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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1275

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1275

Ronney’s fashion show came to an end today and the guests left one after another, but Cooper still sat in place, not moving. He held his position and stared blankly in the direction of the runway.

Sophia went to sit beside Cooper and nudged him gently. “Dad?”

After nudging him a few times, Cooper finally came back to his senses and replied, “Yes?”

“Dad, let’s go get something to eat,” Linus said softly.

Cooper didn’t reply. He got up and felt like his whole body was boneless. Ha had experienced countless despairs in his life, and this time, as always, he hated himself for not being capable enough to protect the ones he loved.

“Let’s go have a meal together,” Sam said energetically. “The room and table have already been reserved. It will be my treat today.” After saying that, he patted Cooper on his shoulder.

Tiffany didn’t let go of Cooper’s arm the whole time, as if she was already Cooper’s wife. She was enjoying holding onto his arm, and she was so excited that her huge breasts jiggled up and down.

“Come on, let’s go together.” Of course, Tiffany wanted nothing more than to be together with Cooper. “Fass, let’s continue chatting after the meal.”

JNS Group’s fashion show was in the afternoon, and Cooper was definitely going to be there. Tiffany had received an invitation too, and she was planning to use the opportunity to interact more with Cooper. Since Tiffany was coming, her daughter would definitely come too. As such, Sarah grabbed her husband tightly, glaring fiercely at Betsy’s G-cup breast.

Bailey, however, walked out without saying a word. It seemed like he didn’t want to eat with them. Sarah quickly stopped him. “Huh? Kid, don’t go! Let’s eat together!”

With a cold face, Bailey left without hesitation. “Not interested.”

Sarah pouted. As expected from Adams Group; all the women had big breasts and all the men had long faces. What was with that attitude? Later when I get home, I’ll draw you into an erotic manga and pair you up with Judge!

While Bailey had already left by himself, Cooper, Sophia and the others headed to the Crimson House for a meal. They had to rush back for the second show in the afternoon, but unexpectedly, just when they turned around and had taken only a few steps, someone stopped Cooper.


Cooper paused and turned his neck around stiffly. He saw Jordan walking toward him, with Anna taking his arm and their four sons following behind them. Lucy and Sandra were with them too.

Jordan strode toward him proudly in large strides, his entire demeanor elated. He came up, patted Cooper on his shoulder and said, “It’s been a long time. Let’s have lunch together!”

Cooper coldly pushed Jordan’s hand off his shoulder and said, “Unfortunately, we’ve already made a reservation.”

Jordan didn’t seem to not notice that anything was wrong and extended his invitation kindly, “Tonight will be Anna and mine’s engagement ceremony. You must come!”

Everyone could see that he was only here to show off and knock Cooper down a peg. Anna, who was beside him, kept smiling and didn’t say a word, but Sophia could see a hint of unnaturalness and reluctance in her eyes.

Cooper, however, didn’t have the courage to glance at them. As he turned around, he said, “I will be there.”

As he left the group, his figure from behind looked so lonely and sad. Anna felt as if her heart was stabbed by a knife, and as she took a breath, she felt her heart bleed. While she looked at Cooper, her smile seemed to grow teary and her eyes grew moist.

Everything had been perfect. She had personally picked the creation she was most proud of for him. Then, she would show up with Cooper, and they would appear like a pair made in heaven. But this morning, Jordan had suddenly appeared and proposed to her to get engaged and married all of a sudden.

Besides being shocked, she realized she had no reason or excuse whatsoever to refuse… but she didn’t want to marry Jordan. Just being under the same sky as him already made her feel disgusted, and breathing the same air as him made her feel nauseous. Every breath made her feel like all her organs were burning. However, tonight, she had to attend the engagement ceremony.

Since Jordan dared to marry her, she dared to accept it. All these years, Jordan had never dared to marry any woman, because once married, it would involve the division of assets. He would never let anyone have his assets. Since he took the initiative to put this out, she would accept it! However, she couldn’t face Cooper.

As for Cooper, he had already left sadly. Tonight, he would be attending the engagement ceremony of the love of his life and another man’s, but he wouldn’t back down. He absolutely would not let Anna face Jordan by herself. She still had him!

Right now, Tiffany was feeling very smug. Playing the role of Cooper’s woman and supporting him, she said, “We will definitely attend the ceremony.” With that, she quickly chased after Cooper. After she caught up with him, she took Cooper’s arm tightly and pressed her chest against his arm, making it seem like they were very affectionate.

After Cooper left, Jordan, who knew exactly how Copper was feeling, pretended to be concerned. “Is Cooper okay?”

Linus replied with a smile, “Perhaps he’s tired. After all, he just finished watching a show and there will be another one in the afternoon. Also, he still has to attend your engagement ceremony tonight.”

Jordan then seemed to understand and replied, “Cooper really is a busy man, but I sincerely hope that everyone can attend tonight’s ceremony!”

Anna looked at Sophia and smiled. “Since I have to get ready for tonight’s ceremony, I won’t be able to attend your show in the afternoon. However, I will send Callum and Cade over to cheer you on.”

Sophia could see that her smile was soulless and there wasn’t a tinge of happiness in it. Feeling bad, she said, “You go ahead, I will definitely attend tonight’s ceremony.”

“Don’t push yourself too hard,” Anna replied warmly. Then, Jordan and Anna left, along with the four Yard brothers, Lucy and Sandra.

Following that, Sophia rushed out and chased after Cooper. When she got out, she saw that Cooper and Tiffany had already left by car, and that the others were waiting for their rides by the road.

As she thought back about what had just happened, Sophia felt very upset. Michael saw her sighing and patted her gently. “It’s alright, things will eventually become better. It’s just an engagement ceremony.”

Sophia remained silent. She wasn’t in the mood to speak at all but then a thought appeared in her mind. If the ceremony was ruined…

Jordan and Anna getting married would bring about a great impact. There must be someone who didn’t want them to get married! She needed to stop tonight’s engagement ceremony without anyone catching on!

“Alright, come and pose. There are photographers taking pictures on the streets!” Michael reminded her.

It was only then did Sophia realize that there were photographers taking pictures on the side, so she quickly stuck closer to Michael and did her best to pose.

The show in the morning had ended, but there were still many models and Internet celebrities wandering around the entrance, not wanting to leave. They were pretending to wait for someone but made sure to pose fashionably to make it more convenient for those who were taking pictures.

Bethany was also being photographed by a lot of photographers. She looked very chic in her tailored Ronney dress, posing at the perfect angle for the cameras and was enjoying being in the spotlight proudly. But unexpectedly, she heard a sudden commotion, and all the photographers and media went over there. It turned out that Christine was here.

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