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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1283

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1283

Sophia and Michael attended the ceremony together. As soon as they entered, they looked around for Cooper and saw him drinking liquor while Linus accompanied him at a corner.

“Dad!” She quickly ran over to him.

However, Cooper did not seem to drink much liquor, so his eyes were still clear. When he saw her coming with Michael toward him, he answered in a flat tone, “Hello.”

At the same time, Tiffany continued to persuade Cooper to drink more. “Here you go. I know you are upset, so you should have some liquor.”

She shook her huge breast while her whole body was almost resting on his lap, but he pushed the red wine that she gave him away. “I can’t drink any more of this. Why don’t you drink it yourself?”

However, she pushed the wine over to him again. “It’s fine. This wine has a low alcohol percentage. You can drink more of it.”

Even though he still refused to drink it, he could not bring himself to say no to her. Maybe the only thing that can save me now is wine. The moment the wine reaches my stomach, the cold liquid seems to temporarily numb all the pain. This is fair enough…

On the other hand, Tiffany could not wait for Cooper to down a few more glasses of wine since she could only make her move when he was drunk. I’ve stayed by his side for 20 years, but I never had the chance to see what kind of a man he is. I must succeed this time!

She was really excited when Cooper’s face started to redden after two glasses of wine, so she pressed her huge breast on his shoulder and murmured sweetly, “Fass, how do you feel?”

Despite her efforts, his words were still lucid. “Tiffany, your breast weighs a ton and it’s pressing on my shoulder.”

Instantly, she was rendered speechless. Looks like he hasn’t been drinking enough.

Therefore, she wanted to give him more wine, but Sophia could not stand it anymore and immediately snatched the glass from his hand before being cold toward Tiffany. “That’s enough. My dad can’t drink anymore. Are you trying to embarrass him in front of everyone by making him drunk?”

Tiffany smiled. “Don’t worry. If he’s drunk, we can let him rest in a hotel room.”

Her lust was written all over her face to the point where she almost screamed that she wanted to bed Cooper.

However, Sophia was well aware of Tiffany’s intentions, so she would not allow the latter to get away with it! She needs Cooper’s consent if she wants to bed him!

“Come, hubby. Lend me a hand since we need to send Dad home.” Sophia did not want Cooper to stay any longer and suffer the pain of watching Anna with another man, so she asked Michael for help.

After that, Michael also came to support Cooper. My young-looking father-in-law is really torturing himself. If it was me in my younger years and the woman I love is forced to be engaged to another man, I would have gathered thousands of soldiers from the Fletcher Family. Everyone involved in the marriage won’t escape my grasp as I will include them on my list of executions. Of course, Irene doesn’t count because she’s not worth it. However, one has to compromise in this world. The older you become, the more you think about your actions. Cooper and I know that it’s for the best if we don’t interfere with the engagement ceremony. The painful part is when emotions and rationality cross with each other. Now, he can only watch everything happen in front of his eyes while being unable to stop it.

However, Cooper pushed them away. “Leave me alone. I’m not that weak.” I’m not leaving. No matter how deep the pain is, I’m not leaving her alone.

Not far away, Anna was surrounded by everyone like a celebrity who was with her husband and sons beside her. She had a happy family, a satisfying career, and she was loved by everyone, but not many could feel the anger and helplessness in her heart.

Occasionally, her eyes would land at a certain corner when other people were not noticing. Everytime, she could find that man and gaze into his eyes. For a moment, she felt as though she had infinite strength and courage to face everything. I’m not alone because I still have him…

He was unwilling to leave because he wanted to stay for the engagement ceremony, so Sophia had no choice but to accompany him. She thought, Sigh… Why is God so merciless toward our family?

Sitting in between Cooper and Tiffany had allowed Sophia to prevent the other woman from giving him any more wine. With Linus and Sophia sitting on each side of Cooper, Tiffany knew that she had no chance to make her move tonight because Michael was still looking at her from the side. Even if Cooper became drunk, Tiffany would not be able to drag him away, so she left with little interest.

Afterward, Sam came over with some wine and touched Cooper’s glass. “Coop, are you alright?”

Cooper already had some anti-hangover drugs, so he looked as awake as usual, but his face was still slightly red. “I’m fine. I’m just thinking of something.”

Sam did not seem to completely understand what was happening and left with his wine after exchanging a few words with Cooper.

However, Sam was curious about Jordan’s second wife, Anna. Even though the two of them had met before, it was merely a greeting and they never had the chance to speak.

She was surrounded by many elites today, so Sam did not have the opportunity to speak with her. Upon seeing that Jordan had left and there were not many people around her, he took the chance to greet her.

“Hello, Anna. I’m Sam. I’m the ninth child in the Edwards Family. You can just call me Sam.” Sam went up and politely greeted her.

Upon hearing his voice, Anna turned and saw him.

The two of them glanced at each other and felt that the other person was oddly familiar. When Sam saw Anna, he felt that her eyebrows were extremely familiar to him, but her mannerism was much different from the person whom he had in mind. Also, their background was vastly different.

On the other hand, she also felt particularly familiar when she saw him. Somehow, she felt that his name was not Sam, but in the end, she managed to suppress her doubts and touched his glass. “Hello. I’m Anna.”

After a few words, the two of them parted ways.

As Anna gazed at Sam’s leaving back, she still felt that it should not be his name. His name should have been Andrea or something else… Why did this weird name come up in my mind?

The more he looked at her, he also felt that she seemed familiar…

When he turned to look at her again, she was already surrounded by a crowd. Maybe she is someone whom I once met, but I’ve already forgotten where and when.

The engagement ceremony was about to begin and Sophia was getting anxious as she quietly tightened her fists.

Suddenly, she rose to her full height and carried her bag before saying, “I need to head to the washroom.”

Michael quickly replied, “I’ll come with you.”

The married couple left, but unexpectedly saw Sandra and Lucy together after a few steps. The two of them seemed to be discussing something.

Sandra should have ran out of her medicine long ago, so how is she still able to move around freely…

Phantom Wolf’s fake drugs had stopped production a long time ago. When Phantom Wolf was disbanded, someone had tried to snatch the formula and its production line, but since everyone wanted it, an intense war broke out in the end and destroyed the entire production line. Even if someone had the formula, it would be difficult for them to produce it anywhere else.

Did Sandra land her hands on some fake drugs again?

At that moment, Lucy and Sandra were talking about something—one had a cold and indifferent face while the other had a distorted face, which reflected all of her evil intentions.

“If you don’t carry out this task, I will tell everyone, including the Edwards, about your scandal! Now that you have four younger brothers, do you still think you can hold onto your position as the heir if everyone knows about your scandal?”

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