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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1541

Chapter 1541 New Box

After hearing it, Courtney swayed and almost passed out from anger.

Queenie was anxious too. She was sure Bonnie had wronged Courtney, but her parents didn’t know.

“Bonnie, the jewelry was given to me by Leslie. Even if one box is lost, that’s something I should worry about. I’m sure Mrs. Lowman didn’t do it. Let me resolve this matter; don’t you intervene.”

“Mom, did you hear what she just said? I was trying to help her. However, she thinks I’m meddling.” Bonnie pouted with her red lips as she showed an affronted expression. “I’m a Silverstein, too; why can’t I take care of the affairs of the family? Am I always an outsider in Queenie’s eyes?”

“Queenie, this…” Maggie was in a difficult position.

At this moment, a clear and charming male voice rang from the hall. “Queenie, I found the jewelry you lost. Take a look.”

Everyone turned around, and Maggie was taken aback. Why is Nigel here?

On the other hand, Bonnie looked in disbelief at the four jewelry boxes in Nigel’s hand. No way. Why are there four boxes? I took one of them!

Queenie immediately understood the situation. She remembered Ashley had sent a box earlier, which meant Nigel was giving her a solution to the problem at hand in a good way.

“Yes, these are the four boxes of jewelry that Leslie gave me. All of them are found. Thank you, Nigel.” Queenie looked up at him gratefully and changed the way she addressed him.

Maggie couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief and apologized to Courtney. “I’m sorry, Courtney. Bonnie has wronged you.”

Courtney cried tears of joy as she watched all four boxes of jewels, which meant her suspicions were cleared up.

At that, she looked at the handsome Manson. “Thank you, Young Master Nigel. You are kind.”

After the initial shock, Bonnie finally realized that Nigel had deliberately bought another jewelry box to help Queenie. With the four boxes found, the matter would be concluded.

On the other hand, she got a charge of defamation.

Moreover, Queenie seized the opportunity to teach Bonnie a lesson.

“Bonnie, apologize to Mrs. Lowman.” Queenie fixed her gaze on Bonnie.

“I-I did wrong her, but there’s no need to apologize!” Bonnie had an aggrieved look on her face. “I saw only three boxes on the couch last night!”

“You wronged Mrs. Lowman, but you don’t even want to give her an apology? Is that fair to her? Even if Dad and Mom dote on you, you must apologize.” Queenie didn’t budge.

“You… Mom, I…” Bonnie hurriedly asked Maggie for help. She couldn’t apologize to a lowly servant.

At this time, Brandon also came over as the police had already left. He heard what happened over here in the garden earlier. Firstly, he greeted Nigel politely. “Nice to meet you, President Manson.”

“Hello, Mr. Silverstein,” Nigel answered with a smile.

“Bonnie, I’ve heard everything. Queenie is right; you should apologize.” Brandon took on a serious face. In front of Nigel, he had to put on a show as a proper father.

Although Bonnie was reluctant, she still apologized as Nigel was there.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Lowman. I’ve wronged you.” Bonnie also hated Queenie. It was Queenie’s fault that caused her to do this. Queenie must have deliberately made Nigel buy a box of jewelry. I did not expect that, but I can now own the jewelry, as Queenie wouldn’t pursue it any further.

However, Courtney looked away as she didn’t want to accept such an insincere apology from Bonnie.

“Courtney, the Silverstein Family should apologize to you regarding this matter. Bonnie has wronged you, and we’re sorry,” Maggie said tenderly.

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