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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1295

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1295

With a lollipop in his mouth, Stanley said while holding a stack of cards in his hands, “Uh, there’s ten more minutes left. Let’s think of some topics for a conversation and use up the phone package.”

Stanley had a separate phone for his work life and his private life. His work phone was with his assistant, while he held his private phone himself. He registered the phone card after he finished his military training and went back to university. Hence, he had been subscribed to the student phone package that still remained until now.

After thinking about it, Sean suggested, “Why don’t you livestream your card game?”

Hence, Stanley began doing that. “Linus just played a pair of Kings. Nate-tan passed, and I played a pair of Aces. Now, the ball is passed to Linus, who passed his turn. Then, I played a full house and a flush. Ah, Nate-tan actually hid a four-of-a-kind! Oh, Linus also hid a pair of Kings. Damn! I lost 10 bucks!”

Everyone was speechless after hearing that.

After they finished this round of game, Stanley realized that a few minutes were left in the phone package, so he quickly brought up another topic of conversation.

“Sean, what did you have for dinner last night? Oh, I forgot. I had it with you. What about Maisie—what did she have? Oh, no. Time’s up! We’ve even exceeded for a minute! Bye!”

Everyone was speechless again after seeing this. Sean was probably the only person who could stand this. If it were another person, they would have been beyond furious conversing with an idiot like Stanley.

Meanwhile, Sophia, who came over to peek at them some time ago, suddenly had a realization.

This idiotic game actually seems pretty fun!

In the evening, after dinner, Tiffany deliberately drank a lot of wine and flirted with Cooper drunkenly. “Coop, I think I’m slightly drunk…”

Sophia glared at her angrily, but she still arranged a room for her. However, she arranged for Tiffany to stay in a room on the first floor so that it would be quite far from Cooper’s room on the third floor.

Tiffany didn’t seem like she had plans to leave, while Bailey prepared to leave after the dinner, but Sophia warmly asked him to stay back.

“Bailey, stay for a night before leaving! I noticed during dinner that you like chicken soup. There’s still a lot left; if you’d like, bring some back home.”

However, Michael’s face darkened after hearing that.

Bring some, my *ss!

I won’t give a drop of the soup to you, old man!

Bailey rejected Sophia’s offer. “It’s fine. I’ll take my leave first. I have some errands to run at work.”

Apart from Sophia, no one welcomes me here!

After Bailey left, Tiffany continued to pester Cooper while pretending to be drunk.

Everyone else went back home after dinner, and Linus also went back to his Villa No. 4.

Sophia went back to her room, but she hid in the bathroom without coming out. Meanwhile, Michael lay on the bed, waiting for her to send herself to him. Even though they had been married for a long time, they still had to maintain an active sex life. Some time ago, he was quite busy with work, so they didn’t have time to do anything of the sort. Hence, it was the perfect timing to ‘pay in full’ today.

After all, Michael’s desires had been pent up for a few days, just waiting to erupt today.

He flipped through a fashion magazine while waiting for Sophia. However, at this moment, his phone that was by his bed rang.

Not many people knew his private number—only a few close friends and family members.

After he glanced at it, he was surprised to find that Sophia was the caller.

Isn’t she just in the bathroom? There’s only a wall between us. Why is she calling me?

Michael picked the phone up and said, “Chica, what are you doing? I’ve already cleaned myself up. Come here!”

On the other end, Sophia started speaking, but the wall of the bathroom was not quite soundproofed, so Michael could still hear her speaking through the wall.

“Michael, my phone package has 20 minutes left. Chat with me here.”

Michael knew that her phone plan was still the student package that she registered when she was in university. Michael still kept her phone and phone card after all this while, and he also topped up the fees monthly so that the line would not be terminated. Hence, she had been using the same number until now with the same phone package.

Seems like she’s interested in the idiotic game that Sean and Stanley played today.

After putting down the magazine, he started a proper conversation with her on the phone.

“What would you like to talk about?”

After thinking about it for a while, Sophia asked, “What are you doing now, dear?”

Michael replied, “Lying on the bed, waiting for you to sleep with me.”

After a pause, Sophia asked, “What would you like to do most right now?”

“Sleep with you.”

After another pause, Sophia uttered, “What about in the future? What plans do you have?”

Michael replied, “Sleep with you everyday.”

Sophia felt a great difficulty in continuing this conversation.

“Why do you think about sex all the time? Can’t you have more noble aspirations? Like filming another two blockbusters movies, go for reality tv shows, get on forbes list, or even go into politics in the future.”

Michael smiled like a young university student who was calling his girlfriend secretly after his roommate had fallen asleep.

“If I can’t sleep with you for the rest of my life, what’s the point?”

On the other side of the phone, Sophia’s face was still flushed red. Through the phone, Michael’s crisp and clear voice had a secretive and sexy edge to it.

“You are not serious at all. All you know is sex, sex, sex!” Sophia complained before changing to a new topic. “By the way, if Carmen marries Bailey in the future, what should we prepare for the dowry?”

Speaking about this, Michael flared up immediately. “In his dreams! That old man had better not think of marrying my daughter!”

Sophia pouted. “He’s obviously cute. I think he’s quite suitable to date Carmen. She just told me that she liked Bailey today! Also, look at how good looking he is! His family background is also very powerful. At this moment, many of the men who are powerful and capable are mostly bald middle-aged men. Good-looking guys, however, don’t have the capabilities that match Carmen’s. Bailey is only 14 this year. In a few years, he will be very popular, so by the time Carmen grows up, he might already have his own family. Hence, I’m thinking about setting up their marriage when they are still kids.”

With a cold look on his face, Michael said, “No. If that old man has any inappropriate thoughts about Carmen, I’ll castrate him immediately!”

Still pouting, Sophia stopped speaking. With that, this topic finally ended.

Michael asked, “What are you doing?”

Sophia replied, “I’m taking a bath. My phone is safely in the waterproof bag that we bought by the beach last time. It’s actually very useful.”

Upon hearing that, Michael immediately got up and took his pants off while he spoke. “I’m joining you.”

“No! We haven’t spoken for a full 20 minutes. You can come in here after that!”

“I can’t stand waiting a second longer.”

Hence, he quickly walked into the washroom. Upon seeing the beauty in the bathtub, Michael joined her immediately.

Sophia’s bath water had a nice smell that mixed with her body fragrance. Michael was so aroused that he even felt like drinking her bath water.

“Come here. It’s time to fulfil my duties.” Michael was already well-prepared to start.

However, Sophia used her feet to push his waist away coquettishly. “There’s 10 more minutes left. We’ll begin in 10 minutes!”

Hence, both of them continue to speak through the phone in the bathtub, even though they were right in front of each other.

They could hear every word each other said clearly, and they could even see the other person’s moles clearly. Perhaps calling in front of each other had a different kind of appeal.

However, Sophia suddenly sighed without any reason. “Dear, my dad is dealing with Jordan right now. What about Lucy? Should we get rid of her as well?”

Even though it was between Cooper and Jordan, Michael knew what was going on. After all, he was also involved with the plan to deal with him this time. Both him and Cooper were on the same boat; they would win and lose together.

For the time being, Lucy was not involved. However, as long as the grudges were still there, a fight was bound to happen with her!

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