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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1305

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1305

The woman in front of him had maroon-colored hair, whereas Elizabeth always seemed to have a head of black hair, which was the most fashionable hairstyle from their time. At times, Elizabeth had her hair tied up in a bun while wearing a traditional outfit, looking like a fairy straight out of a painting.

“My name is Lucy, and I am here to recuperate temporarily. Thank you for your hospitality.”

Lucy felt that the man in front of her looked very familiar. I feel as though I’ve met him somewhere before, but I just can’t recall where… I must have met him in my past life.

He looks slightly similar to Michael. Besides, he is currently in Michael’s house, so he’s most probably a relative of his.

Theo snapped back to his senses when he heard the unfamiliar voice. “I am also just a passerby.”

With that, he returned to his room. Soon, Michael knocked on his door from outside, but Theo pretended not to hear him. After knocking for a few times, Michael gave up and left.

Theo came back this time for Michael because Quinton and his organs perfectly matched those of Michael’s.

Even though the poison in Michael’s body was temporarily under control, it had yet to be purged entirely. Without an antidote, the toxins would corrode his organs gradually. The longer the delay, the less likely he would be cured. Even if Michael were to remove the poison in the future, he would still have to transplant the non-functional organs and replace them with healthy ones.

Both Theo and Quinton’s organs matched his, and so they were tasked to eat and rest well because they were on standby to provide Michael with the necessary organs.

Theo had no regrets because his life was long gone, and he only received a second chance in life unexpectedly. Initially, he had thought that this was God’s punishment by letting him live a lonely life, but it turned out that it was a chance for him to make amendments. I am Michael’s father, and so I have the most compatible organs for him. Besides, my organs are healthy and young—after thirty years of cryogenic sleep, my organs have been preserved in perfect condition. In fact, they are very healthy and ready to be transplanted at any moment.

As for Quinton, he took the initiative to be here.

He was the initiator of all the evil that caused the situation today. Quinton volunteered, but he isn’t sure how many body parts of his are still functional. I suppose he just wants to offer whatever he can.

We have asked Mark’s opinion before returning this time. After all, our parents blessed us with our physical bodies, and so I had to get Mark’s permission.

It seems like Mark has agreed now.

Theo and Quinton had decided to sacrifice both their lives in exchange for Michael’s!

Although it was cruel to exchange a life for another, it was a form of relief from Theo’s point of view. He seemed to have come to terms with his calling and task upon being resurrected unexpectedly.

After completing my mission, I’d like to return to the afterlife in search of the eternal moon of my heart… I hope that she’s still waiting for me.

Michael and Sophia appeared stumped when Theo returned out of the blue. However, Theo seemed to have started adapting to his current life. He would go to work at the security company with Justin every day. Therefore, he had gradually familiarized himself with the business, and he even started to get the hang of using computers and mobile phones.

Theo lived a very healthy lifestyle. He would watch the news bulletin at home before and after work. After waking up in the mornings, he would work out and walk the dog; during the weekends, he would rest at home, read a book, or even head out for some exercise and basketball. He worked hard to thrive for his passion in life while contributing as a part in building the society.

With Carmen’s encouragement, he was even prepared to go on a parent-child reality TV show. Nevertheless, he was removed from the show because he looked too young. After all, nobody had ever seen such a young ‘grandpa’.

This daily routine was a norm for any 30-year-old, but it was abnormal for Theo.

In the beginning, Quinton had planned to spend most of his time watching drama series at home while lazing in bed, but Theo urged him to go to work together. They even walked the dog after work. Quinton also started working out diligently to make sure that his body parts were healthy and functional.

Quinton couldn’t take it anymore after keeping it up for a month.

Both father and son chatted discreetly.

Quinton suggested, “Just put me to cryogenic sleep, and they can take whatever body parts they need when the time comes.”

Theo replied, “I’d like that too.”

Quinton was at a loss of words when he heard that.

Theo wasn’t the kind of person to be content with things as they were because he felt that he couldn’t go on with life in this manner. It wasn’t interesting, and it was as boring as drinking plain water. I simply don’t understand how my in-law, Cooper, manages to stay in a small study for the whole day. An otaku is simply the most inconceivable creature in the world. I might end up dead if I were to stay in a room for the whole day.

