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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1285

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1285

Cooper did not say a word as he carried Anna into the corridor. After he placed her down for a while, he quickly pressed the elevator button.

“It’s fine. I’ll bring you out of here,” he eventually spoke.

As she sat on the floor, she finally felt a gruesome pain on her foot. When she flipped her dress over, she realized that someone had accidentally stepped on her earlier in the crowd. Now, her entire foot felt painful and numb.

Her face was distorted with pain as it was covered in a film of perspiration.

He examined her foot and murmured, “Don’t worry, we’ll get out of here soon.”

As his face came closer, she could see a trace of blood on his forehead—it was already bleeding.

When he rushed over while carrying her earlier, he had collided with many people on the way, but he could not protect himself since both his arms were holding her. Therefore, he could only brace himself and run forward. He did not even know when he injured his head.

“You’re bleeding!” Anna screamed with unspeakable distress. If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t have…

However, Cooper’s expression remained calm and indifferent because he was not even concerned about his wound. After the elevator arrived with a ‘ding’ behind him, the door opened and he hurriedly carried her inside. He pushed the button for the garage before the door quickly closed again.

The moment the door closed, she suddenly kissed his lips…

Her kiss carried her tears, which made it soft and salty. As soon as the two lips connected, he seemed to return to 30 years ago when they were still teenagers. During those youthful times, they were carefree and innocent. They foolishly thought that as long as they loved each other deeply, they would spend the rest of their lives together…

Time seemed to stop at that moment where they were the only ones left in the world. Their souls combined into one and they only wanted to stay in that world of theirs forever…

Ding! The door opened, revealing that they were now at the parking lot. Michael and Sophia were already in the car and prepared to leave before the huge crowd arrived. Unexpectedly, they saw Cooper and Anna in the elevator.

The two of them looked like a mess and his head was stained with blood. Her face also looked devastated because of the tears that smudged her makeup on her face.

Upon seeing the blood on Cooper’s face, Sophia could suddenly feel tears swimming in her eyes. “Dad!”

She quickly ran over to him, but he still remained calm. He uttered calmly when Linus came over, “Linus, help your mom.”

Therefore, Linus swiftly took Anna from Cooper. After the heavy burden was lifted from Cooper, his body softened and he almost collapsed on the floor, but luckily, Michael and Sophia were there to support him.



She held onto him while tears flowed out of her eyes.

Michael immediately helped Cooper into the car. After everyone was seated in the car, Michael quickly drove the car away to leave the chaotic place before the crowd rushed down.

In the car, Cooper removed his shoes and realized that he had stepped on an inverted glass earlier and it pierced the sole of his leather shoe. After he took off his shoe, they could see that his sock was soaked in blood.

“Dad. Sobs…”

Sophia was so terrified that she started to cry. When he saw his little sweetheart crying, Cooper hurriedly hugged and comforted her. “It’s fine. It’s just a minor injury.”

Due to the pain, he did not dare to speak in a loud voice, so he could only whisper.

She did not expect something like that to happen. As she stared at his bloody foot, her tears continued to flow.

Even though he was comforting her, his eyes were still gazing at Anna.

He looked at her and smiled. She also smiled at him, but it was a teary smile…

Anna could not stop her tears from flowing. I can’t believe he continued to carry me after sustaining such a serious injury.

Cooper suddenly reached out to her, so she placed her hand on his. Instantly, she pounced at him and hugged him while avoiding his wounds. Then, she gave him another long kiss, causing everyone to be startled.

Soon after, they arrived at a hospital and the two victims were sent in to treat their wounds.

After escaping the building, Callum and Cade immediately called Sophia because they knew that Cooper was the one who saved Anna from the place. As soon as they received the location, they immediately went to the hospital and saw Anna, who was getting her wounds treated.

She had experienced shock, so her face was a little pale and she could not move her feet. Other than that, everything else was fine.

“Mom!” Callum and Cade were overjoyed as they approached her to talk to her.

“I’m fine, all thanks to Cooper.”

Although her face was pale and distorted, it was filled with gentleness when she gazed at Cooper.

He had two wounds on his head and leg, causing him to lose a significant amount of blood. At that moment, he was undergoing a blood transfusion, but his other hand reached out to hold Anna’s hand tightly.

Upon looking at Anna and Cooper’s hands tightly holding each other, Callum felt really relieved inside. This is the first time that she has forgotten her deepest fears to engage with this man after many years. It’s because he is Cooper, the man she has loved for many years… As they hold their hands together, their fate seems to be intertwining too. After this incident, they’ve probably seen through each other and found true love.

Even though Callum was happy for Anna, he still dampened her spirits. “Mom, we should be leaving. He’ll definitely come to find you later on.”

However, she refused to release Cooper’s hand. “You two can head off. Just pretend that you didn’t see me tonight. I’m… not going anywhere tonight.”

Callum was dumbfounded as he glanced at both her and Cooper. After a quick exchange of glances with Cade, they immediately left the hospital, as if their memories of the last 10 minutes were erased from their minds.

At the banquet of the engagement ceremony, Jordan, who was at the back of the venue discussing the details with the emcee, finally noticed that something had happened. He anxiously returned to the scene and saw that everyone was fleeing, but Anna was nowhere to be seen.

“Annie!” he shouted. There was fear and panic everywhere as her lost heel was mixed with the shattered plates. “Annie! Where are you?”

He anxiously looked around for her, but he only found Henry and Ryan hugging each other on the floor with shoe marks on their faces as they grunted. Then, they were carried away.

“Mr. Edwards, please leave immediately!” Someone came to protect Jordan, but he was still anxious and wanted to look for Anna at the scene. In the end, he only found one of her heels.

At that moment, his whole body collapsed.

The bomb squad entered the washroom where the explosion happened, but they realized it was merely a firecracker. Although there was no bomb at all, they still evacuated the whole State Hotel for safety reasons to exclude the possibility of other bombs.

Sure enough, the engagement ceremony was completely ruined.

The escaped guests gathered on the square outside the State Hotel before being transferred in groups. The incident had also alarmed the fire brigade as they entered the scene to check for bombs while there was an ambulance nearby to treat the injured.

“Alice, wake up. Wake up! Don’t go to sleep, okay…”

Upon hearing someone calling her name, Alice regained consciousness and saw Daniel’s worried face.

She then touched her head and felt a bruise.

“What… happened to me?” She was confused.

When Daniel saw her regaining consciousness, he grinned. “You passed out.”

Alice finally remembered that she attended Jordan and Anna’s engagement ceremony. When she heard someone screaming about a bomb, she instinctively tried to leave, but she did not expect to be engulfed by the crowd. In the end, someone pushed her, causing her to fall backward. She seemed to hit her head on something before passing out.


Suddenly, she grabbed hold of him.

It was Daniel who carried her out of the scene when she was unconscious.

He hugged her tightly and responded, “It’s fine. Alright—”

Just as he held Alice tightly in his arms, Sam’s voice was suddenly heard.

“Nicole! Nicole! Where are you?”

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