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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1292

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1292

Whilst being entirely cold toward Nicole, the Edwards Family cheerfully welcomed Anna, Callum, and Cade. The followers of the Group were also very curious about Mrs. Yard, so they followed and entered the room.

On the other hand, Sam unloaded the invisible burden when he stepped out the main gate of the Edwards Family, feeling that everything was worth it!

He held his child as he walked toward his car with pride. Nicole had settled the cat and dog in the car already.

Sam left the family because of her. She was terrified and confused, but at the same time, overjoyed…

She lowered her head to hide the glow of joy that gleamed all over her face.

We do not need the Edwards’ support to prosper. The future is ours to take control!

Lucy’s car arrived right then. She had had a restless night and a busy morning. She did not even take a nap for two to three days in a row, yet the family urged her to come and greet Mrs. Yard. Hence, she took some time out from her busy schedule just to show up.

Sam’s servants were loading his luggage onto his car at the gate. When Lucy saw them, she poked her head out and asked,“Uncle Sam, are you leaving?”

She already got the news about what happened today on her way back. Sam’s choice did not surprise her at all because he was powerful enough to go against the Edwards Family.

His affection toward Nicole amazed her.

Who would have imagined that Nicole would be the reason he left the Edwards Family.

What a man, full of emotion and affection—it was something very rare in the Edwards Family!

Sam approached Lucy, tapped on her shoulder, and uttered, “I am leaving. From now on, I am not an Edwards. Lucy, I cannot protect you any longer, so take care.”

He earnestly looked at her again and left eventually.

Lucy understood what he meant. Sam’s worries and concerns about her were clearly expressed through his gaze.

Lucy was Jordan’s only child. As she was the young lady of the Edwards Group, Jordan handed over everything to her with confidence. Sam liked Lucy as well. She was an extremely intelligent and capable woman who had inherited her father’s courage and vision entirely. She was well considered as the head of the family, with the Edwards Group’s future in her hand.

However, now that Anna had come into the Edwards Family with her sons, the Edwards now had four more young masters. Two of them were dumb*sses, but the twins, Callum and Cade, were no ordinary people. They would be a great challenge for Lucy.

Besides, Anna was not a simpleton either. Once she moved into the Edwards Residence, this stepmother would regard Lucy, the only child from Jordan’s ex-wife, as a thorn in the flesh.

Together with the inheritance issue, things would get even more complicated.

And now that even Sam had left, Lucy had no support anymore. She would definitely struggle to survive in the Edwards Family in the future.

Jordan had left the Edwards Group when Lucy was still young. Honestly, Lucy had not much affection toward her father, while her mother died at an early age as well. The relationship between Lucy and Sam, who was more than 10 years older than her, was surprisingly good. Sam often took care of her since her childhood, so she was closest to him among the whole family. When Lucy had a conflict with Cooper before, it was Sam who interceded.

At this point, Lucy still kept the bright spirit as she said, “Uncle Sam, don’t worry. I am no longer a child, so I could take good care of myself.”

Sam smiled as he rubbed his niece’s head, like when she was little. He then got in the car and drove away from the Edwards Residence. Sam no longer belonged to the family.

Lucy saw him off as she waited until his car disappeared from sight. Then, she took a deep breath and entered the mansion.

The gate of the Edwards’ ancestral home was wide open, like a dark and gloomy cave to the underworld, while eerie winds were blowing through. Outsiders found it magnificent, but they had no idea that it went straight to the nether.

Outsiders also envied the luxurious side of the Edwards Group. They fought hard to get in, whereas people on the inside were struggling for a way out.

Old families that sustained for hundreds of years, such as the Edwards, were particularly feudal on the inside. Outside the family, their companies prospered and thrived at the peak of the world while they clutched tons of wealth to establish their business empire. However, internally, it was very possible that women were still not allowed to sit at the table during the family banquet.

The most terrifying part was, the feud, which had existed for hundreds of years, promoted the collective concept of a clan that prioritized the benefit of the family over individuals—individual pursuit and belief must make way for the family. In the long run, this induced unmeasurable suppression of one’s mind and belief. Most of them could never leave the family. Whoever made their decision to actually leave the family must possess enormous courage and perseverance.

For example, Cooper, who eloped with Annabel years before, came back eventually. Or Michael, who left the Fletchers and established his own business, had to return to the family after all these years. Perhaps not long in the future, Sam would reconcile with the Edwards Family as well, for he was taught and brought up with such a clan mindset. It was rooted so deep in his life, so could that be completely renounced that easily?

Certainly, the Edwards Family was not that extreme in banning women from sitting at the table. However, the arrival of Anna would undoubtedly induce outrageous changes within the Edwards Group, which would put Lucy in danger.

Lucy entered the main hall of the Edwards’ ancestral home, noticing that quite a few elders and the Edwards Group’s followers had come. She then saw a group that was encircled by the crowd.

Like the moon surrounded by stars, in the middle of the crowd sat Jordan and the glowing Anna; on the side of her were Callum and Cade.

The grand elder, who was pissed by Sam just moments ago, was now showing his loving care toward the twins.

“Who could imagine that these young masters belong to the Edwards’ bloodline! God is smiling on us. We finally have descendants!”

“Young masters, are you interested in working in the Edwards Group?”

“The Edwards Group is now run by your sister, but as a girl, she would get married at some point and change her surname anyway. The Edwards Group’s future still counts on you two. With your great abilities, the Group will certainly have a bright future and achieve great heights!”

Upon hearing their conversation from the side, Lucy shivered.

Are they planning to deprive all my effort and achievement gained in the Edwards Group in the past 10-plus years simply by saying that I would get married at some point and change my surname anyway?

Before Callum and Cade answered, Lucy suddenly said, “Dad, I’m home.”

Earlier, Jordan was smiling, but when he saw Lucy, he put on a serious expression and asked, “How is the fashion week going?”

Lucy answered, “Everything that needs to be done is done. Nothing critical happened in the showrooms.”

“Mm-hmm.” Jordan acknowledged with satisfaction. “Come. Let me introduce you—this is your stepmother, Anna, and these are your two brothers.”

Lucy uttered politely, “Mrs. Yard, brothers. Nice to meet you.”

Anna smiled gently. “We have met.”

Jordan was completely satisfied with his daughter. “This daughter or mine has outstanding abilities. Without her, the Edwards Group would not be where it is now. Callum, Cade, you should learn from your sister.”

On the surface, Callum and Cade nodded and humbly agreed, but in reality, they had other plans in mind.

Lucy was Jordan’s greatest asset in the Edwards Family, so before one could bring Jordan down, it was absolutely necessary to get rid of Lucy!

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