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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1725

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1725

A Bet

If this had happened in the past, Danrique would have cast him a contemptuous look and rejected him coldly.

However, he did not turn Zachary down this time. Conversely, he stared at the latter and anticipated him to share his plan.

“Actually, it’s not a good idea to press further. Why don’t you consider letting her stay in H City…”

“You want to keep her here to treat you, right?” Danrique shot him a glare and cut him off.

“Well, she can do that too.” Smiling, Zachary continued, “but that’s not the main objective. I can guarantee you that she will take the initiative to go look for you in Erihal after two months, should you follow my lead in this.”

“What a bold statement!” Danrique did not believe him at all. “You clearly do not know how stubborn she is.”

“Want to take a bet?” Zachary arched his brow.

“What are we betting on?” Danrique was intrigued.

“Five percent of shares,” Zachary responded steadily. “If I lose, I’ll give you five percent of my shares at Nacht Group. If you lose, you shall give Charlotte five percent of yours.”

“Haha, it’s a deal then!” Danrique agreed with a bright grin.

Intelligent people usually cut to the chase and communicated efficiently. Bruce who overheard their conversations exclaimed discreetly, knowing that five percent of shares from either Nacht Group or Lindberg Corporation would be worth a fortune.

These shares are exceptionally important, especially now when there are critical changes happening in both families.

Zachary was certainly very confident in his plan to have suggested the bet. That was exactly why Danrique was highly interested to participate in it.

From Sean’s perspective, he felt that Danrique did not know what to do with Francesca. When Danrique realized how good Zachary was at managing family relationships, he convincingly took a bet.

Perhaps things will turn out to be a pleasant surprise. Who knows?

When Charlotte brought the kids to play in the garden, Bruce pushed Zachary out in his wheelchair too. The children surrounded Zachary as soon as they saw him and started chattering non-stop.

“Daddy, Daddy!”

“Uncle Zachary!”

“Hey, munchkins!” Zachary ruffled their hair and asked gently, “Why didn’t you go swimming?”

“It’s too windy. Aunt Charlotte said it’s better for us to play in the garden.”

“I see. You guys are an obedient bunch.”

“Hey, how was your discussion?” Francesca hurried over and posted her question.

“You’ll have to ask him directly.” Zachary gazed at Danrique who was slowly approaching them.

“It’s time to go home.”

Danrique stared at the three children while Sean quickly ushered the girls to the car.

“Mommy…” The little ones turned their heads to Francesca.

They would only follow suit if she took her leave.

“All right, make a move now,” urged Danrique as he took a glance at Francesca before heading upstairs.

Sean walked toward Francesca and politely gestured her toward the exit.

“What does this mean?” Francesca panicked. “Zachary, did you betray me?”

“Don’t you worry, you’re coming back here tomorrow,” Zachary hinted with a mysterious smile. “Keep him company tonight.”

“Huh…” Francesca froze up at his reply before she snapped back into her senses a few seconds later. “You’re saying that he agreed to let me stay?”

Zachary nodded.

“You aren’t pulling my legs, are you?” Francesca was over the moon. She could not believe the news.

“Just ask him and you shall receive your answer.” Zachary pointed in the direction of the Lindbergs’ car.

“Bastrd, bastrd, did you really say yes to me staying here?” Francesca dashed over and queried.

“Yup.” Danrique bobbed his head. “Go home. I’m leaving for Erihal tomorrow, and I’ll arrange for someone to send you back.”

“This is awesome!” Francesca cheered happily.

“Get in!”

After watching the Lindbergs’ convoy leave, Charlotte asked in disbelief, “Is this for real?”

“Of course!” Zachary rolled his eyes at her. “How can this be a lie?”

“How did you manage to convince my brother?” Charlotte was super curious.

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