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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1274

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1274

Jordan wasn’t so easy to fool and from what Lucy had explained, he already knew everything. He knew his sons well enough; they were spoiled ever since they were young and were capable of anything. They didn’t know how to see the big picture at all.

But actually, he also had his guard up against Lucy. His eldest daughter was very much like him and wasn’t one who was easy to fool too.

She might really be coveting Ronney’s assets.

Meanwhile, Anna hugged Ryan and Henry in distress, not blaming them at all. She even thought that they were ones who were wronged.

“Good heavens, how could this happen? Jordan, as I’ve kept warning you, Lucy can’t be trusted!”

“Yes, she is your daughter and you trust her, but to her, my sons and I are outsiders. She would never care about us!”

“My poor sons…”

Callum took the opportunity and said, “Dad, I too think that entrusting such an important matter to an outsider is somewhat biased. She said that Ryan and Henry did something bad, but it might just be her putting on a show!”

Cade didn’t say a word, but he must be smiling inside.

Jordan was silent for a moment, then said, “Let’s end the matter here. Ronney’s Fashion Week is a major event of the Ronney Group. Mistakes aren’t allowed to be made. After this fashion week is over, Lucy will step down and leave.”

The twins were discontented. They always felt that Jordan favored Lucy and thought they should’ve chased that old woman away sooner!

However, Lucy was Jordan’s eldest daughter after all. She had the surname of Edwards, while they were both Yards.

They absolutely would not let Lucy and Sophia have their way.

Meanwhile, Callum and Jordan began chatting. “Dad, weren’t you supposed to be overseas these few days? Why did you come over so suddenly?”

Jordan looked at Anna and seemed to be smiling. “Because I’m a citizen here. Anna and I want to get married, and we plan to hold the wedding banquet in Bayside City this year.”

Get married?

Hold a wedding banquet?

This news took Callum by surprise, then he congratulated Jordan. “That’s great news! Congratulations to both of you!”

Anna smiled impeccably, looking like a woman who was in love and immersed in happiness, but no one knew how she really felt inside…

After a while, Lucy saw her family come out, chatting and smiling. As expected, the twins were both fine and she understood what was going on at once.


Seemed like Jordan and Anna thought it wasn’t a big deal.

Ronney Fashion Week wasn’t even as important as their sons!

The struggle between the Yard Family was none of her business. All she wanted was to complete this mission and leave.

The show had already begun. As one of the staff behind the scenes, she was focused on the show so she didn’t notice a palm going for her butt.


A familiar palm slapped her on her butt and her whole body shook. She turned around and saw a tall man walk past behind her. He was dressed in a frivolous manner, his hair was dyed in many colors, and he even had an ear piercing, looking like a non-mainstream from a decade ago.

Lucy rolled her eyes at him.

“How immature.”

Dana was here today as a security guard. When she learned that someone was planning to cause a scene, she had been patrolling vigilantly. She was the one who caught the two people who were up to no good just now.

While she was patrolling, she also took the opportunity to tease people. When she went to tease Sean just now, she was given a harsh slap by Stanley.

The fashion show had already started, and all the guests went inside the venue to watch the show. The slender models were wearing gorgeous clothes and walked professionally on the runway in the splendid venue. The atmosphere was harmonious, and one climax came after the other. Ronney’s new collection this year was once again a smash hit. They were sure to get tons of orders after the show.

Dana looked over to Lucy who was not far away from her and saw that she was frowning while watching the models nervously. Other people might think that she was enjoying the show, but to her, this was work.

She looked at her, forgetting all the glitz in front of her. The only thing left in her eyes was Lucy, timeless and unforgettable.

At this moment, water was poured onto the dry ice near the stage, and white fog started to float in the air. Gradually, she lost sight of her, so she left, her interest gone.

Jordan was dealing with a sudden situation. When he turned around, he saw Dana’s slender and attractive figure disappearing in the fog…

A show might need months of preparation, but the actual show only took about half an hour to finish. Soon, the Ronney’s fashion show ended. The afternoon would belong to JNS Group.

A magnificent show had ended and everyone was satisfied. The celebrities had raised their popularity, buyers found new clothes to buy, fashion bloggers and editors had their drafts ready, and the rich ladies had already started to place their orders.

Sophia also had a few items that she liked, and Michael had already placed an order for them.

Anything that his wife took photos frantically with her phone must mean that she liked them, so buying them would not be a wrong move. He had bought a few pieces for himself too.

Ronney Group was indeed the overlords of the fashion industry. They had a royal aesthetic and style of their own, and most of their contract designers were the descendants of former tailors of the monarch. Later on, they hired lots of well-known designers who were recognized internationally, so how could they not be famous?

Ronney and many other brands had their own fashion shows, so more than a dozen of fashion shows were lined up for the next seven days. The guests could pick the shows they were interested in to watch.

After the show ended, the main creative team went on stage to everyone’s applause. Anna and Jordan were on the stage too.

As Ronney Group’s president, she gave a short speech about the idea of the design and the inspiration behind this year’s fall/winter collection. At last, she said, “Today, I have another important announcement to make.”

Everyone perked up their ears. Meanwhile, Jordan was already standing beside Anna and looking at the audience calmly.

Anna’s gaze swept across the venue, but she missed a certain corner.

Finally, she said with a dignified and elegant smile, “The one beside me is my boyfriend who has been with me for many years. He is also the father of my four children. Tonight, in this hotel, our engagement ceremony will start at eight o’clock on the dot. Everyone is welcome.”

Everyone was shocked, then they started applauding to give their blessings.

This was Ronney Group and the Edwards Family from Bayside City they were talking about! They were a perfect match!

And they even had four sons. It must have not been easy for them to finally get married after they had been in love with each other for such a long time.

Engagement ceremony!

Sophia’s heart trembled after hearing these words. She looked over to Cooper, whose face was calm, not showing any signs of happiness and sadness. There was nothing at all. He was like a statue with no emotions.

But Sophia could still see the sadness spreading beneath his calm expression, which was tearing him up from the inside like a devil. He was suffering, but he couldn’t express it.

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