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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1271

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1271

After reading the message, Sophia took a peep at Bethany.

Bethany and that pair of no good perverts have done the ‘sandwich’ before?

She remembered what Sarah just said about Bethany being favored, and that she had signed a contract with Ryan and Henry to become a spokesperson for Ronney Group. So, was she both Ryan and Henry’s woman?

A sense of foreboding filled her heart and she felt that something bad was about to happen!

Thinking closely of what had happened earlier, she felt that there were a lot of things that weren’t right. If it was just a matter of a senior wanting to kick their junior off their pedestal, there were plenty of chances, so why choose to do it today?

On an occasion like today, she didn’t even have enough time to take photos, yet an A-lister like her would waste her time on a personal catfight with a minor Internet celebrity?

Sophia wasn’t sure if she was on the right track, but this was still weird.

Michael, who was beside her, noticed that something was off too. He quickly contacted Hale.

“Send two people over here and have them keep an eye on Bethany. Watch her every move.”

“Have Christine watched closely as well,” Sophia added.

That young lady looked so innocent, but who knew what she had up her sleeves?

After Hale received the order, he immediately sent people to watch them.

Meanwhile, Bethany took the chance to take pictures with everyone everywhere before the show started. She looked very busy.

Backstage, Hale personally kept a watch on Christine himself. A tiny drone carrying a pinhole camera was flying around, sending the surveillance data obtained to the main console in real time. There were people watching the influencer’s every move from behind her too.

The clothes under the JNS Group’s brands and the materials needed for the show had been delivered in advance to the venue, and it filled up quite a few rooms. After Ronney’s show was over, it would be their turn to go on stage.

Sophia’s assistant brought Christine to meet Russell Simmons’s daughter, Chloe Simmons, to let her pick a fitted dress for Christine, then sent her to a guest room to get changed. The assistant instructed her to quickly get ready before the opening of the fashion show before leaving.

Hale wasn’t interested in watching her get changed, but not long after Christine entered the room and the assistant left, someone went to the door sneakily…

Soon, Michael received a call from Hale.

After answering the call, Michael’s expression changed. With a grim look, he tapped on the Bluetooth earphone and ended the call.

“What did he say?” Seeing the heavy look on Michael’s face, Sophia felt her heart skip a beat and she quickly asked him.

Don’t tell me something bad really did happen!

Michael seemed to sneer and said, “If you and Stan didn’t intervene earlier, Christine would have been chased out of the venue by the fashionistas because of the knock-off gown she was wearing. Humiliated, she wouldn’t have been able to accept the grievance in her heart and would have climbed to the top of the state guesthouse and committed suicide, falling to her death on the red carpet right before everyone.”

Sophia’s eyes widened in disbelief after hearing this. An icy chill rushed through her body.

Christine wore a knock-off here today. If no one had intervened, she might really have been kicked out and the news would soon spread. She might really have jumped off the building because she couldn’t bear the results…

Actually, it didn’t matter if she could handle it or not because the other party needed her to die during fashion week. It would be best if she jumped off from the state guesthouse and fell to her death on the red carpet.

At that moment, celebrities from all over the world and Bayside City would be walking on the red carpet. Various stars and models would be duking it out on the red carpet while the camera lenses of countless media would be aimed toward that space. And when the event was at its peak, suddenly, a girl would fall from the sky and land right on the red carpet. Her body would break like a watermelon and blood would splatter everywhere on the ground…

Sophia didn’t dare to picture that scene.

The fashion week would definitely be discontinued, and the guests would surely be frightened to death. Who would still dare to come and watch the show?

Although the venue was warm, she felt like she was being splashed by a bucket of ice cold water.

If Stanley just stood by and watched earlier and she didn’t poke her nose in, by now, Christine would’ve jumped off the building and committed suicide because she was chased out of the event!

Michael held her and said, “Alright, it’s okay now. Thanks to you and Stan, their plan was disrupted. Christine wasn’t chased out, so they had to send someone to her room to continue their plan, but they were caught by Hale. God is looking after you, it’ll be fine.”

It was only then that Sophia got over her fear, and she glared viciously at Bethany.

Sophia knew that Bethany definitely wasn’t the person behind all this. She was just a star who wished she could go to as many fashion weeks as possible to be in the spotlight.

It seemed that this was planned by Ryan and Henry.

They would rather ruin the whole fashion week than to have Sophia ride their wave.

She clenched her fists so tightly under her sleeves that she broke the fake fingernails she had attached to her nails.

“Hand that person over to Lucy and send two more people over to watch Christine. We can’t let them get another chance to try something.”

At that moment, Lucy had her hands full backstage. Unexpectedly, when Lucy learned of this news, she became so angry that she almost exploded in rage.

That pair of trash had really gone insane trying to ruin fashion week!

“Lock him up temporarily. We’ll hand them together to Ronney Group and let them deal with this themselves!” Lucy ordered viciously.

She really didn’t want to have anything to do with Ronney Group. The same went for that pair of b*stards too!

It was going to be over very soon. After she completed her mission for this fashion week, everything would come to an end. Ronney Group would have to solve their problems on their own!

After a while, Christine came back in a change of clothes.

Her dress was picked by Russell’s daughter, Chloe. As expected from the daughter of a fashionista, she had great fashion sense. The dress she picked suited Christine perfectly. It was a refreshing one-piece dress in pink which was flamboyant but not without elegance, yet had the cuteness of a young girl and suited Christine’s sweet temperament well. The dress was designed by Kenny’s team and was this year’s latest trend. It looked gorgeous on her.

Christine had also touched up her make-up. When she walked out, the dress caught the attention of many grande dames and fashion bloggers at once. They all inquired about the designer of this dress. When they learned it was Kenny’s work, they paid even closer attention to it.

Sophia was very surprised by this outcome too.

After a while, Sean learnt about the alarming things that had happened. Seeing Christine walk out again, he watched as she shined with envious eyes.

How great it is to be a girl. They can wear whatever clothes they like!

He looked over to Stanley who was talking to Nate, then looked at Christine who was all dressed up and reminded Stanley, “Look, Chrissy is out again. There’s definitely going to be people who will try to harm her and ruin fashion week. You should keep an eye on her.”

Stanley immediately grew alert.

Sean continued, “Let’s take her to have some photos with the crowd. We can promote Aunt’s dress at the same time.”

Stanley thought it was a great idea too and agreed immediately. He took the initiative to help Christine take pictures with a few famous fashionistas.

Sophia turned around to look at Sean. Behind his perfect smile, she saw sadness.

Was he ready to let go of Stanley completely and find the right girl for him?

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