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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1297

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1297

Cooper denied. “No. Who did you hear it from?”

Sophia walked into the room and sat in front of Cooper with a cat on her lap. Looking unhappy, she said, “Stop lying to me. I know everything.”

Even though he didn’t tell her anything and didn’t involve her in the matter, Sophia had already heard the news and figured it out herself about what had been going on.

If Cooper was about to launch an attack on Jordan, he would implicate Lucy as well. After all, she was his capable assistant.

Knowing that he couldn’t hide it from Sophia anymore, Cooper merely said, “You’re just a kid, so don’t interfere in adults’ business.”

Even if Sophia had many descendants, she would always be a little girl to Cooper.

Sophia knew very well that Cooper was about to deal with Lucy as well.

She suddenly stood up and told him seriously, “Dad, we can actually work with Lucy!”

However, Cooper shook his head helplessly.

After all, Sophia is still quite young. She wouldn’t know the insides of this matter.

Hence, Cooper explained everything to her patiently. “That’s impossible. Lucy is Jordan’s daughter, so they are on the same boat. It’s impossible for Lucy to betray her father and work with us. Alright. I think this is enough for today. Darling, why don’t you take a rest first? I still have to work.”

With that, he pushed Sophia out of his study and continued working.

After all, he still had a lot of work to tend to.

Anna gave a namelist that consisted of Jordan’s mistresses all over the world to Cooper.

Like Tiffany, Jordan was quite a capable person indeed. He could make so many women serve him willingly.

What has my Anna gone through all these years?

No matter what, I have to get rid of Jordan for myself, for Sophia, and for Anna. Even if she is just using me, I have no regrets.

After she walked out of Cooper’s study, Sophia hugged her cat morosely.

Even though Lucy and her weren’t purely friends—they used to be competitors, and they had some skirmishes in the past—they had also helped each other before.

Unknowingly, they had developed a certain kind of revolutionary friendship, so Sophia simply couldn’t bring herself to attack Lucy.

On top of that, her face closely resembled Elizabeth’s.

However, reality was most often cruel. One often had no choice in their circumstances. Slowly and gradually, they had become adversaries.

Why is she Jordan’s daughter?

However, Michael was already numb to this. If they really had to get rid of Lucy for the big picture—if his help was needed in this—he would definitely personally tear apart this woman who looked like Elizabeth.

However, Sophia would still like to try to convince Lucy before Cooper made his move.

On the sixth day of the fashion week, a subsidiary of the JNS Group, Pourl, organized a fashion show. Initially, Pourl was just manufacturing some pets’ luxury items. Now, they had slowly entered the jewelry industry while remaining their original business. The show today was still to showcase their pets’ luxury items.

It was held in a high-class hotel that gathered everyone in the family, including all their pets.

This time around, Anna had also arrived. However, throughout the entire show, she didn’t interact with Cooper and kept a far distance from him with a corgi in her arms.

Cooper was holding Sophia’s pair of huskies as usual. Meanwhile, Harry and Sarah brought their poodle.

Jordan also came there to support them, and he even brought Corrado. In fact, Corrado had become a dog that was shared by both Jordan and Cooper; it would take turns to stay in each of their houses for a few days.

As the main model of today, Judge also arrived early and sniffed its son, Corrado, and the alpaca.

Stanley brought Christine to Sophia and said, “Sophia, Christine’s agency has arranged for her to attend some events at the fashion week show here. Since you didn’t send her the invitation card, I brought her here myself. To repay me, she’s going to let my husky grandchildren mate with her Money for free.”

Christine smiled awkwardly behind Stanley. Usually, celebrities would have some tasks when they attended fashion week shows—they would have to take some pictures and post them online to brag about it so that their net worth would increase.

Usually, A-list celebrities would get the invitation. On top of that, they could sit in the first row. However, the lesser-known celebrities couldn’t do anything about this since their companies didn’t provide them any resources at all. Apart from that, they even asked their celebrities to get their hands on the invitation themselves.

For those who had connections, they would be able to get the invitation themselves; on the other hand, for those without connections and relations, they would have to sleep their way in. Christine didn’t want to do that, but she didn’t have any connections either, so she had no way in.

Previously, Maddie managed to forcefully produce an invitation card. However, she couldn’t get her hands on it this time no matter how hard she tried. Since she had to perform her tasks, Christine forcefully agreed to the deal between her and Stanley’s dogs so that she could follow him to this show.

After a glance at Christine’s dog, Sophia noticed that it was a beautiful female husky that looked quite ordinary. In comparison with the pets with luxury items, it actually looked quite poor.

Christine felt embarrassed, but she uttered, “Sophia, my dog has its own Twitter account with hundreds of thousands of followers.”

Sophia was speechless when she looked at them.

Stanley is an idiot. He doesn’t even know how to take care of his girlfriend.

Since she was quite busy, she said, “Stan, bring Christine to find a spot to sit down. Apart from that, also find some suitable outfit backstage for this… uh… Money. And remember to post about it on Twitter to market it.”

Stanley replied, “Sure thing!”

With that, he brought Christine backstage and picked a beautiful collar for the female husky in the fitting room.

Sure enough, after putting it on, the husky was immediately glowing.

Stanley cared about the most about his own husky grandchildren after all, so he quickly fetched Cash and Penny over before bringing them to an empty room to familiarize themselves and mate with Money. Whoever liked to mate, they would just go for it. Even if it was two-on-one, he didn’t care anyway. He was just monitoring Christine to post the pictures on Twitter and Instagram to promote Pourl.

After all, they had agreed on this before, so no one could back out of this deal.

After knowing that Christine was Chrissy, Stanley also found out that her house had a few gorgeous female huskies which had hundreds of thousands of fans online. At that moment, he already had his eyes on them. This was the main reason why he agreed to bring her to this show in exchange for her huskies to ‘pleasure’ his huskies grandchildren.

Money was at a fertile age. It had a healthy and delicate glow, looking cute and gentle.

On the other hand, Cash and Penny had also reached an energetic age. After they saw the beautiful Money, they were immediately sexually aroused. Hence, they were fighting to mate her.

It was some pretty intense threesome.

Meanwhile, Stanley already started discussing the puppies allocation with Christine. “After Money gives birth to the puppies, remember to give me half of them!”

Sophia was busy with her work backstage, but after she watched Stanley and Christine enter the room, she thought, Ah, it’s so good to be young! They can be so wilful and do anything they want anytime…

However, she had never thought that for all the time they stayed in the room, both of them only watched their huskies mate with each other.

After the deed was done, Stanley came out of the room with his two huskies. Initially, he had planned to bring Judge along so that they could have foursome—he could get more value out of this—but Judge was already sterilized, so there was no point in doing so.

Once he thought of having his great-grandhuskies, Stanley was over the moon. Because of that, he overlooked the subtle gaze everyone was throwing at him.

They also thought, Ah, it’s so good to be young! They can be so wilful and do anything they want anytime…

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