ended, he smiled at his screen. Even if it was merely a few words with her, it felt as though his whole body was strengthened.

After she had changed to a sports attire, she prepared to head to a nearby community to walk the two ‘dog versions of Taylor’. However, as soon as she walked out the door, she could see Sarah exiting her home with her ‘dog version of Ethan’.

While Sophia walked her dogs, she suddenly received a phone call from Sean. “Sophia, where are you? You need to immediately come to the Mitchells’ ancestral house. Sandra has gone insane and wants to sell the ancestral house!”

She was shocked to hear the news. “Who would dare to buy our ancestral house?”

He replied, “It’s Henry and Ryan. They want to demolish the ancestral house to build an office building.”

What the hell! One dares to sell and the other has the courage to purchase!

Sophia rushed home with the dogs and hurriedly drove from the garage without even entering the house. On the way to the ancestral house, she called someone.

At the Mitchells’ ancestral house, the ancestral hall lost its true purpose with only a few plaques left as Cooper had already built a bigger hall at his place. He had also taken the incense and the ancestral grave, so the only thing left in the Mitchell Residence was the ancestral house.

Sandra brought Ryan and Henry over to check out the house today.

Sophia always tried to suppress Sandra so that no one in Bayside City would dare to buy the ancestral house, but the city did not belong to the former, so there would still be willing purchasers—like the Yards.

If Sandra sold the house, she would receive a huge sum of money that would instantly allow Mitchell’s Technology to operate again.

“This house was once a palace. Back then, only the prince could live in such a huge and spacious place. In Bayside City, only this house is worthy to accommodate the Yards, except for the ancient Imperial Palace. Other than this house, there is also a small community at the back where we have been living. The community includes old historic houses and courtyards, but we still hold the property rights. If you demolish everything and develop it, you’ll definitely make a profit out of it.”

Sandra proudly introduced the Mitchells’ ancestral house, enjoying the last glory that she could receive from the Mitchell Family.

After selling the house, her only connection with the Mitchell Family would probably be her last name.

Upon hearing that she wanted to sell the ancestral house and the community behind it, many members of the Mitchell Family were enraged, but they did not dare to speak out.

Many of them were unwilling to leave the Mitchell residence because they had lived their entire life there. Once they decided to live at Cooper’s place, they needed to move away and some refused to do so. I can’t believe Sandra is trying to demolish this community and the ancestral house. Where will we live if this place is demolished?

As the family head, there were many things to consider to support a big family. Most importantly, every member of the family must be provided with accommodation and work—like a state-owned enterprise providing sub-unit housing. Many of the Mitchells spent their lives working in the Mitchell Group and living at the ancestral house, but now, not only were they fired from the company, but they were also forced to move out of the ancestral house!

The house had been finalized to be sold to the Yard Family for them to build office buildings and commercial houses. The many cars parked in front of the entrance were the remaining members of the Mitchell Family moving out and although some of them lived there for generations, they had no other choice.

Everyone at the entrance scolded and cried while reluctantly looking back at the house they had lived in for many years.

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