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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1273

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1273

Cooper, who was in high spirits, paused when he saw that pair of men’s leather shoes. Taken completely aback, his pupils shrank when he saw Jordan get out of the car.

Jordan was dressed in a men’s custom fall/winter outfit, looking domineering and unfathomable. After he got out of the car, he instantly turned around, bent down slightly and grabbed Anna’s hand, helping her out of the car.

Anna was wearing a pair of white gloves. She wore a creamy white outfit today, almost becoming one with the snow around her. She would’ve been the perfect match with Cooper, who was wearing all black. She had picked the outfit for him, but she came with Jordan.

With a calm smile, she held Jordan’s arm with one hand and gently lifted her dress with the other. Walking toward the red carpet, it was as if she didn’t see Cooper, who had been waiting for her for a long time.

Throughout the whole time, she didn’t even give Cooper a glance at all. She just walked on the red carpet alongside Jordan and entered the media’s view, a warm smile on her face.

They were even wearing couple rings.

Anna was the president of Ronney Group. Today was the launch of Ronney’s new product, so naturally, she was to be today’s finale. Countless lenses were pointed their way while lights flashed continuously, perfectly capturing her every smile.

Most of the time, she appeared alone. She would sometimes appear with her son, but tonight, she had shown up with a man. Everyone was surprised and someone took the opportunity to ask, “President Anna, the one beside you is—”

Cooper looked over too, his eyes wide opened, waiting for Anna’s reply.

Facing the media’s cameras, Anna smiled impeccably and said, “This is my husband, Jordan.”

Cooper’s heart, which was already in his throat, felt like it was smashed to the ground hard and shattered into pieces…

So Anna had a husband!

That man seemed like he was… the head of the Edwards Clan, Jordan Edwards!

This was exclusive news!

The media took pictures frantically, a cacophony of camera shutters sounding. Jordan and Anna stood arm in arm, generously letting the media take their pictures. They occasionally looked at each other and smiled. They seemed to be truly affectionate with one another and looked a perfect match.

Cooper just watched as they walked down the red carpet and into the venue. He took in a deep breath, but that breath affected his whole body. He then realized that the pain had sunk into his organs.

Justin, who was at the side, looked at Cooper who was badly shaken. He quickly called out, “Cooper—”

Cooper waved his hand and said, “I’m fine.”

It seemed that the situation had changed.

Anna definitely wouldn’t have changed her mind on a whim. Jordan had been in hiding for decades, so him showing up and revealing his identity so suddenly was weird.

Except for the Edwards Family and the Yard Family, he had mistresses all around the world and also countless businesses, but he only ever revealed his relationship with the Yard Family.

It must be because Jordan had noticed something.

His Anna was being forced!

She didn’t like having bodily contact with men. She must be in terrible pain right now, but yet she had to force herself to smile!

He straightened his clothes and walked into the venue.

In this battle without gunpowder, he would never let his Anna fight alone!

Justin was very helpless and texted Sophia, asking them to be prepared.

Just when Cooper was about to enter the venue, he saw Tiffany who was already waiting for him at the entrance.

“Fass, you’re here!”

Tiffany’s outfit today could not be ignored. Her low-cut dress was very eye-catching, and with her long legs, willowy waist and wide hips, her figure was as good as a supermodel’s.

She had seen the whole thing too. She didn’t expect that Jordan was really Anna’s husband.

That b*tch! Seems like she is eyeing what’s in the pot as she eats from the bowl!

She must think that Cooper is an honest man and wanted him to be her lover!

Poor Cooper. He’s probably still kept in the dark, not expecting that her real husband would appear!

Everything is exposed!

This is great!

“Hmm,” Cooper answered shortly. He didn’t stop Tiffany from grabbing his arm.

Tiffany held his arm happily and walked into the venue.

Sophia, who was inside, saw Anna and Jordan come in. Callum and Cade suddenly acted dignified and went to sit with Jordan. They seemed to be chatting away happily in a low tone. The family of four were having a good time, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, Cooper also entered the venue with Tiffany, who took the advantage to sit beside Cooper. Her exposed breasts were like basketballs that almost hid half of Cooper’s torso.

Sophia looked at him in distress.

Cooper’s heart was probably bleeding badly right now.

The first show hadn’t started yet, and most of the guests had arrived. Anyone who came late to such a grand fashion show would likely be blacklisted. Besides, Ronney’s fashion show had always been on time, so even the famous fashionistas didn’t dare to be late. There were practically no cars left outside.

But there was still one car which came late. A girl in an outrageous dress got out of the car, followed by two men who looked exactly alike and were dressed in the same outfit.

The two men came limping and wanted to enter the venue without invitations.

Why are they here?

Justin personally came forward and blocked the entrance.

“Hello, please present your invitation!”

Henry, who was limping, still acted arrogant. “Me? Are you asking for an invitation? Don’t you know who I am?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are,” Justin replied. “I only recognize invitations!”

Henry was furious and stepped forward on his crutches. He knew of Justin, who was in cahoots with Sophia. As it happened, his leg was broken by that fierce and stupid wife of Justin’s.

“Open your damn eyes and take a look. I’m Henry, the general manager of Ronney Group in Cethos! My surname is Yard!”

Justin still looked indifferent. “Sorry, but I’ll still need your invitations!”

He had thought that Lucy would watch them closely, but they still managed to escape from the hospital.

Sandra, who came with the twins, was even more arrogant. “Mitchell, look closely! These two are Ryan and Henry Yard, the heads of Ronney Group. How are you doing your job? Don’t look down on people!”

Justin was very cold. Just when he was about to have them thrown out, a person unexpectedly came running over and whispered into his ear. Justin suddenly changed his mind and waved his hand. “Fine, you guys can head inside!”

Sandra then proudly followed the limping brothers inside.

But unexpectedly, just as the brothers entered the venue, they were called to a room backstage by Lucy.

In the room were Anna, Callum, Cade and Jordan. Lucy had sent people to bring over two big men who were tied up and threw the men in front of them, then explained what had happened.

“Dad, you deal with it. I don’t want to get involved in the Yard Family’s business.”

After Lucy finished what she had to say, she opened the door and left. “I have work to do.”

Jordan looked at the mess his sons had caused, seething.

He never expected his sons to become so foolish. To think they would even do something like this!

But the Yard brothers who were exposed didn’t think that they were wrong and were even trying to defend themselves in a righteous manner!

“Dad, Lucy is looking down on us. She orchestrated this whole thing herself! This has nothing to do with us!”

“The way I see it, she wants to take over the Yard Family’s assets! Dad, you can’t fall for it!”

“Besides, nothing happened. How could she say that it was us? We didn’t do anything and were even kept prisoners in the hospital by her! We finally managed to escape today!”

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