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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1261

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1261

Sophia went out to walk the dogs and have a morning run after breakfast the next day. Unexpectedly, as soon as she left the house, she saw the cold young master that came yesterday. He had come to The Imperial again but this time, he wasn’t walking to Sophia’s house, but to the Winston Residence next door.

There were a few people behind Bailey who were dragging a woman with big breasts.

After living in Cethos for a long time, Sophia started to find it hard to differentiate foreigners. However, due to the woman’s unique G-cup sized breasts, she recognized her immediately. It was Betsy who had asked Dana to drug Harry with a bottle of water. Most of the scratches on her face were inflicted by Sophia.

The two groups of people passed by each other. Bailey recognized Sophia and slightly nodded at her as a greeting.

However, Betsy, who was behind him, glared at Sophia coldly and didn’t take her seriously. She was being held by Bailey’s men.

What are they going to do?

Sophia walked the two huskies and followed them to the Winston Residence. As soon as they entered the house, she heard two loud and crisp slaps.

Betsy was fiercely slapped across the face twice in front of Harry and Sarah. In an instant, her face became swollen. Betsy glared at the person who had slapped her then glanced at the person who gave the command, but she didn’t dare to speak. It was because the person who gave the command was Bailey.

This bstard! He has no respect for me just because he is capable. Does he really think he’s that powerful?! Sooner or later, I’ll get my revenge! I’m going to kill this bstard!

Standing opposite them, Harry and Sarah were wearing matching black suits that made them look domineering. Even though Harry felt that a true big shot would still look powerful in pajamas, Sarah felt that having a domineering appearance was important.

After Betsy was slapped twice, Sarah saw that she was still unwilling to admit fault. With a sinister grin, she said, “I think Miss Betsy is still unwilling to admit her mistakes… Mr. Bailey, it seems that your grandniece doesn’t follow your advice.”

Bailey blankly raised his hand and said, “Hit her again.”

Under Betsy’s resentful glare, the bodyguard raised his hand and slapped Betsy without any hesitation until blood flowed out of her nose.

It was then that Sarah felt satisfied. She hurriedly said, “Enough. She’s ignorant but she is still a child after all. Mr. Bailey, you don’t have to be so cruel to a child.”

Hearing this, Bailey replied, “There is an old saying in Cethos that goes, ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’.”

Sarah was liking the teenager more and more.

The fact that he can hit Tiffany’s daughter proves how powerful he is. Betsy is stupid, but Tiffany and Bailey are not foolish. They want to sell insurance in Bayside City, but they offended the king of the underworld. It was a dumb decision.

Harry, who was standing at the side, felt his hair stand on end. Everyone always talks about how great Tiffany is for taking away half of her ex-husbands’s assets every time she gets a divorce, but this young CEO is the one who is truly powerful!

However, Betsy was still unwilling to admit defeat. After being slapped a few times, she still secretly sent signals to Harry and even charmingly revealed her G-cup breasts even more to show her eye-catching cleavage.

They’re doing this to please the Winston family and win their hearts so that they will give us business benefits. Why don’t they just let me sleep with Harry? After sleeping with Harry, I’ll become his wife and be part of the Winston family. In that case, the Winston family and Adams Group will be bound by our marriage and we will be protected by them. Isn’t that easier? This b*stard doesn’t know anything. How dare he tell my mother and I what to do? What a fool! Betsy thought.

Harry was discussing matters with Bailey and he had long noticed Betsy, who was secretly sending him signals, trying to seduce him. A cold expression appeared on his face and just when he was about to speak…

“Guards, take Miss Betsy out to ‘cool down’.”

Bailey already spoke before him, as if he knew what Harry was thinking.

It looks like it is so hot indoors that she had to reveal her breasts to cool off.

After the guards heard the command, they grabbed Betsy and threw her out of the house to let her cool off.

Betsy was shivering from the cold outside. She was dressed like a show model and half of her breasts were exposed. As soon as she was outside, she was faced with the brutal cold breeze and her nude stockings were completely useless. Stepping on the snow in her leather stilettos, she started shivering from the cold less than ten seconds after she was thrown out. No matter how heavy her makeup was, it couldn’t cover her lips that were turning purple.

At once, Betsy ran to hit on the door. “Let me in.”

The bodyguards in black suits behind her ruthlessly grabbed her and forced her to stand in the snow.

What a troublesome woman.

Betsy was so cold, she burst into tears. Then, she saw Sophia, who was watching her from the side, and the fur coat on her body. Her whole body was wrapped inside the fur coat and she looked really warm. Even the huskies were wearing clothes that were thicker than hers.

“Take your coat off and give it to me!” Betsy suddenly ran up to Sophia and reached over to grab her coat.

Sophia was furious. She immediately freed one hand and slapped Betsy on the face. The slap was really loud so Sophia thought she would get in trouble. However, the bodyguards at the side pretended that they didn’t see it and allowed her to slap Betsy.

Betsy was already shivering from the cold but after she was slapped by Sophia, her body trembled even harder. Seeing that the two bodyguards were doing nothing after she was slapped, she furiously yelled, “Take her coat off and give it to me!”

The two bodyguards didn’t respond.

Betsy was so cold that she couldn’t even speak properly. She rushed forward to steal Sophia’s coat again. Whenever Sophia came out to walk the dogs, she would bring a doggy stick to prevent her dogs from fighting other dogs. When she saw Betsy come close, she pulled out the doggy stick and hit her with it twice. Seeing that the bodyguards weren’t interfering, she hit her even harder and Betsy cried in pain.

However, Betsy was really cold. Seeing that she couldn’t grab Sophia’s fur coat, she frantically pulled off Cash’s pink vest and desperately wrapped it around her body.

Cash was furious and he tried to snatch his beloved vest back. When Sophia saw that the two bodyguards continued to ignore Betsy even though she already squatted down and wrapped the vest tightly around her chest to try to warm herself up from the cold, she decided to let her be.

The residents of The Imperial came out of their houses one after another and they all saw a woman shivering in the cold outside the Winston Residence while the two bodyguards beside her turned a blind eye.

“So cruel,” Sophia muttered. Then, she continued walking the dogs.

When Sophia returned a while later, she realized that Betsy had already moved to another spot. She was squatting in front of Sophia’s house with snot and tears all over her face, and her eyelashes were covered with frost. The two bodyguards were still standing beside her, expressionless.

Is Bailey in our house again?

Sophia entered the house and saw that Bailey was sitting in the living room, talking to Cooper.

“The Adams family and the Michel family don’t necessarily have to be bound by marriage to have business cooperation… ” Bailey said.

Are they talking about working together?

Sophia knew that Cooper was fighting against Jordan, but Jordan’s foundation was even stronger than his. He had powerful forces around the nation and even abroad. Furthermore, he had many allies, so Cooper naturally needed to find allies too. The Adams family was undoubtedly one of the best and most suitable allies.

Sophia was ready to hear what they were going to say next when Cooper spoke. “Hi darling, welcome home. Come and say hi to Uncle Bailey.”

Sophia was rendered speechless.

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