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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1267

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1267

Stanley came alone and found Cooper standing aside waiting for someone the moment he got out of the car.

“Grandpa Cooper, you’re waiting for someone, huh?”

Cooper casted a glance at Stanley. Dressed in a customized suit supplied by his godson, Stanley gave off an aura of a professional businessman. The suit was not even launched in the market yet. Nevertheless, the beanie, which he wore to cover his frozen bald head inherited from the Fletchers, was an eyesore; he looked rather antic in it.


Noticing that Sean was absent, Cooper subconsciously asked, “Where’s Sean?”

Stanley shivered in the cold as he replied, “He left early in the morning to get his hair done.”

With that, he rushed into the building. His body trembled again when he saw the female celebrities walking the red carpet in provocative dresses.

Indeed, these fashionistas are unafraid of the cold at all.

Almost freezing to death, Stanley quickly crouched down and sneaked off while the other photographers were busy taking pictures of the celebrities’ sexy boobs. As he was scurrying away, he accidentally stepped on a celebrity’s dress and caused the lady to wail in shock.

“My apologies. I’m sorry!”

He made a casual remark and left without turning back.

All of a sudden, he heard someone calling him from behind. “Snow Fox!”

Stanley turned around and caught a glimpse of a stunning face. However, the face disappeared instantly as the scene was too crowded and chaotic.

The show had not started when he entered the show hall. Normally, these events would reserve some time for the guests to greet and take pictures with each other, and the actual show would only last around half an hour.

There, Stanley bumped into several acquaintances. As one of the organizers, Sophia had deliberately arranged the seats in such a way that the guests could sit close to their acquaintances. After all, they were all from similar circles.

Being in good spirits, Stanley was about to go greet his friends when someone tapped him on his shoulder from behind. “Snow Fox!”

He turned around and saw a beautiful, adorable girl calling out to him. She was probably an actress who was cast in some random shows as Stanley thought she looked rather familiar. Nevertheless, he could not recall her name.

“You are… ?”

Pleasantly, the girl introduced herself, “Hi! My name is Christine Bishop. I’m an actress, and I’m a fan of yours!”

Christine was stirred up as she met her idol. “I used to be a gaming competition commentator in the past. I’m an avid gamer of Swordsman Game and I’ve been playing it for ten years! I once participated in your team audition, but alas, after passing the technical tests and adding each other on Skype, you said I’m not a suitable candidate because I was too young back then and I had to sit for my midterms, so I was eliminated.”

“Later when my college entrance exam ended, I represented Swordsman Game in the Esports World Championship and was awarded the first prize in the group competition.”

“I’m an expert player in the games launched by Plum Technology. Besides, I’m currently the official streamer and spokesperson of several other games.”

She rattled on about her background. A few moments later, Stanley finally recalled her.

“You’re Chrissy!”

He wouldn’t know who Christine Bishop was but he had heard of the name ‘Chrissy’. She was a popular game streamer turned influencer due to her competent skills and lovely appearance. As the spokesperson of numerous games, she was even invited to act in some TV series which were based on video games, and the shows had eventually achieved high ratings. As such, she had gone viral beyond the gaming community and was now a pretty well-known celebrity.

Stanley had once played against her in a game, and he had recognized her extraordinary skills. But unfortunately, he had not seen her in person before.

Staring at her in shock, Stanley exclaimed, “I’m sure you’re doing pretty well! You’ve even gotten an invitation to Ronney Fashion Week. Good job!”

Cheeks flushing, Christine smiled bashfully. “I’m just lucky.”

Then, she pulled out her phone and said, “Mr. Snow Fox, let’s take a picture together!”

“Sure! Also, let’s meet online in the game if you’re free tonight. It has been awhile since I played against someone,” Stanley replied.


Just as the two had finished taking a couple of pictures, Sophia walked past them from the back and yanked off Stanley’s beanie, which was a real eyesore. “The beanie is too ugly. You should retake the pictures!”

Seeing that Stanley was finally engaged in a talk with another girl, Sophia had no intention of interrupting them, but she just couldn’t stand him being this old-fashioned. How could he take a picture wearing a beanie?

“Give it back to me!” Stanley yelled as he ran after Sophia for his knit cap. Nevertheless, he still turned around and said to Christine, “I’m going to my seat now! I’ll see you tonight in the game!”

Nodding, Christine blushed in excitement after having met her idol.

Meanwhile, Stanley caught up with Sophia and snatched back his beanie. “Give it back to me. Sean bought this for me! You’re going to spoil it!”

He grumbled while beating the dust off the beanie dearly as if its thread was going to come loose.

Speechless, Sophia stared at him.

What’s wrong with this stupid dog? What’s going on between him and Sean?

Sean’s lips are sealed while this guy here is playing dumb.

They have even adopted a child and are staying together now. Why haven’t they made any progress yet?

Minutes ago, he was chatting enthusiastically with a girl but now, he is holding Sean’s beanie so dearly. What on earth is on his mind?!

“Don’t bother about this stupid dog anymore. Let’s take a seat first,” Michael said as he gave Stanley a strange glance, then walked away with Sophia with his arm around her waist.

Thinking that Sophia was being ridiculous, Stanley sat down and started scrolling on his phone. He texted Sean to ask when he was arriving but did not receive a reply even after a while. Scrolling through Twitter, Stanley searched for ‘Chrissy’ on a whim and found out that she just posted their selfie.

Christine was among one of the few who expanded their career beyond the gaming community and had successfully risen to fame in both fields. She was a popular star at the moment, and her fans actively commented on her Twitter posts. Without hesitating, Stanley liked their picture and followed her account. It was only then did he realize she had started following his account long ago.

On the other hand, Michael received multiple calls moments after Stanley liked the post.

“Mikey, who is the girl in the picture with Stan?”

“How old is she? What is her job? What do her parents work as? Which stage are they at now? Have they kissed?”

Michael was left speechless.

He glanced at Stanley who was sitting in the row behind him. Looking down at his phone, Stanley was totally unaware that the Fletchers were keeping him under close observation.

Meanwhile, Michael looked around for Christine and found her near the last row. It seemed like she was just an insignificant celebrity and was not that well-known after all.

Tickets for Ronney Fashion Week’s product launching show were non-existent. One could only attend the event via invitations from the media, merchants, organizers or designers. An ordinary person would not be able to receive an invitation. Even so, there was a clearly established pecking order among the guests.

The closer they sat to the stage, the greater was their status.

Seated in the first row would be the bigshots in showbiz such as Nicole Walker, who was also an honorable patron of the luxury brands. The fashion industry’s top designers like Russell Simmons and Kenny Blair would secure their seats in the first row too. Besides, affluent ladies in Bayside City, such as Sophia and Sarah, who could easily afford a whole collection of luxury items, would also be arranged to sit in the VIP row. Last but not least, the handbag carriers in human form, namely Michael and Harry, who accompanied these affluent ladies to the show, were also seated in the same row.

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