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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 75 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 75 by desirenovel

Not A Word Of Truth

Emmett gazed at her coldly. “You’re very good at sucking up to the elders, aren’t you?” With that, he turned and stalked into the house.

Savannah ran after him immediately. What was the matter with him again? His mood had changed so drastically that she suspected he had a bipolar disorder—she couldn’t tell when his switch was going to flip.

She chased him all the way back into their room, trying to understand why he had gotten angry at her all of a sudden. Tremulously, she said, “Are you mad at me because I prepared a present for Grandma by myself? I didn’t tell you about that because I was too embarrassed about my gift…I didn’t think she would like it so much either…”

Emmett interrupted her in a low voice. “And that’s the only thing you’ve been hiding from me?”

Savannah bowed her head, feeling a little panicked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You already knew about Sydney’s matter a long time ago, and you were also the one who suggested that I tell everyone about it at Grandma’s birthday party.”

“I’m not talking about that.” Emmett took out a single pill from his pocket. Placing it in the center of his palm and showing it to Savannah, he demanded, “What the hell is this?”

Savannah gazed at the white-colored pill and shook her head in confusion. “I don’t know. Isn’t it something you take for one of your ailments? Is it for indigestion?”

“Oh, you don’t recognize this, do you?” Emmett pulled open one of her clothing drawers. “I don’t take any medicine, to begin with. Even if I did, don’t you think I would be able to recognize my own medicine?”

A sudden realization dawned on Savannah. A chill ran down her spine. How did he manage to find the contraceptive pills she had been hiding from him?

Emmett ripped the drawer out of the cabinet and emptied all of its contents onto the floor, leaving onto a tiny, unmarked bottle in the corner of the drawer.

He grabbed hold of her hair and forced her to gaze at the bottle. “Tell me honestly. What sort of medicine do you have in this bottle?”

Savannah tried to remain calm despite the immense terror she felt. “These are sleeping pills. I take one or two of them whenever I’m suffering from insomnia.”

“I can’t get a single word of truth out of you, can I?”

Emmett refused to let go of her hair. Pulling her hair even harder so she was forced to look into his eyes, he hissed, “I got someone to conduct a test on these pills. They are contraceptive pills, aren’t they? You—you’ve been using contraceptive pills this whole time.”

Savannah’s face turned white as a sheet. She hadn’t expected him to find her contraceptive pills so easily. Frantically, she tried to make up an excuse on the spot. “We just got married, I don’t want to have children so soon… We’re still young, we should enjoy life as newlyweds first before having kids…”

Emmett was so angry that he started laughing. “Wow, just look at you, telling lies without so much as blinking! You’ve been acting so obedient and nice, drinking all those health supplements Grandma and Mary have prepared for you. Meanwhile, you’ve been taking contraceptive pills on the side! Do you think we’re fools? You have given birth before, haven’t you? Who’s the father? Where’s the child?”

“What? What are you talking about? There’s no child!” Savannah denied it immediately. There was no way she could let him find out about Freddie’s existence.

Emmett released her hair and shoved her onto the ground. “What lies! Even if you didn’t tell me anything, I would have found about it anyway! You never wanted to have children with me in the first place, did you?”

“Yes, you’re right, I don’t want children yet. But Grandma and Mary are so desperate for a great-grandchild that I couldn’t tell them that! Besides, you know perfectly well that I’m not worthy of you, or of giving birth to your children!” Savannah decided to take a leap of faith here. “If you’re so unhappy about that, you can divorce me and get married to a better woman.”

“Divorce? I think you got married just to divorce me!” Emmett laughed coldly.

Savannah felt very tired. The both of them weren’t suited for each other, but they had been forced together by circumstance. She had to tiptoe around him and accommodate him all the time, like a bird trapped in a cage.

“I’ve told you this before—I never wanted to marry you. I was forced into it, alright? What do you want to do about it? Force me to have your child? Even if I did give birth, I wouldn’t be a good mother anyway.” Her thoughts jumped to the suffering Freddie. She couldn’t bear the responsibility of becoming another child’s mother right now.

Emmett suddenly realized how stupid he was. He wanted to stop pretending to be dumb for her sake so that he could protect her and give her the stable family life she had always wanted.

However, she had no interest in him at all. He only had himself to blame for falling for her and her tricks.

“Yes, you’re right, everything’s my fault. I was wrong for treating you like my own wife, and for forgetting why I needed to get married and have a wife in the first place.” Emmett’s gazed turned icy-cold as he stopped the struggling Savannah from getting up from the ground.

Keeping a firm grip on her hand, he hissed forcefully, “As for a divorce…don’t even think about it. And it’s not up to you whether you want to have kids or not.”

As he pressed her against the cold, hard floor, Savannah lost control of her emotions and screamed, “Emmett, you jerk! Just because you married me, do you think you can take out your beastly desires on me as you please?”

“Of course! Otherwise, why would Grandma put in so much effort to get me a wife?” Emmett ripped her clothes apart mercilessly, too enraged to care about her feelings.

Savannah struggled as hard as she could, but Emmett was too strong for her. She couldn’t get up from the ground at all.

Armed with their resentment towards each other, they gave themselves into the madness. However, Emmett retained the upper hand—like a tyrant, he controlled her body, making her drop down to the depths of hell at a moment’s notice.

After that night, Emmett became even colder towards her.

In the past, Savannah knew he was cold as an iceberg, but he had his moments of warmth and tenderness too. Now, he seemed more and more like a dangerous block of ice that had been frozen for a few thousand years.

She could no longer find a single shred of expression in his eyes, and she knew he wouldn’t waste his breath on her anymore. Savannah finally understood what being cold and indifferent meant.

She felt as though the days spent with him were enveloped in dark, stormy clouds. Every single day was torture.

However, she gritted her teeth and refused to bow down to him. Not once did she plead for mercy. Every day, both of them engaged in a physical and emotional battle of wills, but no one apart from them knew that.

The next evening, Emmett got the chauffeur to send Savannah back to the Quaker residence before heading off with Nolan to do something else.

Returning to the house alone meant Savannah could finally breathe easy instead of walking around on eggshells around Emmett.

She decided to return to her room and rest for a bit. The moment she stepped into the house, however, Mary appeared in front of her with a smile on her face. “Mrs. Quaker, you’re home early today. Didn’t you return with Mr. Quaker?”

Savannah returned her smile. “Nolan was looking for him. I returned home by myself first.”

“Excellent,” Mary replied. “Old Mrs. Quaker would like to see you in her room for a bit.”

The moment she said that Savannah’s thoughts jumped immediately to the idea that she would finally be able to see what Old Mrs. Quaker’s room looked like. She wanted to know if there was a safe anywhere—perhaps Old Mrs. Quaker had hidden the documents about Sean’s villa project in there. With those documents in hand, Savannah would be able to threaten him at last.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Old Mrs. Quaker didn’t say anything,” Mary said, grinning. “Make your way to her room and you can find out for yourself, Mrs. Quaker.”

“Alright.” Savannah went up the stairs to Old Mrs. Quaker’s room. Halfway up, she stopped in her tracks, suddenly feeling a little sick. Was this a bad thing or not?

Had Emmett told Old Mrs. Quaker about the contraceptive pills she had been taking in secret?

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