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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1307

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1307

Stanley was demanding, whereas Maisie was adorable. They managed to get Sophia to instruct the kitchen to prepare a lot of delicious food to serve them.

During the meal, Stanley kept complaining, “Sophia, you won’t believe the quality of our family’s cook. Oh, my God! Her cooking skills… I am sure she used to cook at a high school canteen for the masses. Even her way of simply boiling a pot of water is dubious. You can’t even begin to imagine the type of life the three of us have to endure at home! It’s better to have instant noodles every meal! She is very old, and so I just can’t fire her. I’ve bought the all-inclusive insurance funds for her too, and I’m just waiting for her insurance to mature next year. With that, she’ll be able to retire and return to her hometown, while I will switch to a great cook immediately.”

Sophia listened attentively, but she noticed that he did not mention anything about that little girlfriend of his.

Nevertheless, Sean was around, and so she was embarrassed to ask further.

Sophia kept serving Maisie different dishes. On the other hand, Stanley was busy stuffing his face, but he did serve Sean some dishes too.

“Sean, eat more. We can’t even be sure when’s the next meal after this!”

Sophia scowled while thinking to herself. Stupid Fletcher. What is he talking about?

Stanley kept placing a variety of food on Sean’s plate. Being well-versed with Sean’s favorite dishes, he was precise in picking the dishes the latter loved.

With Stanley around, Sophia watched him as he snatched away the food. It inadvertently formed a sense of competition during the meal, causing Sophia to feel the pressure. She was afraid that she might lose out on the food she enjoyed. Therefore, she started snatching some dishes too, and without noticing it, she had gobbled down three bowls of rice.

Judge approached them too; it ate Sophia’s home-baked dog food underneath the table, wolfing down the food like a pig.

Tonight’s meal was exceptionally delicious, and so they polished everything off.

After dinner, they sat in the living room to watch ‘News Bulletin’. Stanley went down to the wine cellar for two bottles of red wine to pair with the stewed dishes he had brought along. He did that while chatting with Sophia about the latest gossip.

“My cybercafé has started its operation. Are you dropping by? Is your husband visiting? Will Nicole come along? In any case, Sarah and Mr. Harry are going, and so all of you have to come too! By the way, how’s the progress of getting your dad to officiate the opening ceremony of my cybercafé?”

Sophia wrapped her arms around Justin’s baby while mumbling to Stanley in acknowledgement.

They had opened the largest cybercafé in the world together, and it was a big deal in the world of e-sports. They had invited many famous e-sports players for the opening day, and they even went out of the way to invite Cooper to cut the ribbon during the opening ceremony.

After all, he was considered the Grandmaster in the gaming industry.

Soon, Stanley mentioned the gossip he had promised to share with Sophia. “Do you know Lucy? She’s from the Edwards Family. I’m sure you’ve heard that two months ago, she’s been exposed as a homosexual, and she’s been trying to create a fake marriage. Therefore, the Edwards relieved her of her administrative power of the family business…”

Sophia paid attention right away while straightening her back automatically. “What happened to her?” she asked.

Since Sophia had rescued Lucy secretly and allowed her to recuperate at home, Stanley had no idea about Lucy all along. Therefore, he was especially boastful when he bragged about this piece of gossip.

“Oh, my! She was chased out of the Edwards Family! After that, there has been no news of her for two months. Rumors have it that she must have left the Edwards Family for abroad, but last night… she showed up suddenly at the main entrance of the Edwards Residence. She kneeled down at the door to beg her father and family to forgive her. She was on her knees the whole of last night and today—in fact, she’s still kneeling there right now!”

Upon hearing that, Sophia stood up abruptly with a whoosh before she noticed that it was pouring heavily outside. During springtime, the temperatures would fluctuate constantly—the sky might be clear in the day, but it might be drizzling in the night. For example, it had been raining heavily last night and tonight.

Lucy has been kneeling at the entrance of the Edwards Residence for a day and a night… Even an ordinary person might not survive such circumstances, not to mention Lucy, whose health has yet to recover fully. How could she possibly survive this?!

She mentioned that it was imperative that she completed a task. She said that she had to go because there was no turning back. However, I did not expect that she’d be returning to the Edwards Residence!

Suddenly, Sophia felt extremely unsettled.

There is no place for her in the Edwards Family anymore. Why did she go back there? Jordan is suspicious by nature, and so he will kill her if she returns. Furthermore, will Anna and her son accept her return?

Sophia handed the baby in her arms to the nanny before she picked her bag to leave the house. However, Sophia had merely taken a few steps when she realized that she was in no position to help Lucy.

I might worsen the situation if I go there… Lucy is such a proud person, and she is the pride of the Edwards Group. Currently, she’s kneeling in front of the main entrance of the Edwards Residence while being criticized by all the Edwards Family members, whereas onlookers, who are passing by the Edwards Residence, must be talking about her behind her back. It must have taken a lot of determination to do that! Furthermore, I’m sure Anna wouldn’t allow Lucy to return to the Edwards Family smoothly.

Sophia sat down again, looking especially anxious. However, she wasn’t sure why she was so anxious about this matter.

Stanley was eating a chicken feet dish while sipping some red wine. “Sophia, I know that you are close with Lucy, but this is the Edwards Family’s matter. Why would you stick your nose into it when you’re an outsider?” he asked.

Sean added, “The Edwards Family will sort it out themselves.”

The Edwards had embarrassed themselves horribly among the great families this time because the eldest daughter of the current family head was actually a homosexual. In all honesty, it was one thing that the Edwards Family couldn’t accept her sexual orientation, but they just couldn’t accept the lies involved too. Therefore, they were furious with Lucy.

Sean had a gulp of red wine too. After all, they weren’t heading home tonight because they were planning on staying here over the weekend for free meals and a free stay. Sean did not have to drive, and so he let his guard down by drinking more liquor.

Nevertheless, even the most delicious red wine tasted bitter upon swallowing at such a moment.

As children of old and well-known families, we are shackled to the idea of feudalism the moment we arrive in this world. We can’t live freely, and so I understand Lucy. I thought that she would be able to change everything… but who would have thought that it was just an absurd farce. In the end, she returned to the Edwards Family to admit her mistakes.

To be honest, there have been people setting new norms in life even before Lucy—take Linus, for example.

Among all the children of the old and well-known families within Bayside City, Linus stays true to his principled nonconformity. He is never afraid of others’ opinions or criticisms. There are still plenty of forces adhering to the old ways within the Mitchell Family, but Cooper suppressed them all. Hence, the other well-known and old families can only dare comment in secret because they are afraid of the consequences if the overprotective Cooper finds out.

This is the reason I am adamant on working with Cooper. Within the Mitchell Family, he is fair, and everybody is respected. Cooper will promote anyone with talent, no matter what their background is…

In the past, the Mitchell Family used to make me feel suffocated. However, I am fond of the Mitchells now because this is my first time experiencing the happiness and pride of being a part of the Mitchell Family!

Besides, there’s the Fletcher Family too. Dana is an oddball, but she is still openly involved in the administrative work in the Fletcher Family. Furthermore, she is known as the infamous Mr. Dana in Bayside City’s underworld. She would shoot anyone who has the audacity to drop a comment on the spot.

The Fletchers find Dana extremely troublesome. But although they find her embarrassing, they would not let anyone who made a negative comment about her off the hook. In fact, they would punish someone directly if they were to make any criticism!

However, when the news involving Lucy was revealed, it seems that her family has become the ones to hurt her the most. Her ‘family members’…

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