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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1287

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1287

The city tonight was filled with breaking news.

The news of Nicole and Sam’s secret marriage overwhelmed the reports about fashion week—half of the news headlines in Bayside City were about the bombing incident during the fashion week while the other half were about her secret marriage.

Sam knew what he would soon have to face, but he was not afraid of it. The worst case scenario would be him turning his back on the Edwards Family and he did not mind giving up the last name of ‘Edwards’ to replace it with ‘Walker’. For the sake of their child, Nicole, and his family, he had to put up a fight.

Everyone was busy tonight. A lot of things recently happened in the Edwards Family—on one hand, it was the marriage of the head of Edwards Family, Jordan, and on the other hand, there was the exposure of Sam’s secret marriage.

Jordan currently did not have the time to deal with all those matters as he only had Anna in his head. “Annie! Has anyone seen Annie?”

He frantically looked everywhere for her. Unfortunately, there was no sign of her either inside or outside the hall.

Lucy had not left yet—she had been dealing with the aftermath of the incident and watched as the ambulances took the injured guests away.

The Yard brothers were stupefied by the trampling. Their faces were full of shoe prints as they moaned in pain while being carried into the ambulance. Sandra was in a similar situation as well—she was hit on her face when the crowd swarmed in her direction.

Lucy had to keep track of the injured people’s conditions. All the guests who attended Jordan’s engagement were all influential people from wealthy families, politicians, or celebrities. Every single one of them was not an ordinary person. Therefore, she needed to follow up on their conditions and comfort them.

He had not been managing the Edwards Family’s matters in recent years and Sam did not have any intention to intervene with all those as well while Ian, who had been spiritless after the blow of having to undergo a circumcision, lacked the capability to do so. Hence, she was the one managing the Edwards Family’s matters all along. At that moment, Jordan was busy looking for Anna, which resulted in Lucy having to clean up the mess.

She already had her hands full—appeasing the media, comforting the guests, and calculating their losses. After attending two consecutive fashion shows in a day, she now had to deal with that matter without having the chance to have any rest. On top of that, she had been having so many late nights before the fashion week. Therefore, she was so exhausted that she found it hard to keep her eyes open.

What troubled her the most was the fact that it was only the first day of the fashion week and with six more days to go. Today’s incident had scared many guests off, so she had to make sure that everything went well in the subsequent days.

When she was exhausted to the point where she struggled to keep her eyes open, she raised her head and saw Dana, who was not far away.

Lucy found that no matter when she glanced at her, the latter would always pretend that she happened to be about 10 meters away and did not know her.

Just like that, Dana had protected and accompanied Lucy in secret.

Tonight, Lucy’s nominal fiancée was at the scene as well. However, as soon as the explosion occurred, he fled without leaving any trace. Hmmm… That’s another reason to get rid of him.

After that, the Edwards Family would choose another fiancée for her and she would approach that person, attract his attention, and pretend to fall in love with him.

She could not stop; she had to feign that she was actively searching for a fiancée to prevent the Edwards Family from discovering her relationship with Dana.

Although the Winston and Edwards Family had matching family backgrounds and Dana’s father was the most authoritative elder in the former besides Harry, the outsiders still knew Dana as a young lady of the Winston Family despite her having a frivolous character!

However, she was not a lady—she was a man and had been since young. She had a man’s sense of responsibility, a man’s courage, and a man’s masculinity. In fact, she was way better than any other man—she had never been a woman!

Jordan ignored the chaotic situation before him; all he had in mind was Anna.

He found Callum and Cade, who told him that they had not seen her since they were separated by the crowd.

Nobody had seen Anna.

Jordan ran into the security room to find her through the surveillance tape. Unfortunately, there were blind spots that were not caught on camera. The recordings only captured the part where Anna and Callum were separated by the flow of the crowd and could not locate where she had been brought to. Where has she gone?

All of a sudden, a name crossed his mind—Cooper.

As he did not have Cooper’s contact number, he directly called Tiffany while getting his men to search for the area where Michael and the others had gone.

She had left the scene, but she was still in shock. “Jordan, why are you looking for me?”

Jordan immediately uttered, “Cooper and Anna have disappeared together! I want to know where he is!”

Tiffany was shocked. “What? Cooper and Anna have disappeared? What were you doing when you were supposed to keep an eye on your wife?”

Bailey, who was resting his eyes next to Tiffany, abruptly opened his eyes, feigning disinterest, but in fact was eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Okay, okay. I’ll notify you when I get an update.”

After exchanging some words, she hung up on the call while feeling edgy. “Damn it, where the hell did Cooper go?”

An anxious Tiffany repeatedly gave Cooper a ring, but he had switched his phone off after that incident. They did not return to the Imperial or the Edwards Residence at Riverdale, so she had no idea where he went.

Bailey, who was beside her, suddenly said, “Michael opened a private hospital with a good surgical department. You can try to ask there.”

Before he dealt with anyone, he would always investigate the person’s background in advance. In addition to retail, Michael had a few private hospitals under his company, Asco International, and the nearest one was just around the corner.

Tiffany immediately went to the hospital. Sure enough, she saw Michel and Mitchell’s family’s vehicles coming in and out of the building.

She intended to head in to look for Cooper, but when she thought of him being together with Anna, she felt really upset. Also, he would not allow her to enter as well.

After some contemplation, she dialed Jordan’s number.

Soon, his car arrived at the hospital and he actually brought along with him a number of people.

Tiffany parked her car at a hidden spot opposite the hospital, secretly watching everything that happened in front of the hospital.

Jordan came in an aggressive aura—he could not bear to see Anna and Cooper together!

Upon seeing the people from the Edwards Family appearing with ferocity, many bodyguards, from both the Mitchell and Michel’s Families, soon exited the hospital.

Without saying a word, he immediately ordered his men to barge in.

“Mr. Edwards, what are you doing?”

Linus and Sophia suddenly appeared at the lobby behind all of the bodyguards and Michael stood next to her.

Jordan wore a cold expression. “I’m here to pick up my fiancée.”

Sophia pretended to be confused. “Fiancée? Mr. Edwards, shouldn’t you be watching after your own fiancée? Why would she be here?”

He refused to beat around the bush. “Move to the side. I know that Anna is here.”

Upon hearing that, her expression turned cold. “That’s too bad; my father is injured and he has taken his rest. Please don’t behave presumptuously here. We haven’t seen your fiancée either.” She took a step back into the realm of the bodyguards’ protection.

The people from the Michel and Mitchell’s Families formed a human wall, blocking Jordan’s people from entering. As they were at the hospital, the place was equipped with all necessary facilities—except guns—to prevent people from causing trouble.

The human wall was impenetrable, preventing Jordan from entering. This situation further affirms that Anna is here!

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