Justin doesn’t even have the heart to pass on dangerous missions to me when I’m at the company. I’m just like an entrance guard because I’m patrolling the company every day with two German Shepherds with me. And after I get home everyday, I walk the two huskies; life is too boring.

Justin noticed that the two of them were bored out of their kinds, and so he made a suggestion. “Why don’t… you two go ahead and beat up senior high school students? Recently, these hooligans have been going rampant, and they have been trying to get school students to join their gang. Many senior high school students dropped out of high school to be mixed up with the wrong sort in society. Previously, whenever Celie had the time, she would specifically beat up these hooligans who were at odds with society. In fact, she’d beat up whoever dared to enter the school to drag senior high school students into the gang…”

Theo nodded in agreement. “That’s a good suggestion; please lead the way.”

Justin was rendered speechless when he heard that.

That was just a random suggestion!

Is it appropriate for a 70-year-old old man to start beating up senior high school students?

With that, Theo and Quinton quit their jobs at the security company. They started leaving the house early in the morning and returning late at night. Every day, they would go to locations in Riverdale with relatively poor public security to fight against senior high school students who were mixed up with hooligans in society. They even brought Celine, who was idling at home, along.

Harry kept receiving complaints that the powerful group from years ago had returned and were still targeting senior high school students who were mixed up in society. Furthermore, it seemed that there had been an upgrade in the martial forces of the group of people. They came in unarmed, and they specifically attacked the hooligans.

In the past, the group of people consisted of a master-level individual leading four amateurs, but now, three masters were out together.

With the combined forces of the three of them, they managed to beat people up so badly that the area was at peace, and it was safe enough to leave the doors unbolted at night. Small-time hooligans did not dare to show up anymore, whereas the senior high school students, who dropped out of school to join the society, returned to school obediently. The three musketeers managed to increase the average scores of the underperforming high schools in Riverdale.

Since Theo had run out of people to beat up, he had no choice but to go back to the couch at home. He searched the past thirty years’ worth of news bulletins and binged-watch them.

“I’m getting beyond bored…”

There’s nothing else to look forward to apart from the finale of the news bulletin.

Sophia was stunned to silence upon learning about what they had been doing recently.

I finally understand whom Celine took after.

Cooper was extremely unhappy with Theo’s arrival because he found Theo too raucous. He disliked Theo’s old-fashioned dressing sense since the latter maintained a style from thirty years ago. Cooper was also unhappy that Theo took over the television in the living room for the whole day to watch ‘News Bulletin’. Furthermore, Cooper hated that Theo had snatched away his precious daughter…

Theo led Quinton and Celine on an adventurous lifestyle—they were always jumping from one thing to the next before charging toward something else. Cooper was unhappy about all that; in fact, he was extremely dissatisfied with the situation.

Isn’t it nice to sit down to read a book, or listen to some music, or head out for a drawing exhibition, or even to watch an opera performance? Can’t he be a middle-aged gentleman, who is elegant and quiet, just like myself?

The dark expression across Cooper’s aged face was becoming more obvious with time.

It wasn’t until Michael had to start filming ‘Doctor Invincible 3’ that Cooper finally got to take a breather. That was because there were many fighting scenes in the film, and so the three musketeers of the Fletcher Family finally had a reason to leave the house to work as martial arts stunt doubles for Michael.

On the other hand, Lucy, who had also recovered, was prepared to leave.

Before leaving, Lucy had a long chat alone with Cooper.

“Mr. Mitchell, thank you for waking me up.” Lucy was grateful toward Cooper from the bottom of her heart. Just when she was about to give up completely, she heard a voice right beside her ear, saying, “Lucy, the person who’s hurt you is still alive. Are you willing to just leave now?”

Amidst the darkness, she opened her eyes suddenly, and her gaze was filled with hatred.

The person who has hurt Dana and me are still alive, so how could I die?

“But…” Lucy spoke. “I won’t consider your suggestion to work together to destroy my father for now.”

I do not want to collaborate with Cooper because I want to shred Jordan into pieces and feed him to the dogs with my own abilities. I want him to experience all the sufferings I had to go through!

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