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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1308

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1308

The Edwards Family was the first group of people to attack and humiliate Lucy, and they were also the ones to condemn her in the most cruel way. When people noticed that the family members of the Edwards Family had started condemning Lucy, outsiders started humiliating and insulting her openly too.

Many people knew that Lucy was kneeling at the entrance of the Edwards Residence, so countless filthy comments were hurled at this clearly innocent woman in an attempt to humiliate her soul and personality.

Since the Edwards Family refused to protect her, others started humiliating her even more. It seemed almost as though she had become a pile of mud for others to trudge on. It was clear that she had worked hard for more than a decade for the Edwards Group, and she had had great achievements. One couldn’t even be sure if it was the sorrow of the Edwards Group or Lucy herself that she ended up like this…

Upon noticing Sophia’s upset expression, Stanley commented drunkenly, “I think that no matter who Lucy loves, it’s her business. The Edwards are utterly unkind. If this were to happen within our Fletcher Family, the worst thing that could happen would be a horrible beating, but there’d be no consequences after the beating; in fact, you’d be free to do as you please! Tsk, they’ve made her kneel at the entrance for two nights now—they are simply too cruel. If I were in her shoes, I’d have turned and walked away. I honestly do not understand why she went back there! This is too despicable no matter how rich the Edwards are!”

Nevertheless, they had no idea that the Edwards Family had hurt Lucy far worse than they could ever imagine, but she chose to return to them despite that.

After dinner, Sarah dropped by Sophia’s house. They played poker together, but Sophia was clearly depressed, and she lost tens of thousands. Furthermore, she just couldn’t fall asleep soundly upon returning to her bedroom.

Lucy’s injuries have yet to recover fully. Now that she has been caught in the rain for two whole nights… who knows how Lucy is now.

It was in the wee hours, and the Bayside City was trapped in an exceptionally violent storm. Sophia heard the splatter of the rain against the window while she tossed and turned in bed without being able to fall asleep. She couldn’t bear it any longer, and so she opened the friend list in her Messenger. After that, Sophia spaced out while staring at two profile pictures—one of them was ‘Your Past Royal Family A’, whereas the other was ‘Your Past Royal Family B’.

After weighing her options, she sent a text via Messenger to ‘A’.

‘What happened to Lucy?’

It so happened that the other party was online, and so the reply was swift. ‘Apologies, but the user you are summoning is still sulky because your dad slept with the user’s mom. Hence, the user is temporarily refusing all advisory services unless you transfer 8,888.’

‘Damn it. I can’t believe you’re still angry…”

Sophia mumbled to herself, but she transferred 8,888 anyway.

The person confirmed the transfer and replied to her. ‘Please transfer 1,111 for a text description and 2,222 for a voice description, 3,333 for a photo description, and 8,888 for a video. For the full package, please transfer 111,111.’

Sophia was fuming by then. ‘Why are the fees so expensive? That’s extortion!’

She received a reply. ‘Thousand apologies, but it is getting late now. Customer service No. 1 is about to go offline. Kindly transfer 8,888 to continue with the advisory services. Please hang up if this is the end of the session.’

Sophia noted that she had already transferred 8,888, and so she figured she would most probably lose the amount if she stopped asking about Lucy’s news. Hence, she transferred an additional 8,888 together with an extra 111,111.

Soon, Callum sent her a video, and so Sophia opened the video to watch it. In the video, Callum and Cade were having some liquor while enjoying some foie gras at the balcony. They even had the alpaca they stole from Sophia with them. In any case, it was pouring outside the full-length window.

The scenery was not visible through the downpour. However, when lightning struck, it lit up everything temporarily. Sophia noticed that the main entrance of the Edwards Residence was across the garden outside of the window.

There was a figure visible for a moment at the entrance—it was none other than Lucy. She was kneeling in the rain at night; she was soaked through, but she stood her ground without giving up as she continued kneeling in front of the entrance of the Edwards Residence. Occasionally, somebody would walk past while criticizing her openly.

Lucy kept her head bowed while maintaining her position. One couldn’t be sure if she was just being stubborn or she had already passed out.

