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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1306

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1306

Cooper did not try anything further after Lucy told him her decision. On the contrary, he merely stated, “I respect your choice, and you don’t have to feel burdened by it.”

With that, Lucy stood up to bid him farewell.

Cooper looked at her while he sent her off with a steady gaze. I know that this girl will complete her calling because we are the same type of people. We have both experienced similar pain and hopelessness, and others have ripped our happiness away from us. Hence, we both know that it takes much more courage and resolution than usual to stand up again. In return, we will be able to achieve unprecedented transformation.

Meanwhile, Lucy thought to herself, I will never work with Cooper because I will not cooperate with an outsider to take down my father. After all, Jordan is my biological father, and he is my mentor in life. In fact, he’s taught me everything I know. Nevertheless, Jordan has also taught me that it’s fine to sacrifice your kin to achieve great things.

I will not live off my family while secretly helping an outsider. I must kill him myself and take over the position as family head to clean house.

It so happened that Michael hadn’t joined the film crew yet. He saw that Lucy was about to leave, and so he rushed forward to walk her out. “Are you leaving?”

Lucy turned around to look at him while glancing at the three musketeers of the Fletcher Family. They were packing, ready to tag along with Michael to join the film crew. She answered while smiling at him, “Yes. Thank you very much for taking me in and taking good care of me. It is time for me to leave.”

After walking out the door, she realized that the sun was bright today, and everything was fresh and alive. There wasn’t a trace of smog in the air; such a thing was rare at Bayside City, especially at the end of spring. On the contrary, the air was pleasantly refreshing, and the feeling made Lucy feel as if she was in another life. It was almost as if a ray of sunlight had shone through in the purgatory she was in, but it vanished in the blink of an eye. Her heart and soul were still engulfed within the endless darkness.

Walking her out, Michael said to her after a moment of hesitation, “To be honest, I can help you find out about Dana—”

“That’s not necessary.” Lucy cut him off, her gaze shining with determination. “Do not tell me if she’s dead, but if she isn’t dead, you have to tell her…” She paused for a moment before speaking again. Her tone was final and ruthless, like a sharp knife swinging downward without any hesitation to sever the bond tying their fate together. “To please… stop slowing me down.”

Michael was stunned into silence, but he knew what she meant straight away. Stop slowing me down… Their ten-year relationship seemed to have ended because of what she said. It might appear ruthless, but it was the expression of her most sincere love toward Dana.

I am tired. We have fought for our love for more than a decade. In the end, it was all for nothing. On the contrary, we ended up hurting each other. Therefore, we might as well break up and go our separate ways. This is to give each other another chance to move forward. It doesn’t matter if Dana is still alive or not—as long as I’m not with her, I am sure that she will live a better life. I, on the other hand, have to accomplish what I’ve set out to do. This journey is filled with danger and risk, and so I don’t need her to come along with me. The Edwards have cut me out of the family, and I have rejected help from Sam and Cooper. Besides, Michael has no idea where I’m going alone.

“What are your plans after today?”

Unfortunately, Lucy was already far away, and she did not answer him. She merely waved at him while keeping her back to him.

Sophia waved at Lucy. “Do you… want to take some food for your journey? You should at least take some water with you…”

Lucy did not answer her, and so Sophia waved her arm earnestly while exclaiming, “Send me a text on Messenger when you’ve arrived at your destination!”

Lucy walked toward the entrance of the residential area, and she left after boarding a public bus. She looked like a warrior with a sword who was embarking on a journey where she couldn’t look back. She wasn’t sure if she’d survive this time, but she’d have no regrets. From her point of view, she’d just end up dead in the worst-case scenario. I’ve experienced the worst suffering in life and returned from hell, so death doesn’t faze me.

Michael watched as Lucy left, whereas Sophia was still worrying about what Lucy would have to eat or drink on the road. Judging by Lucy’s current state, I’m sure she’s planning to leave the country. After all, there is no place for her at the Edwards Group and Bayside City…

Michael noticed the conflicted expression across Sophia’s face and found her utterly adorable. He wanted nothing more than to press her against the wall while doing some non-gentlemanly things to her. She is such a kind and adorable little thing. I can’t believe she actually invited my ex-girlfriend back to our house. She is truly generous.

Michael caressed Sophia’s hair, as though they were back to the time when they were still young. Well, that wasn’t quite true because they were still considered young right now.

Nevertheless, they did not expect to come face-to-face with Theo when they turned around. Theo was standing behind them in silence, whereas Cooper was leaning against the door frame while sipping his afternoon tea elegantly, seemingly observing the situation in a discreet manner.

“Is that girl gone?” Theo suddenly appeared as if he was very concerned about Lucy despite their limited exchange.

Michael nodded while answering him, “She’s gone.”

Theo replied to him, “Let’s go too.” He led the way first. I know where that girl is from; she truly resembles Elizabeth! Maybe Lucy is my Elizabeth. She must have realized that I haven’t joined her on the other side, and so she must have been reincarnated out of desperation…

No matter what the situation is, our lives will not be entangled within this lifetime anymore. Maybe I should have set her free a long time ago. If I hadn’t shown up in her life, I’m sure she would have had a better life.

Dressed colorfully, Danny came to pick Michael up. This time, Theo stood on Michael’s left side, whereas Quinton was on his right, and Celine was standing just behind him. Everybody’s hands were full with stuff, except Michael, making him seem especially like a spoiled prince.

Theo even turned around before leaving to glance at Cooper, who was sipping on his afternoon tea. For some reason, I just have a feeling that my in-law doesn’t see eye-to-eye with me. In fact, I think we hate each other. He has the feminine and fussy side of a capitalist. Furthermore, I always have to read between the lines while chatting with him, and it seems like he bears a sense of hostility toward me. There’s just something wrong with him in general. To conclude it—it is god-damned troublesome living with an intellectual under the same roof! It’s best that I leave right now.

On the other side, Cooper was scrutinizing Theo too. I’ve heard that in some large families, daughters-in-law are expected to wake up early in the morning to prepare tea for their parents-in-law, and they even have to wash their parents-in-law’s feet in the evening too. Furthermore, I’ve heard rumors that daughters-in-law are expected to greet their parents-in-law twice a day, in the morning and at night, and they’d be criticized if they fail to give birth to a male heir.

I would like to see which b*stard would have the audacity to demand my dearest darling to serve them water to wash their feet. I’d like to see who would be bold enough to even comment about her not having a second child! I will make sure that whoever dares to instruct my daughter to wash their feet would lose their feet the very next day! In any case, fortunately, after observing discreetly for such a long time, I’ve found Theo to be mindful and decent. He has never demanded for Sophia to wash his feet, nor has he ever commented about her not giving birth to a son.

Michael kissed Sophia on her cheeks while bidding her farewell. It would be the end of the agreement after finishing filming the third ‘Doctor Invincible’ film. It would be a form of relief for Michael too. It’s the last movie, and so I have to do a good job in the film.

On the same day, Carmen left the house together with her uncle to film a new reality show. Cooper left for abroad to attend a meeting, whereas Justin went overseas for an investigation. Therefore, Sophia and Justin’s baby were the only ones left at home.

“Sophia, I am here! Serve me the best liquor and dishes you have! I’ll tell you some earth-shattering gossip!” Stanley brought his whole family along to hang out and spend time with her. He heard that all the men in Sophia’s home had left. Hence, he knew that this was the best time to feast at her home for free.

“Great-aunt Sophia! We are here to feast!” Maisie was here too since she was tagging along with both her fathers sheepishly for a free meal.

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