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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 9 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 9 by desirenovel

Flashing a sheepish grin, he changed the topic casually. “Emmett, did your wife get mad at you for teasing her at the wedding? And, um… Did you guys really do it last night?” At the thought of the woman, Emmett felt a fire burning within him. He was surprised at how he lost control last night and forced himself on her like a starving beast.

“I… Wait a minute. What does it have to do with you? Scram! Leave me alone,” he snapped. Nolan jolted in fright and stood up to make his escape at that. I thought he doesn’t care about who he marries? Why is he so upset at the mention of his wife? Dashing towards the exit, Nolan pushed the door open hurriedly, but the man called out, “Wait! Have you run a background search about that Savannah? I want to know everything about her life abroad. The more detailed the report is, the better.” “I’m doing it now,” responded Nolan. “Did she act suspicious last night? She’s strikingly pretty,

huh? Old Mrs. Quaker had her eyes on Sydney Avery, but the Averys couldn’t bear to part with her. They claimed to have a daughter who had been abroad for a long time. Anyway, Old Mrs. Quaker must’ve done her thing before she agreed to let you marry her.

At least she’s prettier than that Sydney—” “Did I ask for your opinion? Get out!” Emmett was scowling in fury by now. He wasn’t actually mad at Nolan for being talkative. Instead, he was mad at himself and for what he did to her. Why did I lose control the moment I lay my eyes on her? Nolan scrambled out of the office immediately and sighed in relief outside.

As soon as he sat down in the common area, his employees greeted him politely. “Hello, Mr. Bardsley.” “Hello,” replied Nolan cheerfully. To the public, he was the owner of AX Group. However, the higher-ups in the company knew someone else was running the company instead of him. That person was the mysterious owner of AX Group.

Nolan Bardsley might be cheerful and approachable, but he had never revealed a word about their mysterious boss. Actually, Emmett and Nolan were distant relatives. Back then, when the Bardsley family was at its peak, Nolan got the chance to study abroad. Sadly, a year into university, the Bardsley family went bankrupt. Without financial help, Nolan couldn’t afford his expensive tuition fees. He had to resort to working illegally, earning scraps to survive. One day, someone brought him to a nursing home in Ustrana. There, he met Emmett, who was only fourteen years old at that time.

Nolan could still remember the day he first met the young Emmett. Though he was only a teenager, he was already calm and pensive like an adult. “The Quaker family has gained full control of Bardsley Corporation. The car crash which killed my mother wasn’t an accident. Someone planned that deliberately, and I need your help to avenge her.” Emmett revealed everything to him.

His crisp voice sent chills up Nolan’s spine. Back then, Emmett was just a kid, so Nolan merely sneered, “Why should I help you? You’re a Quaker, not a Bardsley.” “Don’t you want to finish your studies? Do you want to be an illegal worker until the immigration officials deport you and end up on the streets back home?” Emmett inquired slowly.

Nonetheless, Nolan was unfazed. “As long as I get to earn money, anything is fine.” “What about your mother? Poor ol’ her, thinking that you’re still studying your a** off at college.

Since nothing matters to you, why did you photoshopped those photos of you on campus and in class?” Nolan clenched his fingers as he stared at the iciness radiating off that young man. Looks like I have no choice but to agree. Well, it won’t hurt to say yes. “Fine. I’ll help you.” Following that, Emmett shot him an inscrutable look.

“Do you have another choice?” Just like that, he became Emmett’s right-hand man, taking orders from a man much younger than him. Later on, he found out that after Emmett’s mother, Yona Bardsley, died, Emmett inherited her wealth in secret. Yona had put some money aside and saved it for her son without telling anyone. Using this inheritance, Nolan stepped out and established AX Group, with Emmett as the mysterious owner.

It started off as an ordinary foreign trade company before expanding its business to become a multinational group that spanned various sectors. AX Group was currently viewed as a legend in Lightspring. Everyone was saying that the Bardsley family, which had gone bust, would soon rise to success in Nolan’s hands.

Assuming the position of Emmett’s cousin, he frequented the Quaker residence without arousing suspicion, claiming to be taking care of Emmett on behalf of his late Aunt Yona. Just as Nolan was thinking about the time they spent together, Emmett sent him a text: Come to my office and give me a ride home. He sighed. What a bossy person. Earlier, he told me to scram. Now, he’s ordering me to go back to his office. Hmph! Forget it. He’s the boss, after all. Nolan rose to his feet and glanced at his watch. It’s time for him to head home anyway.

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