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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1726

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1726


“I made a lucrative offer.” Zachary cackled. “Anyway, we’re keeping all the good stuff within the family.”

“What’s going on? Tell me, quick!”

“I’ll tell you when we go back to the room.”


The couple chatted on the way back to their room.

Upon finding out the deal, Charlotte was shocked to the core. “That’s an insane bet! How sure are you that Francesca will definitely go to Erihal and look for Danrique?”

“One hundred percent.” Zachary was resolute. “I’m winning this bet.”

“Fine, Mr. Mastermind…”

At that time, Charlotte was not aware of the agreement between Zachary and Danrique; neither did she know about the details.

When Gordon drove an enraged Francesca back the following night, Charlotte finally found out that Danrique took the three children to Erihal while leaving Francesca behind in H City.

Before parting ways, the kids bawled their eyes out and held Francesca’s hands tightly.

It broke the latter’s heart as she would be separated from her girls. She wanted them to stay, but Danrique insisted otherwise and sent her to Northridge.

Right before leaving, he told her, “Aren’t you craving freedom? Here you go, your well-deserved freedom. Go ahead and paint the town red!”

“Danrique, you bast*rd!”

She was fuming when they shoved her into the car.

Her blood was still boiling in rage when she arrived at her destination. She did not stop dialing Danrique’s number until Zachary’s words made her pause and mull over the matter.

“You wanted freedom, but the children need stability. Do you think it’s wise for you to raise them like vagabonds and make them wander around with you?”

Francesca was completely stunned. The question kept playing in her mind like a broken record.

“Calm down, Francesca. Perhaps Danrique will send someone to get you very soon,” Charlotte consoled her.

“He’s coming for me?”

Francesca was in a quandary. When he comes, do I want to go with him?

“Shall I lead you upstairs, so that you can get some rest, Francesca?”

Knowing that she was in a bad mood, Charlotte suggested that she should take some time off for herself.

Thereafter, Francesca locked herself up in the room. After what seemed like an eternity, she came out to treat Zachary.

“It’s good to have some alone time. One needs that to figure out one’s priority in life,” Zachary said casually.

“Hmm…” Francesca hummed softly in agreement. Then, she poked a needle into him vehemently, causing Zachary to yelp in pain.


“Do you think that I didn’t know you’re the one who gave Danrique this idea?”

“I.. Ahh! No, I’m just… Ahh!”

In the end, the chapter closed with Franscesca staying in H City to treat Zachary, whereas Danrique brought the girls back to Erihal.

Meanwhile, the situations at both Nacht Group and Lindberg Corporation were not looking good. As responsible men, Zachary and Danrique buried themselves in work, trying to resolve the quagmire.

With that, life moved on as usual. Zachary never stopped working while Charlotte recuperated at home and took care of the kids.

When the children had recovered, Charlotte helped them to organize a small funeral for Little Fifi.

Charlotte and the three kids were forever grateful that their pet did what it could to protect Ellie despite being in the twilight of its life.

It had reached the maximum age a parrot could live. Although Little Fifi was already seven when it died, it still looked as adorable as ever.

The funeral was postponed since the kids were injured one after another and also due to the many happenings at home.

Now that they were emotionally more stable, Charlotte decided to hold one in memory of Little Fifi.

They built a tomb under the osmanthus tree back in Northridge and put Little Fifi’s photo on the headstone. Additionally, they also placed many of its favorite snacks around it.

With Little Fifi’s favorite music playing in the background, the children carried little wreaths and conducted a funeral service to reminisce the good old days they spent together. The eagle, Fifi, was also present throughout.

Everyone missed Little Fifi so much and the tremendous joy it had brought to their home.

How I wish the days ahead of us would be as blissful as ever…

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