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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1280

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1280

Upon hearing Callum’s voice, Anna turned her head to look and gave a gentle smile. “Go ahead. Don’t be late.”

After that, she turned again and stared outside the window in a daze.

As Callum gave Cade a glance, the worried brothers approached her and saw her lifeless eyes staring outside the window with a stoic face.

Cade hesitated before uttering quietly, “Mom, do you want me to explain to him?”

They had watched her preparing clothes for Cooper in advance, but…

With a tired face, she gave a mock smile. “You don’t need to explain to him. He knows that my goal will never change, regardless of whether I’m married to Jordan or not.”

She wanted to defeat Jordan, so the marriage was only a temporary concession for the bigger picture. I know it and he knows it too.

“No.” Callum went over to Anna and squatted while holding her hand. “I want to tell him that you actually don’t want to marry Jordan.”

He had known all along that Anna was Annabel—Cooper’s deceased wife, whom he loved all those years!

Jordan was the one who took her by force from Cooper! Cooper still loves her and the feelings are mutual for her too! Callum felt that Cooper was someone whom she could rely on. Only with him can she truly be happy!

Upon looking at her son, Anna felt the tears swimming in her eyes.

She thought that she could endure the situation and even look forward to her marriage with Jordan because with the marriage, she would achieve more and occupy a more powerful position. However, at that point, she did not want to marry him at all. But… Do I have a choice?

After she took a deep breath, she forced her tears back and smiled. “Alright. You don’t need to be concerned about us. Both of you just need to take care of those people below and suppress our men. That will be better than anything else.”

As Callum gazed at her saddened face, he knew that even he himself could never escape their conflict. We can only hope for the best by staying as one!

Both Callum and Cade then left Anna’s lounge and walked out.

Even though they would benefit from Anna and Jordan’s marriage, they did not want to see her attending an engagement ceremony that she resented.

However, at the same time, all parties were rallying their forces and making preparations for themselves.

In the evening, the press conference for a newly launched autumn-winter product of a fashion line under the JNS Group officially started.

It was the first product launch since the group was founded, so it also drew many attention in the industry. In the afternoon show, there were guests who showed up in the group’s new product, including Christine, who attended the event in that attire. At the moment, someone had posted pictures of the eye-catching design on the internet, causing a sensation throughout the fashion industry.

If it was a solo show, they would probably be unable to invite many successful celebrities, but due to Ronneys’ fame, many celebrities whom they could not invite earlier still came to attend.

The guests had already arrived during the show and there were three representatives from the Adams Group—Callum and his brother from the Yard Family, Nicole, and other entertainment celebrities. Other than that, there were also a large number of elites, buyers and reporters.

In the evening, everyone was required to walk the red carpet and it stirred the crowd when Cooper showed up while holding Carmen.

Carmen was happily in her children’s attire that she stole from home. As she walked on the red carpet, she posed familiarly in front of the cameras, enjoying her happiness in the limelight.

She was practically a little princess who was loved by everyone since she was hugged by her father, brother, uncle and grandfather from time to time. She felt elated that she did not want to leave the red carpet because she really wanted all the photographers to capture her beautiful self.

Only she was capable of doing such things. If it had been any other celebrities, Justin would have sent someone to hurl that person out of the scene.

What an attention-seeking baby!

After entering the venue, Carmen brought her assistant, Nicholas, around to take pictures with other celebrities, resembling a fish in water.

As Michael walked down the red carpet, Sophia presided over the entire show while Cooper and Bailey continued to be engaged in profound conversations, and Linus brought Carmen around to meet people. Everyone was busy with their own affairs.

“Come, Lolita. Come and give me a hug!”

When Cade saw Carmen, he clapped his hands to call her over. Anna is Annabel, which means Sophia is our elder sister. If that’s the case, this lolita is our niece. No wonder the more I see her, the more I’m starting to like her!

Carmen left coldly after glancing at them. “Hmph!”

However, a while later, she returned and took a picture with the two brothers before wanting to leave, but Callum had hugged her.

In the meantime, Cooper and Bailey continued with their discussion.

Bailey wore a serious look. “Fass, you should know that the Adams Group has no obligations to help you to bring Jordan down. What good is it for us to help you to defeat him?”

Cooper remained silent. If I want to take down Jordan, I must be fully prepared. I can’t fight a battle without any certainty. At the moment, the safest way is to collaborate with the Adams Group.

However, he also understood what Bailey wanted—the two families needed an alliance, so both parties were eagerly hoping that Cooper and Tiffany would be married. That’s impossible!

Meanwhile, Carmen had already taken pictures with everybody, so she quietly returned to Cooper’s side. Then, he grabbed her and held her in his arms.

Upon seeing her, he seemed to forget all of his worries for the time being, but she continued to stare at Bailey. She probably wants to take a photo with him for her collection, but she has blackmailed him for 2000 the last time and took advantage of him. This is a little awkward.

At the same time, her stare was making Bailey anxious, so he intentionally diverted his gaze. A moment later, he turned again and saw that her face was buried inside Cooper’s arms as she fell asleep.

While looking at her with a resigned face, Cooper could not help but soften his voice. “She really is a naughty little devil!” She actually ganged up with Nicholas to hack the kindergarten’s monitoring system so that she could escape and plot her way in here. However, in the end, she fell asleep before the show even started.

Carmen finally woke up moments before the show started. After waking up, she continued to stare directly at Bailey, leaving him with no choice but to head to the washroom.

After taking only two steps, he suddenly heard her sweet voice coming from behind.

“Grandpa, why doesn’t Mr. Bailey smile?”

Bailey immediately halted in his footsteps. That is why she kept staring at me earlier. Is she trying to see when I will smile?

He could not help but smile before shaking his head. A second later, he instantly returned to his cold face and quickly left.

While holding Carmen, Cooper gently answered, “It’s because Mr. Bailey just doesn’t like to smile. If he sees someone whom he likes, he’ll eventually smile.”

After that, he took a long look at Bailey. The sudden changes in his family, the death of his parents and the betrayal from his relatives have already taken away his right to smile long ago. He is only a 14-year-old boy. If Carmen is 14 years old, she will still remain in the loving arms of her parents, but Bailey has long been thrown into the cruel games of adults where the strong prey on the weak to survive…

When Bailey returned, she continued to maintain her stare on him.

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