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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1256

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1256

Everyone looked at each other before averting their gazes to Joel. Simultaneously, a politically incorrect thought formed in their minds.

Saving him had actually hurt him!

Perhaps it would have been best for him to die 30 years ago.

Elizabeth gave up her life to meet him again on the other side. Yet, he hid himself in a place secretly, causing her to come away empty handed.

However, that wasn’t his fault. It was their bitter fate.

Under everyone’s complicated gaze, Joel’s hair stood on end.

He was desperate too, but he couldn’t possibly shoot Theo so that he could reunite with Elizabeth on the other side, could he?

Since he was still alive, it would be a murder!

Besides, the current surgical technology had saved him. Therefore, he was a living being!

Not only didn’t Joel have the guts to be a murderer, but the entire Fletcher Family didn’t dare to bear the responsibility either. Therefore, Joel had placed his last hope on that hospital.

Since Theo had only less than one third possibility of surviving, Joel wouldn’t be held accountable if heaven took Theo’s life.

Yet, heaven didn’t take his life.


It was snowing outside again but Theo didn’t feel like moving.

Suddenly, he stood up and stared at the fluttering snow from the sky while mumbling to himself, “After I woke up, they told me that I’ve been asleep for many years. I thought that they meant only a few years…”

He even thought that Elizabeth was still waiting for him.

Unexpectedly, it had been 30 years and Elizabeth was long gone.

He lifted his head and looked up at the sky, a layer of snow on his eyelashes. After being in a coma for over 30 years, he still looked the same. In fact, he looked even younger, but his eyes showed that he had experienced the vicissitudes of life.

Extending his hand, he caught a snowflake, which then melted in his palm. He exhaled and there was no expression on his face, but his eyes were dim and desolate.

He continued mumbling, “I wonder what she did when she couldn’t find me in that world.”

Behind him, Michael couldn’t even speak a word while tears gushed out of his eyes.

He hated Theo and wished that he could strangle him to death, which might help him end his torture of being in living hell so that he could accompany Elizabeth.

But he was his father!

Michael knew very well that he had to follow Theo’s footsteps sooner or later.

The toxin had penetrated into his bones and was slowly corroding his organs. With the current medical technology, he could only inject medicines to detoxify it and slowly nurse his body to slow down the spread of the toxin. Yet, his body was hanging on a thread which could be broken anytime.

Justin and Linus had urged him several times to undergo cryopreservation as soon as possible because his body was still functioning and it might recover earlier and faster. If his body was cryopreserved later on after it was completely destroyed, they might need to wait for a long time, at least until the medical technology had advanced to a stage where he could be treated. Before that, he could only wait in his deep sleep.

How long would they have to wait?

It was uncertain. Perhaps a month. Perhaps a decade.

Or he might be the same as Theo. When he woke up, Sophia might have already grown old, or she might even have passed away in loneliness while spending her whole life waiting for him to wake up.

He could imagine how she would hold onto the slim hope and bitterly waited for him to wake up, only for her to grow old and die before her dream came true.

The mere thought of it made him feel like he was an unforgivable sinner.

Because of Theo’s sudden resurrection, the entire Fletcher Family sank into a weird atmosphere.

Although Theo survived, he seemed more like a walking dead. His soul had probably already left with Elizabeth a long time ago.

At night, everyone gathered to eat but none of them seemed to have an appetite.

After dinner, Old Master Fletcher went to sleep early.

Cooper and Linus were laden with anxiety so they didn’t eat much. They turned to look at Michael who didn’t eat much during dinner either, and he was staring blankly at the television while sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Judging from the current situation, he would sooner or later be in the same situation as his father. Sadly, this pair of father and son had the same fate.

Why must they go through the same tragedy as the previous generation?

Sophia and Anna lost their memories whereas Michael had to be cryopreserved just like his father.

It was all Quinton’s fault!

Theo should be blamed too!

If he hadn’t borne a child with Tanya in the past and killed her entire family, she wouldn’t have hated him and cultivated Quinton into a killer to get rid of Theo’s descendants. In addition, Quinton wouldn’t have poisoned Michael and he wouldn’t have to suffer like this either!

At the same time, Linus felt that he should be blamed too. After all, he was the one who provided the equipment and fund for Quinton to study the poison back then.

Cooper felt that he had also contributed to this tragedy. If he had come back earlier, he could have protected Sophia and she wouldn’t have had to suffer so much.

After giving it some thought, he felt that Daniel was at fault too since he was the one who sold Sophia to Michael in the past. But in the end, he felt that he was still the main culprit because he couldn’t even protect his child.

Everyone in the room had their own thoughts but Sophia and Michael weren’t the least bit affected.

Noticing that Theo wasn’t eating, Carmen brought her bowl over and fed him food that she didn’t want anymore. “Here, grandpa. This is my favorite food, corn gruel. I love you the most, grandpa, so I’ll give it all to you. You have to eat it all!”

With a poker face, Theo ate a bit of it even though it was tasteless to him.

“Daddy, hehehe… Daddy…” Celine giggled while holding Theo’s arm and swinging it.

“Daddy, look. This is a phone and this is a tablet. They’re extremely easy to use. Come, let me teach you how to use it.” Sophia tried to help Theo in adapting to modern society.

To her, being alive was the best thing that could happen and there was nothing that couldn’t be overcome.

It was better to be alive than dead!

Even ants strived to survive. Since heaven didn’t take his life, he should live happily.

Theo took the tablet and inspected it. He still had no idea how all these gadgets worked.

Meanwhile, Carmen warmly invited Theo to watch the reality show, ‘Stylish Grandpa’, with her. It was about how fashionable grandfathers babysat adorable toddlers.

After the show, she stared at Theo, who looked even more handsome and younger than her father, and asked expectantly, “Grandpa, what do you think?”

Theo was lost for words.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have any comments.

Holding Carmen in his arms, he looked at her affectionately. At the same time, he felt disconsolate.

He was probably feeling the same as Cooper when he found that he had a daughter and a granddaughter.

Even until now, he was still tensed up since he was injured in the frontline. He kept feeling like the enemy would seize an opportunity to launch a counterattack any time. Unexpectedly, the world had changed after he woke up from a sleep.

When he left Elizabeth and went southwest, Michael and his sister were only three or four. But after he woke up, both of them were already in their forties, which was even older than him.

Carmen felt more like his daughter so he couldn’t resist hugging her.

To his disappointment, Cooper took Carmen from him a few minutes later. “Enough. You can’t have her all to yourself.”

From the beginning, Cooper disliked Theo, especially when Sophia called him ‘dad’ just now. He thought that she was calling him but when he lifted his head, he realized that she was actually calling Theo. That made him drown in jealousy.

He felt that many people were trying to steal his sweetheart from him.

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