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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1293

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1293

Lucy sat down and talked to Jordan for a while. All five family members seemed to be enjoying themselves, but only they knew what they were actually thinking about.

“Dad, I broke up with Dwayne already.”

Lucy said it so suddenly with a flat and unemotional tone that it sounded almost as if she was reporting about work to her superior, when in reality, Dwayne was Lucy’s fiancé.

Jordan and all the elders were surprised by Lucy’s update. She and her boyfriend had been in a stable relationship for a few weeks and had broken up right when they were about to get married.

Not wanting to explain further, Lucy said, “Dad, I am a little tired, so I’ll head upstairs and rest.”

She stood up and left without saying anything else. From a third person’s perspective, it appeared as if Jordan and Anna were family while Lucy was just an outsider.

Everyone else just thought that she was emotional because of the breakup and didn’t think too much about it.

Anna’s family of three moved into the Edwards Residence, but the two other brothers who were injured stayed back in the hospital, bound to live a life dependent on another’s assistance.

As the fashion week was still ongoing after Anna and Jordan became public, the emcee position for Ronney Fashion Week was reasonably passed on to Lucy.

At this moment, Stanley, who had slept for the whole morning, woke up in the afternoon, not knowing that the Fletcher family was in a huge mess due to his love affairs.

The Fletcher Family was very disciplined; in order not to disturb Stanley’s dating life, they were tight-lipped. Since the relationship had just been revealed, they kicked him out of the family group overnight and discussed openly about his love affairs in the group chat.

So when Stanley woke up, he realized he had been kicked out from a few family group chats.

“What the hell?”

He brushed his teeth and pet the dog while looking at his phone. It was only after checking with a few people did he learn that there was a new family group chat, which they then added him into again.

No one told Stanley that the Fletchers were still talking about his love life in the old group chat.

Stanley took a look at the time; it seemed that there was a kids’ fashion show in the afternoon that was hosted by a children’s clothing brand owned by Sophia. He quickly picked himself up, and when it was about time for the kindergarten’s pick-up, he called Sean, who went to the kindergarten to pick up Maisie. The family of three gathered at the gate of the show and found that everyone was already there with their children.

Michael brought Ashton and Carmen; Harry brought Hope and Poppy; Justin brought Nathan and Lorelei; and Tiffany brought Bailey.

What seems to be wrong here?

All the other kids were happy, but Justin and Bailey had a long face; they didn’t seem to be too happy.

Sophia had spent lavishly on today’s show. Not only did she bring the whole family, she had also invited many celebrity families who got popular with parent-children shows as well as popular child stars and youth groups to help out. Almost all of Cethosian’s child stars were in the show, including a few from overseas.

She wanted her kids’ clothing brand to be globalized.

Bailey really didn’t want to come today, but he had to since he had gotten the invitation letter.

Bailey naturally sat with Cooper and was discussing something important with him while Tiffany sat on the other side of Cooper, trying hard to get close to him.


Tiffany had a long tone and clear articulation; she had successfully mastered the essence of being flirtatious while speaking in Cethosian language. She was wearing a v-neck dress with a low-cut—which was so revealing that her areola was about to be seen—as her pair of big boobs hung on Cooper’s shoulders.

Cooper looked at Tiffany and then at her chest before asking, “Tiffany, don’t you feel cold wearing this?”

While still leaning on him, Tiffany simply replied, “Yeah, it’s so cold, Coop. Hug me.”

Cooper frowned and found a down jacket to cover her chest. “Please don’t let your chest catch a cold.”

“Hey…” she purred flirtatiously.

Stanley, who was sitting next to them, whispered to Sean, “Look at these women, wearing super thin socks in the winter with half of their boobs hanging outside their clothes. What is it that they want? Don’t they feel cold?”

Sean smiled and didn’t respond.

It seemed that Sean and Cooper were both from the same group—straight men who knew nothing about the act of seduction.

Seeing that Sean didn’t talk to him, Stanley went to annoy Michael. “Uncle, will you come to my cybercafé’s opening?” he asked innocently. “I will treat you to barbecue skewers if you come. I promise! Everyone from your family is in for the treat! Just order anything you want, since I am not short of money!”

Michael laughed grimly and didn’t want to talk to the silly and stingy Stanley.

Previously, he acted cute and rode Michael’s coattails, asking the latter to advertise for his company’s new game. He then just took two photos of them in their cosplay suits. When everything was done, Stanley didn’t even pay a single cent to Michael; instead, he invited his whole family to eat mutton skewers by the roadside without air conditioning in the summer.

When they reached the venue, Cooper’s face immediately turned ashen. He had thought that the Fletcher Family would, at the very least, treat them to eat in a restaurant, and so he wore his haute couture men’s suit that cost 500,000 to eat mutton skewers that cost around 40 per head.

Luckily, he didn’t betroth his daughter to him; otherwise, his daughter might only get to eat instant noodles for every meal. With Michael, he at least had a farm and still got to eat so many delicacies that he felt sick.

Michael would remember this matter for the rest of his life.

So now, when Stanley mentioned the grand opening of his cybercafé, Michael just pretended to not hear him.

He was guessing that the pay he’d get would most likely be a free one-day pass for him to play with the newest computer in the cybercafé.

Eventually, Stanley stopped addressing him. It didn’t matter if he hadn’t heard it, since his wife held shares in the cybercafé anyway, so she would most certainly go on the opening. Would he be absent if his wife was coming?


Suddenly, a bell-like sound rang before Carmen jumped into Cooper’s arms. Cooper was originally in a serious discussion about something important with Bailey. When Carmen came, he immediately beamed with joy.

Carmen was the lead model who would be wearing the latest autumn and winter children’s clothing on the catwalk today.

Her parents bought this children’s clothing brand for her; Cooper even paid a lot of money to invite many foreign children’s clothing designers to come over.

“Good girl. Let me hug you.”

Cooper hugged Carmen and took some candies out for her. She then enjoyed her candies with satisfaction.

Carmen was well dressed that day and looked super adorable. She was having her candy while sitting quietly without interrupting Bailey and Cooper’s discussion. Tiffany tried to tease her, as if she wanted to give her a hug, but Carmen rejected it.

Bailey had always wanted to help in match-making Cooper and Tiffany. He then said, “Mr. Cooper, the unity in marriage will be an agreement between our two families. Hopefully, you can consider and think through it carefully.”

Before Cooper started talking, Carmen asked, “Grandpa, what does ‘unity in marriage’ mean?”

Cooper didn’t know how to explain, so he just gave an example. “If one day, you get married to Bailey, our family will merge with his family. That is called ‘unity in marriage’.”

Shocked, Carmen replied, “Grandpa, do I have to get married at this young age? ”

Cooper then quickly clarified, “I was just giving you an example.”

Although Cooper was just making an example, Bailey took it for real.

Getting married to this little girl?

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