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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1291

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1291

Naturally, Anna and Nicole were treated very differently. The latter could only be sidelined as she sat all by herself on the sofa in the living room in a state of restlessness. Nobody from the Edwards Family welcomed her—not even the dog lying in the living room peeped a look at her.

Anna, on the other hand, received a very warm welcome. They invited her with the most heartfelt hugs. Tea was served as soon as she and her two sons sat on the sofa while the elders politely welcomed her in person.

“Mrs. Yard, young masters, your rooms are ready,” said one of the servants.

Anna nodded. She was then led to the madam’s room in the mansion by the servants. The two newly-arrived young masters had their own rooms as well.

They were only furious about the sudden announcement of the marriage and the fact that Jordan had kept hidden his relationship with Anna all these years. However, they had nothing other than an extreme fondness for her and the young masters.

Anna was probably the only one who’d match up to Jordan so perfectly, and the young masters made them even more than satisfied.

Finally, here came some presentable young masters for the Edwards Group.

Everyone from the Edwards Group warmly welcomed Anna as the head. A lot of the group’s followers came specially to greet her.

The crowd passed by cheerfully. Everybody seemed to intentionally ignore Nicole in the living room; as it seemed, only Anna saw her and smiled at her from a distance.

They joined a banquet once together, so it could be said that Anna and Nicole kind of knew each other.

Anna already entered the inner mansion with the elders, and the discussions in the living room went on fervently. Many followers of the Edwards Group kept on talking about this Madam, who held the world’s luxury empire in her hand. They wondered why she had to hide for so many years.

Oh, the Yard Family! A truly exquisite clan from the royal lineage!

Although that was in the past, they were still royal blood.

The crowd continued chatting. Even then, none of them paid any attention to Nicole, who was still sitting on the sofa in the living room.

She came with a nanny, who was cradling a kid of hers and Sam’s. Today was the first time that Sam brought the kid back and would like to introduce him to the family.

Their son was a cute boy named Shawn Edwards.

Anna took a look at her room before she went back to the hall again with the servants. In a few moments, she would, as the head of the Yard Family, meet with the elders of the Edwards Family and others.

At that very moment, Jordan and the elders were arguing loudly with Sam in the meeting room. Anna and her two sons, therefore, rested on the sofa in the living room while they waited for the bickering in the other room to come to an end.

People surrounded Anna and served her attentively.

“Ms. Walker,” said Anna as she greeted Nicole.

Nicole answered, “Mrs. Yard.”

The two were considered greeted. Anna seemed to want to say something more, but the meeting room’s door opened suddenly while Sam stepped out gloomily. The elders were rebuking behind him, “Traitor! You wicked son! You are a shame to the Edwards Family. You are no longer an Edwards from this day on!”

Jordan followed the elders with a somber expression on his face.

Meanwhile, Sam walked directly toward Nicole, who was being ignored by the crowd. He took her hand and wanted to leave.

Nicole said nothing and left with Sam.

It was obvious that the negotiation did not go well.

Sam left without hesitation. Together with his wife and son, he left with his head held high while the elders kept scolding him from behind. “Sam, make sure you understand what you are doing. Once you leave this house today, there will be no space for you to set foot in the Edwards Family ever again! Your descendants will therefore be entirely disqualified for the genealogy record book!”

Sam held his son, turned, and glanced at the elders as he sniggered. “I am leaving the Edwards Family today! Please take out my name from the genealogy record book right now.”

He then left with his son without a second thought. A few bodyguards came out from the main mansion with several suitcases and Corrado; they even took Sam’s favorite pot of orchid.

Cats, dogs, clothing, and stationery—all his personal stuff were gone. Even Corrado’s mattress was taken away. He left so completely and clearly, as if he had never existed in the Edwards Family.


The grand elder, who was Sam’s uncle in blood, was livid.

They did not want to let Sam go either. After all, he was the 9th Old Master Edwards—the one with great networks and who almost became the youngest president ever. His enormous power in political circles was still effective, and the current president was even once his secretary.

He was, at the same time, the only owner of the Crimson House chain. Wherever stood the Crimson House was where his power was extended to.

The Edwards Family really did not want to let him go, but they, on the other hand, could not stand that he lowered himself that much to marry an actress.

Everyone from the entertainment circle was dirty; exceptions might only be people like Michael or Harry, who acted as a cover of their real identity. How could someone like Nicole, who climbed all the way up the ladder from a trainee to the best actress, still be pure and innocent?

It was not impossible for Sam to be together with Nicole, since all the successful people nowadays had several mistresses. It was also not a problem for them to have children and to record the children in the genealogy record book of Edwards—but it was out of the question that Nicole could enter Edwards Family and become the official wife of the 9th Old Master!

Sam’s official wife must be a lady like Anna. Even though she would only be a pretty face for decoration, she had to be noble!

However, for Sam, it was not negotiable either. He not only wanted to be with Nicole, but he also insisted on marrying her openly and naming her officially as his wife!

Both parties were calm in the beginning as they presented their viewpoints and reasonable requests. But it eventually turned into a fight.

Sam went far away, yet the grand elder was still yelling, “You little b*stard. Watch out, you traitor… I will make you unable to show your face in Bayside City!”

Nevertheless, his threat did not make Sam stop. Sam’s business had separated from the Edwards Group’s for a long time. He built Crimson House from the ground up, and it had nothing to do with the Edwards Group anyway.

As for networks… Edwards Family’s networks in the political circle were actually established by him. For the past years, he mainly worked in his own name instead of under the family’s shelter. The Edwards Group could not do anything about him anyway. After Cooper left, he knew that he had to be strong enough to escape the Group’s grip. He had planned for so many years before he could successfully leave today.

He was finally strong enough to leave now. Otherwise, he would end up the same way as Cooper back in the days—he’d had to watch his loved ones die in front of him!

Anna saw Sam off silently. He carried his son with one hand and held Nicole with the other as he walked out of the Edwards’ residence.

Memories kept coming back into her mind.

She saw an image of a young boy, who played the piano, jumping onto the green train recklessly with little money in his pocket as he eloped with his darling. He was as certain as how Sam was today. They thought nothing would be a problem as long as they were in love.

But eventually…

After Sam left, Anna put on her perfect pretense and was invited warmly by the elders into the meeting room.

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