One could only imagine the courage needed to support such a physically weak woman to get through kneeling the entire day and night!

Callum introduced her through the video. “Look, she’s there! She has been rooted to the spot since last night until now. She just wouldn’t budge, and nobody from the Edwards Family even tried going out to help her.”

Sophia panicked, and so she texted back. ‘She is your older sister. Aren’t you going to save her?! She will end up dying if this goes on.’

Callum replied to her. ‘Please transfer 1,111 to send an umbrella; please transfer 2,222 to send an umbrella and a small camp chair; please transfer 3,333 to send an umbrella, a small camp chair and some clothes; please transfer 4,444 to send an umbrella, a small camp chair, some clothes, and hot water; please transfer 8,888 to send words of concern to her; please transfer 18,888 to send her to the hospital or please transfer 88,888 to beg for mercy on her behalf.’

Their fees are rather pricey!

After pondering her options, Sophia transferred 18,888. She isn’t in an optimum condition. It’s imperative to send her to the hospital right now.

Since Lucy is kneeling there, I suppose it’s not something too troublesome for her brother, Callum, to send her to the hospital…

However, after transferring 18,888, the recipient accepted the amount immediately and wrote: ‘Apologies. Server error. Customer service No. 1 has gone offline.’

Sophia replied to him. ‘Son of a b*tch.’

He doesn’t want to help at all. In fact, he just wants to cheat my money!

‘Damn you! You had better remember this because I’ll beat you up into a pulp sooner or later.’

Sophia tossed her phone away. I should sleep now… The Edwards Family would never let Lucy die just like that.

Lucy has worked many years within the Edwards Group, and so she has established her forces within the company. Although it is nothing compared to Jordan’s forces, it’s impossible to avoid inner chaos within the Edwards Group because she left out of the blue without any preparation after working there for more than a decade.

At the Edwards Residence.

“Hahaha… she actually transferred the money to me!” Callum was guffawing while holding onto his mobile phone. Although the meager sum was merely enough for a facial spa, he was especially satisfied for having successfully fooled Sophia.

On the other hand, Cade was looking at the main entrance.

Right now, Lucy is truly in a horrible state!

Callum and I have analyzed our older sister, Lucy. She is powerful enough, but similar to Jordan, they are both too powerful. That is why they are overly conceited, and they feel that they have the whole world in their hands.

Being overly conceited is also their weakness.

Currently, Jordan is still submerged within the sense of being the most powerful person in the world. However, this older sister of mine has removed her pride and honorable spine. She has bowed down to reality and her failures. In fact, she has no qualms in compromising while putting herself in a humble state.

She is perfect at that moment.

She will be a super scary existence if she were to return to the Edwards Group!

After Lucy left, the family suggested for Callum and I to join the Edwards Group, but we rejected them because we didn’t want to come off as too pushy. However, the younger twins were impatient, and so they joined the company in a rush. Lucy has just left not long ago, but they’ve entered the Edwards Group to take over all her responsibilities.

Jordan has left to run errands, whereas the Edwards Group is in a mess, thanks to the siblings, Ryan and Henry. Everybody in the family and company find it annoying and troublesome, so they want Callum and me to salvage the situation. Initially, we were about to make our move, but Lucy returned out of the blue!

Our plans have been disrupted; this is not ideal for our plan to seize the Edwards Group!

At the entrance.

Ryan and Henry, whom one of them was shot in the shoulder while the other had a chunk of ear bitten off by Lucy, had recovered from their injuries. They were watching Lucy at the entrance while gloating at her misfortune.

“Oh, if it isn’t our beloved older sister. What happened? Did you manage to savor the sensual wonders of men that night? Will you prefer women or men in the future?”

“Hahahaha! Just look at how embarrassing you are right now!”

“Do you believe that you can still return to the Edwards Group? Never! You are just an abandoned dog of the Edwards Family! You are no longer Miss Edwards, and we own the future of the Edwards Group. I need to thank you for laying the foundation for us, Lucy, hahaha!”

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