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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1254

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1254

As a matter of fact, Cooper came to visit the graves of Annabel and the Johnson Family ancestors. Although Annabel’s grave had been moved, as a son-in-law of the family, Cooper still insisted on coming to visit every year.

He didn’t expect to see Anna and her sons right after getting out of the car.

“Anna… What are you guys doing here?”

At that moment, Michael was also shocked to see them.

What was Anna doing here?

Seeing the strange turn of events, Callum laughed awkwardly. “What a coincidence. We were just surveying the area to see if we can invest in building a factory here or something.”

Cooper stared at them and realized that something was wrong. When he saw how pale Anna’s face was, he asked with concern, “Anna, are you alright? You don’t look well.”

Shaking her head slightly, Anna said, “I’m fine, it’s just a little motion sickness.”

Upon hearing that, he didn’t ask anymore and said, “We’re here to visit the graves of my parents-in-law. They used to live in the valley, and they were the only residents there.” As he spoke, he also gestured with his head in the direction of the very place she had just visited.

Without showing any change of expression, she responded, “What a coincidence.”

At that moment , Carmen hopped over and hugged Anna. “Miss Beautiful!”

Then, the two groups of people exchanged greetings before they went their separate ways.

While Anna and the rest drove back to the city, Sophia and her family went up to the hill to visit and clean the graves of Annabel’s parents.

As a matter of fact, the old Johnson couple’s graves were rarely cleaned. It was impossible that their two sons would come, so Cooper would come by once a year to visit and clean the gravesite.

When they were coming down from the hill, Cooper had a grim expression on his face as he glanced at Michael beside him, who seemed like there was something he wanted to say as well.

At that moment, the both of them made a wild guess that Anna’s memories had come back.

Sophia was also brainwashed and no longer remembered anything at all from her past, but this might not necessarily be the case for Anna.

Clearly, she didn’t show up here because she wanted to run a factory. Rather, she must have remembered something from her past and came over to take a look. This was her hometown where she had lived for years after all.

Phantom Wolf’s master, Leon Yard, was the one who experimented with the Yard Family’s Brainwashing theory and wiped out Annabel’s memories thirty years ago. However, at that time, his theories weren’t well-developed yet and the equipment he used wasn’t advanced enough. To make a bold assumption, it was very likely that the effects had rebounded!

With this assumption, Cooper secretly rejoiced.

His Anna was coming back!

However, Anna, on the other hand, felt rather odd.

Everything that came to her mind didn’t just appear out of thin air. If anything, she must have lived in Johnson Family Village thirty years ago.

Callum was the first to connect the dots. He knew that what Anna was experiencing was absolutely no accident.

Without missing a beat, he searched and gathered information about Cooper and his late wife Annabel.

However, Cooper did a good job of keeping Annabel’s information confidential. The most Callum could find was a couple of blurry photos from the internet, while Cade only found Annabel’s birth year. Despite that, it was enough data to discover important information.

“Cooper and Annabel were born in the same year, and they became parents at eighteen!” Cade exclaimed in disbelief.

Usually, successful figures like Cooper generally married later in life. He was in his forties now, and others like him were still single.

Who would have expected that not only did he find love so early in his life, but he also became a parent at such a young age!

Based on calculations, Sophia was actually older than they thought. All along, Cade had assumed that she was younger than them.

At that moment, Callum stared at the numbers that seemed to have nothing to do with each other, but in fact, there were secrets hidden between the lines.

About twenty or thirty years ago, Cooper and Annabel fell in love. She later gave birth to a pair of twin boys and died of amniotic fluid embolism. Before her death, her uterus was surgically removed.

Not long after her death, Jordan informed Louis that his daughter, Anna, had been found but for various reasons, she had lost twenty years of her memories. He also told him that she was born without a uterus and as such, was unable to conceive.

When Anna was younger, she looked very similar to Annabel.

While Annabel was born in the Johnson Family Village, Anna was given away to the local villagers to raise at the nearby train station.

In other words…

At once, Callum and Cade exchanged looks and saw pure shock in each other’s eyes.

If Anna really was Annabel, then this wasn’t just between Cooper and her anymore.

Among the Yard descendants, there were another pair of twin boys.

On top of that, Sophia and Linus had the Michel Group, Mitchell Family, and Fletcher Family to back them. If they were to take over…

No, don’t even think about it!

They haven’t even gotten rid of Jordan yet, and now a pair of twins had entered the picture. The situation just became more chaotic.

They realized that Cooper must have known too. That would explain why he always choked up whenever he saw Anna—it was because she was Annabel herself!

Despite that, Cooper never pointed it out. Meanwhile, Callum and Cade didn’t want to expose it themselves either. After all, this concerned the inheritance of the Yard Family properties. According to the rules, mixed-raced children did not have the rights to any of the inheritance. However, Cooper, Linus, or Sophia could intervene and take over just like Jordan did back then.

In fact, they were very curious about what happened back then.


That night, Cooper gathered his son and son-in-law and had a discussion.

Michael and Linus also agreed that there was a possibility that Anna could have really remembered something. After all, the facilities from twenty to thirty years ago were indeed not advanced enough for that type of procedure. As such, there was a good chance that the effect had rebounded.

Now, they could only play by ear.

Whether Anna’s memories came back or not, Michael remained alert.

Even if she did remember everything, it had been close to thirty years after all. In such a long period of time, it was enough to change a person. Certainly, it would be foolish to deny the fact that a kind person could become ruthless and cruel in thirty years.

That night, they stayed in town before returning to the city center the next day.

After arriving home and having lunch, they left again shortly to the Fletcher Residence.

As soon as they stepped in, Michael sensed the odd atmosphere, as if everyone was looking at him and Celine in a peculiar way.

Stanley had also come back yesterday and brought Maisie along with him.

When he bumped into the Fletcher Family while visiting their ancestors’ graves yesterday, he came back with them. He also brought Maisie with him to introduce her to them. After a huge commotion, the Fletcher family finally accepted him again.

When Stanley saw Michael and the rest, he had an indescribably strange look too.

“What’s wrong with your eyes, Stanley? What are you smoking?” Sophia went up and patted his shoulder. With an awkward expression, Stanley didn’t know how to tell her but Maisie babbled, “Uncle Michael, they’re saying your Daddy came back.”

Michael’s Daddy?

Theo Fletcher?

Hasn’t he been dead for years?

Sophia was puzzled.

After letting out a strange laugh, Stanley quickly ran away with Maisie.

Michael fell silent, looking stern. Then, he saw Mark, who was sighing deeply with his eyebrows tightly knitted. Although he was already over a hundred years old, he looked like he had gotten much older.

Upon seeing Michael and Celine, he sighed again. “Go and talk to him, both of you. I’m running out of ideas, and only you would know how to cheer him up.”

Just then, Michael had an ominous premonition. “Who?”

To which, Mark looked out the window.

At a garden pavilion that wasn’t too far from them, there was a man wearing a military coat. Everyone had seen him when he came, and he had been sitting there motionlessly for a long time.

Michael went out to take a look. When his gaze landed on that man, he couldn’t look away.

As Michael slowly approached him, his heart raced and he was afraid to even breathe. With widened eyes, he looked closely at the man in the military coat. He looked rather young, about thirty years old or less, but he had a handsome face that looked exactly like Theo Fletcher!

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