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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1549

Chapter 1549 Queenie Appeared

Bonnie blinked as she commented, “Dad, this is the current fashion! It’s not very revealing!”

“All right, then.” Brandon still thought the gown was inappropriate, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

When he brought Bonnie into the hall, he noticed some other ladies wearing the same type of gown. With that, he finally agreed with her decision. After all, his biggest wish was for Bonnie to find someone she loved at the dinner banquet tonight.

As the banquet began, more and more guests arrived. Bonnie awkwardly followed Brandon around for a while because it was her first time attending such a grand event after returning to the Silverstein Family.

Suddenly, a lady’s voice called out to her. “You’re here, Bonnie.”

“Hello, Miss Perez,” Bonnie said enthusiastically as she approached Lina. Lina had also put effort into her appearance today. She was a few years older than Bonnie and had a more mature and feminine style.

“Why are you here alone? Is your sister not coming?” Lina curiously asked.

“Her schedule is packed, so I’m the only one attending with my father.”

“Since Young Master Nigel will be here tonight, I assumed your sister would as well!”

“What? Young Master Nigel will be here?”

“Yes. I looked through the guest list and saw his name. Furthermore, tonight’s banquet is being held at his hotel. He would, at the very least, appear to greet the guests, ” Lina responded, her face flushed with anticipation.

When Bonnie heard that, a thought flashed through her mind. Nigel is coming, so I’ll have a chance to impress him tonight!

Lina is also a very pretty lady, but I have the advantage of being younger. Furthermore, I resemble Queenie. Nigel may develop feelings for me as a result of this!

At this moment, Nigel’s sports car slotted itself in the hotel’s designated parking spot. This was a spot specifically reserved for him. As the Manson Family’s young master, he was given preferential treatment in all Manson Group’s assets.

Queenie emerged from the sports car not long after. Nigel felt unwilling to have to bring her to the dinner after looking at her, with the bright, silver light of the chandelier shining on her face. He wished to take her home right away so that he could admire her beauty alone.

“Let’s go! Are we running late?” Queenie asked, as they had even gone for their dinner earlier.

In response, Nigel simply walked over to her and took her hand in his, saying, “It’s fine to be late.”

Queenie then took his arm as the both of them walked into the hall. When they both stepped in, the usher was stunned. Oh my! That’s Young Master Nigel, but who’s the lady next to him? She’s absolutely gorgeous and looks just like a goddess!

Under the scrutiny of the entire crew in the hall, Queenie strolled in shyly. She was well aware that Nigel was the dream lover of every unmarried woman employee in the hotel.

That was why when she walked in with Nigel, they all looked at her with shock—they were all envious of her.

In the hall, all of Averna’s reputable figures and wealthy businessmen were there. Bonnie had left her father and began walking around with Lina. While they were going around socializing, Lina told Bonnie about all the wealthy young masters from various reputable families. As Bonnie did not know much about the upper class of the society in Averna, she learned a lot from Lina just by walking around with her.

Looking at all the wealthy men, Bonnie was more interested in their wealth than in their appearances. They were all either unkempt or plump, and none of them seemed to care about their appearances. They were completely incomparable to Nigel.

Lina too, was uninterested in these men. The only person she desired to be with was Nigel. With that, she could become the lady boss of thousands of hotels and travel the world for the rest of her life. Such a life was exactly what she dreamt of.

However, she was concerned, as Nigel was nowhere to be seen even after the banquet had begun for a while. Why hasn’t he arrived yet? Is he not coming tonight? Just as she was troubled over Nigel’s absence, her gaze which was fixed on the door brightened up.

But it was only for a few seconds before it dimmed again.

Nigel was here, but he was accompanied by a lady who was holding his arm. Isn’t that Bonnie’s twin sister, Queenie? It’s such a surprise that she is here with Nigel.

Wait a minute… Her gown looks familiar. It is the latest design in the fashion industry, with only one piece in the entire country, and now, Queenie is wearing it!

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