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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1304

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1304

Theo wore a perfectly straight army green jacket that made him look similar to his old photos. With a solemn expression that exuded indifference, he held a simple army luggage that was also in green. Quinton, who was behind him, wore a similar outfit.

Both the father and son looked equally solemn.

No one knew how both of them met nor the reason for their sudden return. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise for Michael, who came out to help Theo carry his luggage. “Father, weren’t you going to stay in Africa? Why are you back?”

Theo replied, “I changed my mind. I’m not going to Africa anymore.”

Then, Michael brought Theo’s luggage to the room he once stayed in before, while Quinton also self-consciously brought his luggage to Cash’s room.

It was only at this moment that Sophia returned to her senses from being shocked by Theo’s appearance and spoke to Cooper. “Dad, you’re back too!”

Cooper replied, “Hmph!”

Angered, he walked upstairs without even turning back. Then, he stayed there until dinner.

As Theo and Quinton had suddenly returned, the villa was bustling. Apart from that, Nathan had also returned from school.

Michael still thought that it was too peculiar for both of them to suddenly return, so he figured something must have happened.

Theo had once said that he wouldn’t look for Quinton nor let the latter know that he was still alive.

Why did both of them return together?

Michael had a hunch that something had happened.

After dinner, the entire family gathered together to watch the TV. Now that the entire family was around, the atmosphere was quite lively.

Cooper was still angry that Sophia didn’t greet him first when he returned, so he merely looked at Theo coldly. When Sophia served fruits from the kitchen just now, she put them before Theo first. Even though Theo was sitting closer to the kitchen, Cooper still felt that he had taken his daughter away.

Hence, he hugged Carmen tightly, determined not to let others take her away.

Sophia also knew that Cooper was angry, so she sat beside him and cuddled a huge cat while watching the news channel—Theo’s favorite channel.

Cooper sat on one end with Carmen on his lap, while Nathan sat on the other as he watched TV with a cold expression. Meanwhile, Celine was quite clingy—she took turns in harassing Quinton and Theo.

“Quinton, do you want some melon? Dad! Quinton doesn’t want to eat my melon! Does he hate me?”

Both Theo and Quinton didn’t say another word as they paid attention to the TV. To be precise, they were merely zoning out as they watched the show.

The atmosphere was quite peculiar indeed.

Michael finally asked tentatively, “Father, why did you suddenly change your mind?”

Theo replied, “I couldn’t get used to it. All Africans look similar—I couldn’t tell them apart, so it wasn’t easy carrying out the peacekeeper job.”

After a pause, Michael asked again, “What are your future plans, then?”

He thought that Theo’s excuse was quite far-fetched to the point that it was probably made up.

Theo replied, “Justin asked me to work at the security company.”

With that, Michael realized that something was definitely off.

Something must have happened. Theo is someone who has given his entire life to the military. He wouldn’t say something like this!

Looking at Theo, Michael felt that the latter must be hiding something. Otherwise, he wouldn’t return just like this.

Not long after they finished dinner, Maisie’s voice rang when they were watching the TV. “Uncle Michael, we’re here again!”

Once he opened the door, he saw Stanley with Maisie in his arms, and Sean was right behind them.

Once Stanley entered and saw that everyone was watching the TV after dinner, he said regretfully, “Oh, no! We’re late! Why didn’t you wait for us?”

After putting Maisie down, he opened the refrigerator door and saw a few leftovers.

“What soup is this? Let me try. What dish is this? I’ll take two bites. What herbal soup is this? I’ll just take a few sips.”

Stanley brought his entire family over to eat the leftovers and cleared everything in the fridge in no time. Even the herbal soup that they made for Lucy was not exempted—he had to take a few sips.

After dinner, Stanley sat down and greeted everyone with Maisie in his arms. After waiting for a while, Sophia didn’t see Christine coming over with Stanley.

What is this idiot doing? Why didn’t he bring his girlfriend over for us to have a look? He just knows to eat our food.

After taking a few bites of the melon, Stanley wiped his mouth since he had had his fill. Then, he told Theo, “Great-uncle Theo, I’ve already reported what you mentioned before to Old Master Fletcher, and he said—”

Theo suddenly interrupted him. “Don’t advise me anymore on my retirement. I don’t want to be a soldier anymore because the country doesn’t need so many soldiers. The main focus right now is construction and economy. I want to train myself in the corporate world and work in offices.”

Stanley was stunned. He was actually about to reveal something important, but after shooting a glance at Michael and Sophia, he swallowed it and said instead, “Oh, Old Master Fletcher just wanted me to tell you that you could do whatever you want. He doesn’t care anymore.”

Michael glanced at Stanley, who looked elsewhere guiltily.

What Stanley was about to say was definitely unrelated to Theo’s retirement from the army. Instead, it was something else that they did not intend to let Michael know. However, they didn’t team up with Stanley earlier, so he almost let it slip.

After watching the news, Theo got up and said, “I’m tired, so I’m going back to rest first.”

With that, he left. Quinton also went back to his room without another word.

Michael looked at their leaving figures before looking at Linus and Justin, who didn’t dare to look at him. Stanley, who had been secretly glancing at him, turned away as soon as Michael locked eyes with him. Apart from that, Cooper looked rather secretive as well.

Panic rose within him.

Something must have happened!

Something that is related to me and Theo!

Michael suddenly got up and waved. “Come on, Stan. Let’s go to the washroom.”

Stanley quickly rejected him. “I don’t think so. Come, Maisie. It’s getting late. We’ll take our leave now. Say goodbye to Great-uncle Michael!”

Right after he finished speaking, he didn’t even wait for Maisie to say goodbye before he immediately wrapped her in a scarf and escaped frantically. Sean also followed behind him as they left.

Everyone found different excuses to leave. In an instant, only Sophia and Michael were left in the living room.

Sophia munched on the melon that Linus brought as she saw everyone leaving. With only Michael and her left, she also felt that something had happened.

Theo walked to his room on the second floor. But on his way, he saw someone sitting on the sealed balcony on the second floor.

She merely sat there alone, looking at the neon-lit cityscape in a daze as her body was engulfed in darkness.

When Theo saw her, his footsteps suddenly stopped. He then looked blankly at the familiar figure.

That person seemed to have heard him approaching, so she stood up and slowly walked to him. Her face gradually emerged from the dark and became illuminated by the light.

After Theo looked at her face, he widened his eyes in surprise, looking incredulously at the familiar face.


To Michael, Elizabeth had been dead for almost 3 decades. However, to Theo, she seemed to be alive just yesterday.

He could still remember every expression of hers. Apart from that, he even remembered the taste of the kiss she gave him before he left.

However, when the person walked closer to him, he realized that she was not Elizabeth—they merely looked alike.

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