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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 73 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 73 by desirenovel

Another DNA Test

With a horrified expression on her face, Madelyn scooped the DNA test report up from the table. Everything had happened too quickly, and she didn’t quite know how to react.

Logan slapped Osborn loudly across the face and roared, “You idiot! It’s enough that you go around frolicking with those female celebrities day and night! How dare you do something so embarrassing behind our backs?”

Madelyn was the first one to snap out of her daze. Reacting quickly, she took Logan by the arm and exclaimed, “Don’t hit Osborn anymore! He didn’t do anything wrong. Both he and Sydney aren’t married yet—there’s nothing wrong with them dating each other. Besides, it’s getting more and more common for couples to get pregnant before they’re married…”

Logan interrupted her angrily, “You’re still sticking up for him? What an embarrassment to our family!”

Sean pulled Sydney away and said in an impatient tone, “Why are you standing so close to them? Do you know how much shame you’ve brought upon our family? Why didn’t you tell us anything? Now that Savannah reveals everything, how are you supposed to hold your head high in society after this?”

Sydney’s face was completely red. She said, “Dad, Osborn, and I love each other very much. In fact, I don’t know why all of you are making such a big deal out of it—we’ll just get married.”

“You want to marry him, but does he want to marry you?” Sean snapped. He felt a little annoyed at the contemptuous way Logan and Osborn were treating his daughter.

Savannah had already taken the opportunity to tell everyone that the child in Sydney’s belly belonged to Osborn. She had, in effect, fulfilled Sydney’s wishes.

Osborn felt as though his head was going to explode. He shot a dark look at Savannah.

Immediately, Emmett drew Savannah closer to him, looking rather protective. Rather foolishly, he said, “Honey, is your relative going to have a baby? I’ll have someone else to play with, then.”

Seeing how the matter had blown up, Agatha sighed and said to Logan and Madelyn, “It’s time for Osborn to get married, I suppose. Since he already got the Avery family’s girl pregnant, they might as well get married. Go and make arrangements for their wedding.”

Holding his cheek, which was still smarting from Logan’s slaps, Osborn turned around and retorted, “Grandma, how do we know for sure that the baby in her stomach belongs to me? These results might be bogus!”

Sydney hadn’t expected Osborn to say something so heartless to her in front of everyone. Immediately, she burst into tears.

Unable to bear it anymore, Nina walked over to Osborn and snapped, “Sydney has always been a good, obedient girl! A playboy like you must have tricked her somehow. And how dare you even suggest something so preposterous? Are you even human?”

As soon as she heard Nina’s criticism towards her precious son, Madelyn leaped forward and hollered, “Are you accusing my son of being a playboy? Who knows what sort of tricks your family has up your sleeves! You went ahead with the DNA test without our knowledge or permission, and are trying to pin the blame on Osborn now! Screw off, for goodness’s sake!”

“Mom, you’re right. I wonder what they might have done to the DNA test results!” Osborn was deathly afraid that his family might force him to marry Sydney. He had only wanted to have some fun with her—he never wanted to marry her in the first place!

Nina was utterly furious. “Then let’s conduct another DNA test with everyone here as witnesses!”

“Sure! If this DNA test proves that the child in her stomach belongs to my son, we’ll go ahead with the wedding preparations,” Madelyn said firmly.

“Mom!” Osborn turned to look at her with a horrified look in his eyes. He couldn’t help but feel a little panicked—what if the baby really belonged to him?

Madelyn had already thought it through. If Osborn’s child was born before Emmett’s, the child would become the eldest grandchild of the Quaker family. This meant that Madelyn’s position within the Quaker family would be more stable than ever.

It was true that Sydney’s family background wasn’t as prestigious as that of the girls Madelyn had in mind. However, to Madelyn, nothing was more important than Osborn and Sydney’s marriage and the birth of her potential grandson. After all, even Agatha was looking forward to her first great-grandson.

Agatha didn’t like Madelyn or Osborn, but this might change after the baby was born. On account of the baby, she might treat them a little better.

“Oh, stop whining! If the baby in her stomach belongs to you, you have to take responsibility for it,” Madelyn snapped, putting on a generous, benevolent front.

“Who needs your responsibility?” Nina snapped. She didn’t want Sydney to marry this sort of man at all. In fact, she thought the best course of action for Sydney was to abort this child.

However, Sydney tugged at her sleeve and said pathetically, “Mom, I want to keep this child. I want to marry him.”

Nina couldn’t yell at her in front of all these people; instead, she stared at her daughter in disbelief. Had Osborn fed her something to mess with her mind? If Sydney got married to a jerk like him, her life was basically over.

She pushed Sydney’s hand away, wondering angrily to herself why her daughter was so completely hopeless when it came to relationships.

Agatha watched both mothers lecture their children silently. She turned to Mary and told her to get the waiters to serve dinner—there had been enough quarreling tonight. She said, “Alright, since we’ve already gotten to the bottom of this matter, just push the wedding discussions to another day. Nobody is to mention another word about this matter for the rest of tonight.”

“Exactly!” Clara agreed with her immediately. “Mom, it’s your birthday today. We’re here to celebrate it with you instead of watching these young people argue.”

Lincoln found the entire situation amusing. As he watched his brother’s family squirm, he tried to curry favor with Agatha. “That’s right. Mom, since Osborn is here, let’s start the celebrations now.”

Everyone smiled and nodded, and started to call out birthday greetings to Agatha.

However, the atmosphere was now way more tense than it had been before. Everyone’s expression as they gazed at Sean’s family had changed—they now looked at them with a mixture of awe and flattery.

Someone drank to Sean’s health. “Mr. Avery, both your daughters are going to be married to sons of the Quaker family soon. In the future, your families will be even closer than before. Congratulations, congratulations…”

Sean smiled back in return. The more he thought about this matter, the more suspicious it sounded. How did Savannah manage to get her hands on Sydney’s test report, and how come nobody but Savannah knew about this? Sean suspected that Sydney had ordered Savannah to tell everyone about her test results on purpose.

He couldn’t understand why Sydney had fallen in love with a man like Osborn, who had a reputation for being an incorrigible playboy. Did she think marriage was as simple as it sounded?

After wishing Agatha a happy birthday, Sean left the restaurant with Nina and Sydney.

The moment they left, the expressions on the Quaker family members’ faces turned rather ugly. Someone whispered, “Aren’t they just trying to mooch off the Quaker family by marrying not one, but two, of their daughters into our family? Sean must be a very ambitious man.”

“I know, right? Logan, you’d better be more careful of Sean. Once he marries both his daughters into our family, he might try to wrest control from you,” Lincoln warned him seriously.

Logan was in a rather bad mood. He replied, “I know what I’m doing. Even if Osborn agrees to marry Sydney, they still have to sign a prenuptial agreement anyway.”

Savannah stood by the side of the room, listening coldly to their conversations. Sydney had planned this out so carefully, but there were no fools in the Quaker family. If she wanted to fool all of them, she would have to come up with a better plan.

After Agatha’s birthday party, Agatha got Savannah to sit with her in the car on the way back to the Quaker residence.

Mary got into the passenger seat in the front row, while Agatha and Savannah sat in the back together.

Agatha’s expression looked very dark. She pursed her lips as they sat quietly in the car.

Savannah knew she shouldn’t have used Agatha’s birthday party as an occasion for her to help Sydney out. She opened her mouth and said, “Old Mrs. Quaker, my apologies. Everything today was my fault. I shouldn’t have helped Sydney out and ruined your birthday celebrations.”

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