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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1276

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1276

Christine Bishop became infamous in both the fashion and entertainment industries after crashing the fashion week today while wearing a high quality counterfeit evening gown. Initially, she was nothing but a joke, so nobody expected her to gain traction due to the incident. On the contrary, she caught the attention of the director of JNS Group and she was confirmed as the spokesperson for the next season on the spot.

At that moment, Christine was wearing one of the unreleased pieces from the JNS Group’s brand for its fall and winter collection. The attire made her look sweet and pretty while she radiated an exceptional aura. Hence, the media tried their best to fish for gossip that surrounded her and they came over to take photos of her. She cooperated without missing a beat and posed for them while working hard to promote the clothing line for Sophia.

Although Bethany maintained her perfect smile while observing Christine, who looked especially pleased with herself, the former was especially frustrated with the situation. Does she think she’s awesome just because she is the spokesperson of a national fashion brand?! I am the only spokesperson for the Ronney Group in the whole Cethos region! My next step is to be the international spokesperson!

After Christine completed her task today, she was satisfied and happy. She only left after the media had finished taking her photos.

Sean was waiting by the roadside. Once he saw her walking out, he glanced at Stanley, who had lowered his head to look at his phone, while reminding, “Stan, look! Chrissy is taking photos by the street over there. You should go ahead and take a picture with her.”

Stanley waved his hand to reject him. “It’s too cold. Forget it, I’m not going.”

Upon seeing Stanley’s reaction, Sean did not press on. On the other side, Sophia wanted nothing more than to strangle Stanley, the silly man!

Christine waited for a while by the roadside before a Lamborghini soon stopped beside her. A chauffeur in a black suit and white tie came out of the car to politely open the car door for her. Then, Christine smiled courteously while bidding the media goodbye before entering the luxurious car to leave in a dignified manner.

“I can’t believe she has a luxurious car!”

A group of starlets now seemed anxious. Many artists were from the same company as Christine and they were even more unsettled by the turn of events. We can forget that the village bumpkin received the spokesperson contract, but I just can’t believe that the company provided her with a luxurious car! We don’t even have that benefit, so what makes her so special? It seems that she must have a financial backer!

The luxurious car sped off while everybody glared at it with envy.

Sophia was waiting for her ride, but she caught sight of her family’s car approaching unexpectedly. The car was parked in front of her for a while and Maddie was seated on the driver’s seat. She wore a gorgeous black suit while Christine was sitting on the front passenger seat.

Maddie poked her head out of the car when she saw Sophia and the group before greeting, “Sophia, what a coincidence! I’ll return the car to you in two days’ time! I’ll have it washed thoroughly!” With that, she swiftly sped off, as if she was afraid that others would discover that they were acquainted.

Sophia realized with a start why Maddie came over in a rush to borrow her car two days ago. It turns out she’s trying to keep up the appearance for Christine. Honestly…

After the car drove for quite a distance, Christine asked with admiration, “Maddie, are you acquainted with Miss Edwards?”

Maddie answered casually, “Well, we are working with magazines, so, it’s only natural to know a few big bosses. Otherwise, how could we produce news articles in the future? Come along with me next time and I will make sure you look good while your career takes off!”

Christine grinned from ear to ear in delight. “Thank you, Maddie!”

In response, Maddie smiled and appeared especially satisfied. She knew that Christine endured difficulties within the industry. Hence, she wanted to help Christine wherever possible. However, she never thought about making use of the resources from the Fletcher Family or plan to rely on her social networks for opportunities. In fact, Christine was only offered the position as a gaming spokesperson for Stanley’s company after she became famous on her own accord.

Maddie felt that she was beyond happy and content to be married to Joel, so she did not have any more demands or intend to further trouble him or the Fletchers. Once upon a time ago, Maddie and Joel became acquainted in the disaster area. At that time, he was the commander of the disaster area, but he was covered in ashes and soot while carrying out his duties in the frontline. That was the first few days in which she got to know Joel, so she had never seen him in clean clothes or well groomed. Once she had convinced her family, she actively volunteered for the mission and fought alongside him. Without realizing it, she was attracted to the powerful, cold and distant, but secretly gentle man.

