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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1277

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1277

The car moved at a slower speed, so when he looked out of the window, he saw the child wearing a fluffy, lush green, puffy frog jumpsuit. The child was securely wrapped in their attire from top to bottom in the jumpsuit while revealing only a small face. The child was now approaching in the direction of his car.

He recognized her upon seeing her.

Bailey glanced through the window a few times and saw her carrying a small bag on her back. The child was scuttling outside without the supervision of an adult. Nevertheless, there was another child who was about her height walking beside her—he also wore fluffy clothes with a tiger-head hat on his head.

The two children were walking along the roadside.

Bailey glanced out of his car window several times. Initially, he did not want to be involved, but then he saw a few suspicious guys surrounding the two children and took charge in the end.

“Stop the car.”

The car came to a halt and he alighted from the car. He saw a few people blocking the way of the small figure in a frog jumpsuit. He was unsure whether they had any ill intentions, but he knew the child’s home address, so he just could not stand by and do nothing.

“Hey, you are so adorable!”

“You truly resemble Carmen from ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’!”

“Kiddo, where are you going alone? Where are your parents?”

A group of people was now surrounding the child who wore the frog jumpsuit while picking her up to toss her around. However, once the people from the Adams Family arrived, they managed to chase that group of would-be kidnappers away.

“Come over here. I’ll send the two of you home.” Bailey squatted down while opening his arms and tried his best to appear as friendly as possible.

However, the lolita was especially fierce in an adorable manner. “I don’t want to go home! I want to search for Daddy and Mommy!”

With that, she turned to run away. He had already lost his patience by then, so he strode ahead to pick her up. Then, he pushed her into the car whereas his assistant placed the other child into the car too. Then, they sped away without wasting any time.

The lolita was fuming in the car. Therefore, she refused to speak while facing her back toward him.

Bailey saw her bag, which had her name written across it, and guessed that she could have escaped from her kindergarten because only preschools would have their students’ names written across their bags. “Are you Carmen Fletcher? Are you usually addressed as Carmen? Who are your parents? Can I call your parents on your behalf?”

Carmen paused before answering, “Daddy is at Crimson House. I want to head to the restaurant in Crimson House! Here, look—it’s right here!”

She took out a small phone and there was a set of coordinates in there. The predetermined location was a nearby restaurant named ‘Crimson House’.

Bailey took the opportunity to take away her phone, which caused her to burst in anger. She threw herself forward while yelling, “Return it to me!”

He blocked her with a hand while using the other to take her phone away. Usually, that type of children’s phones would have the emergency call function installed. After switching it on, one should directly be able to make a phone call via speed-dial. With that, he phoned the number registered as ‘Father’.

On the other hand, in the western restaurant in Crimson House, Sophia and Sarah were watching the surveillance footage from the kindergarten. It was currently lunch break, so all the children were having their naps.

“Look! Sour Face is sound asleep! Carmen also looks super adorable when she’s asleep! Oh my, my babies are so cute!”

Sarah watched her baby through the video as her eyes were as bright as the stars. However, Sophia was staring at Carmen… Why hasn’t she tossed around after such a long time? She seems to be deep asleep while having a blanket covering her face.

After staring for a few minutes, Carmen still had not tossed and turned. Michael approached them in curiosity; he felt weird at the situation and was about to give the kindergarten teacher a ring when he suddenly received a phone call from Carmen.

He stared at the video screen while glancing at the number displayed on his phone screen before he answered the call. He was then greeted with a cold and distant male voice, “Are you Carmen Fletcher’s father? I picked your daughter up from the streets and we are on our way to Crimson House now.”

After that, the person hung up on the call.

Soon, it was the end of the lunch break and the other children started to wake up. Carmen was the only one still asleep, so the teacher was startled to see a… doll after removing her blanket.

Michael was at a loss for words when he saw that.

Fortunately, a few minutes later, he and Sophia welcomed Carmen into their arms on the ground floor.

“Daddy! Mommy!”

Carmen was like a nymph when she charged toward them whereas Sophia held her tightly.

“Where did you go? You gave me a scare! You aren’t allowed to head out alone in the future! Daddy and Mommy will be heartbroken if we lose you!”

Sophia held Carmen tightly; she was angry, but her heart also ached because she was still recovering from her initial fear. I would be lost if something bad were to happen to Carmen!

Carmen answered, “Nicholas is with me, so I will not get lost!”

Sophia glanced at Nicholas who was just behind Carmen. Fine, nobody would have recognized it as a robot. Carmen must have been worried that it might be cold, so she put a cotton-padded jacket on it with a tiger-head hat. That attire makes it look like a child.

Michael was feeling troubled. His eyes widened in shock and he almost fainted the moment he caught sight of the doll when the blanket was removed in the video. Did she dig the dog hole in the kindergarten again? My baby is intelligent and it’s difficult to raise children once they can move around on their own accord!

He pretended to maintain a furious expression and refused to speak with Carmen. On one hand, she knew that he was angry, so she glanced at him with pitiful eyes. Soon, tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Daddy, it’s my mistake. I won’t dare to escape from the kindergarten in secret in the future.”

Michael maintained his fierce expression. “Did you know that because of you, both the kindergarten director and your mother were so worried that they were on the verge of tears? Have you thought about the consequences when you ran out of the kindergarten?”

Sophia added from the side, “Look, even Daddy is angry. You must not run away in secret in the future, do you understand?”

Both parents were playing good cop and bad cop. In the end, Cooper picked Carmen up to take her inside the restaurant.

Bailey, who was observing the exchange from behind, was rendered speechless. Earlier, she had a fierce, but adorable expression in the car. However, she turned into an innocent and cute child the moment she exited the car. The little girl is indeed two-faced.

Michael did not expect Bailey to be the one to pick Carmen up, so he eagerly invited the man to have lunch together inside the restaurant. Bailey was preparing to head to another restaurant, but did not reject the offer since he had brought the little girl over—and it so happened that he had matters to discuss with Cooper. Therefore, Bailey entered the building with them.

“Huh, Bailey, what happened to your face?” Michael saw a gash across Bailey’s chin and it was bleeding.

Bailey answered, “I fell by accident.” He thought, Your daughter, Carmen Fletcher, bit me! The little girl is extremely fierce. I merely patted her head under the frog jumpsuit and she bit my chin instead.

Carmen buried her face against Sophia’s embrace. The young girl was still sobbing; she still played the victim by looking wronged and cute.

It was Master Sam’s treat today, so he invited everybody to order what they fancied. After the meal, they still had to rush to the afternoon show, so everybody was as busy as a bee. Nevertheless, it was his treat. Hence, it was still an amazing meal even though it was a casual one.

During the meal, everybody sat at a round table. Bailey and Cooper had matters to discuss with each other, so they sat together.

Michael held Carmen in his arms while he continued to lecture her, “You can’t be disobedient just because you are adorable. Looking pretty doesn’t mean that you have the permission to do as you please!”

“A disobedient baby will become a bad baby and a bad baby will gradually become ugly!”

She pouted while listening to her father scolding her.

The dishes had not been served, so everybody was either chatting or using their phones.

Sarah noticed that Betsy was constantly batting her eyelashes in a flirtatious manner at Harry whereas he had his head bowed down. He was focused on his phone while ignoring Betsy.

B*tch! It looks like you haven’t learned your lesson from the last incident!

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