At the end of the disaster relief, he was getting ready to return to Bayside City. It was at that time when he directly asked her whether she was willing to return with him to get married there.

She thought, He has always been a straightforward and direct person. He never gives me the time or chance to feel shy or maintain my reserved manner. I was in a daze when I agreed, so I brought my household registry together with my ID card and packed a simple suitcase to leave with Joel. At that time, I had always assumed that Joel was just an ordinary disaster relief army officer. However, I didn’t mind it because I was in love with him, so I was sure that we would live life to the fullest despite being poor. I contacted a newspaper office in Bayside City to get ready for an interview. Upon arriving in Bayside City, we proceeded to apply for our marriage certificate in a rush on the same day. Therefore, we received the certificate the next day. He was very well behaved because he didn’t sleep with me until we received our marriage certificate.

Maddie exclaimed in awe when she first arrived at Joel’s house, “Whoa, the army provides such a gigantic house for you!”

Joel was dumbfounded. “Yup.”

At that time, I was completely clueless about Bayside City and I used to be oblivious about the Fletchers, not to mention Joel’s identity and status. It wasn’t until I finally realized that Joel’s grandpa, Mark Fletcher, is the same person depicted in the drama series on television that I finally connected the dots. It turns out that Joel is the third generation of the army family. Unfortunately, when it comes to a marriage between a military personnel and a civilian, there is no such thing as a divorce. I would have most probably kept my distance if I knew about Joel’s identity earlier.

Even if Joel treats me wonderfully and the Fletchers are especially nice to me, I still feel like I’m from a different world as compared to them. I know deep down that he is out of my league. Therefore, I know that no matter how hard I thrive, I will never stand next to him because I am merely an outsider within his social circle.

This is why I have never informed my family in my hometown about my husband’s identity. Upon learning that I’m doing well in Bayside City, my family would ask for money whenever a relative gets married. They would look for me whenever a family member comes over to Bayside City in search of a job. Some of them would even demand that I directly arrange a job for them. In fact, they would act as if such matters were expected, indeed. If I refuse to arrange these jobs for my relatives, it would only embarrass my parents since my hometown is such a small place with a tight-knit community.

If they learn about his identity, I’m sure they will try to take even more advantage of our circumstances. If that happens, it will not be simple things such as arranging work or asking for money. I’m sure that they will bring their family over to Bayside City and might even ask for money, a house or even a household registry. They might exploit Joel’s name to do something despicable. I know them well because I’m from there after all.

I know that Christine isn’t that kind of person, but I don’t want her to be in contact with Joel and the Fletchers’ social circle. That kind of place does not belong to us…

Just after Sophia and her family left to catch a meal, Bailey’s car drove out of the fashion week site. He had to return to continue to watch the show in the afternoon and he was even invited to attend Anna and Jordan’s engagement ceremony tonight. Therefore, he had a packed schedule for today.

However, he did not enjoy watching fashion shows and only did it for work. He wanted to take the chance to discuss the marriage union between the Adams and the Michels with Cooper.

The marriage was imperative. Both the families needed the union to keep the relationship alive. Besides, it was a promise from the previous generation and their elders urgently hoped that the two families would be connected via marriage.

The best choice should have been the marriage between Cooper and Tiffany. Nevertheless, Cooper seems uninterested and Sophia is already married. How about Betsy and Linus? Betsy is too wild while Linus is notoriously gay, so they would most probably not settle down. Furthermore, the Michels have an unwritten rule which states that their females cannot marry out… This is truly troublesome.

Although the current matter at hand was a small one, Bailey was still dealing with it. His gaze was fixed on his laptop screen, making him look occupied.

In the wintry afternoon in Bayside City, the traffic was heavy and the cars were barely moving. Suddenly, Bailey seemed to have noticed a green figure flashing past him through the car window. He looked out of the window and he saw a small figure, who was wearing a frog jumpsuit, walking along the sidewalk beside the roadside.

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