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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 71 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 71 by desirenovel

DNA Test For Emmett And Freddie

The night passed peacefully.

The next morning, Emmett accompanied her to the hospital after having breakfast.

Once they arrived at the obstetrics and gynecology department, Emmett saw a signboard that read: No Men Beyond This Point. As such, he waited in the common area while Savannah went in alone for her checkup.

As she exited the examination room, someone suddenly called her name.

Savannah turned around and was surprised to see Sydney here.

“Why are you here? Are you pregnant too?” Sydney glanced at her tummy and asked shockingly.

Savannah replied blandly, “No. I’m here for a checkup.”

As if heaving a sigh of relief, Sydney replied, “I see.”

Savannah was aware that Sydney wanted to be Osborn’s official wife. Because Sydney’s child would naturally be the successor of the Quaker family, she definitely didn’t wish to see another competitor to her child.

“I’ve done my checkup and have to get going.” Savannah didn’t want to spend time talking to her and was about to leave the hospital.

Nonetheless, Sydney blocked her way and asked, “Wait a minute. I’ve handed over the DNA test report to you, but when are you going to help me?”

Savannah almost forgot about it. She answered, “Wait for ten more days at most. During Old Mrs. Quaker’s birthday, I’ll reveal the news to everyone in the Quaker family. What about mine? Can you send my kid and me away when you prepare for your wedding?”

“Rest assured that I’ve had a plan for you. Well, you’ve seen the small and remote town that looks like a paradise. No one can ever find you…”

“But you know where I am. Who knows if you would betray me again?” Savannah dared not trust her completely. Although she was determined to leave, she probably wouldn’t stay in the small town forever.

Sydney replied, “What’s in it for me if you stay in the Quaker family as Mrs. Quaker? Once you move to the small town, I will never reveal your whereabouts to anyone.”

That does make some sense. Since Sydney was married into the Quaker family, she definitely wanted to be the only powerful woman in the Quaker residence and wouldn’t tolerate any challenger.

Nevertheless, Sydney wasn’t aware that Osborn’s mom, Madelyn, was difficult to deal with. As such, it wouldn’t be as easy as she thought to be Osborn’s wife.

However, Savannah didn’t want to dwell on it. “Wait for my news. You will marry Osborn as you wish.” Once she finished, she walked toward the common area outside the obstetrics and gynecology department to meet Emmett.

Sydney sneered as Savannah left. Deep in her heart, she decided to end Savannah’s life once Savannah went to the small town. By then, no one would know where she really was.

She kept staring at Savannah until she reached the common area and was surprised to see Emmett there.

Emmett looked a little dejected when he read Savannah’s report. As such, Sydney believed that Savannah didn’t lie – she wasn’t pregnant.

Nonetheless, Emmett gently grabbed Savannah’s hand when they left as though he really wished that she could be pregnant.

Do Savannah and Retard really have feelings for each other? After confirming that they left the hospital, she hastily went to the common area and grabbed the cup of water, which was left on Emmett’s seat.

Given that Emmett probably had some water using this cup, she wanted to do another DNA test with his saliva to prove her speculation.

Emmett was slightly disappointed at Savannah’s checkup results. Nevertheless, he didn’t express his feelings on the way back to the company.

“Did you ask Sydney to meet up at the hospital before we went there?” Emmett asked.

Savannah was startled for a moment, for she thought that he didn’t notice Sydney at all. “We happened to meet each other and chatted for a while.”

“Did she rush you into doing that again?” Emmett continued asking.

Savannah murmured a response and replied, “I told her that she wouldn’t have to wait for too long.”

“I suggest cutting all ties with her from now on. Whether she is your biological sister or not, she will take advantage of you if you two spend time together.”

Savannah was at a loss for words and had mixed feelings. Did Emmett say such things because he thought that he knows, and is worried about, me?

“Cutting all ties?” She pretended to be clueless and continued, “I’m afraid it’s not that easy, given that she will be married into the Quaker family soon. Since she will soon be my sister-in-law, how can I possibly cut ties with her?”

Nevertheless, Emmett suddenly said something which she didn’t really understand. “You won’t have anything to do with her anymore as long as you cut all ties with her.”

Savannah casually murmured a response. Deep in her heart, she knew that she would be cutting all ties with everyone here soon, including Sydney.

They showed Agatha the checkup results when they came home from the office. As expected, Agatha and Mary were disappointed with it.

Agatha put on her reading glasses to read through the results of her blood test and checkup report again and again. After quite some time, she said, “Your body seems fine. However, why do you still have hormonal imbalance even after having nutritious food every day? Since you’re still young, it’s bizarre that you have irregular periods. Well, it looks like we still have to fix your health slowly.”

Meanwhile, Savannah only nodded in response because she didn’t know what response she had to give. “I’ll heed your advice.”

Agatha didn’t even glance at her but continued reading the checkup report. Suddenly, she pointed at one of the indicators and asked, “Why is this indicator so high? Does it affect your body and prevent pregnancy?”

Savannah took a look and hastily answered, “I have a slightly high level of estrogen. The doctor said it would eventually be fine if I keep an eye on my diet.”

Actually, the doctor did ask her if she was consuming contraceptive pills, and she denied it.

The doctor roughly figured out the reason for the hormonal imbalance. However, given that she was reluctant to tell the truth, the doctor didn’t write down a specific conclusion in the report.

Meanwhile, Mary said anxiously, “Old Mrs. Quaker, Mrs. Quaker’s condition doesn’t look good. Should we hire another renowned doctor to treat her with some traditional medicine?”

“That’s right. Get in touch with that renowned doctor, who is an expert in treating infertility, and request him to come here,” Agatha urged Mary to do it.

Sophia was at a loss for words as Agatha thought about inviting a renowned doctor to treat her infertility. It was clear that Agatha was concerned about having a great-grandchild than anything else.

She glanced at Emmett helplessly, yet Emmett didn’t utter a word nor voice any objections to the ideas proposed by Agatha and Mary.

After going back to their bedroom, Savannah couldn’t hold in her anger and scolded, “It’s true that I’m not pregnant now, but how can Old Mrs. Quaker and Mary be certain that we are sterile?”

“They didn’t think that I’m sterile but only felt that the problem lies with you.” Emmett behaved as though it had nothing to do with him.

Now, she finally realized that Emmett also had the same opinion as Agatha’s – the problem lay with her. Since Emmett appeared to have mixed feelings at this moment, she didn’t wish to dwell on it anymore.

“In that case, just follow Old Mrs. Quaker’s order to get a renowned doctor to treat me.” Once she finished, she turned around and entered the bathroom, before Emmett could sense anything wrong.

On the other hand, Emmett crossed his legs on the couch and began to surf the internet using his phone. Eventually, he found several reasons that could lead to a high level of estrogen, one of which was long-term consumption of contraceptive pills.

He was lost in thought for a while. Once a thought flashed through his mind, he stood up immediately and opened the drawer that Savannah usually put her underwear. At last, he found a bottle of pills at the bottom of the drawer.

However, he didn’t know what the pills were meant for because the label on the bottle was removed. He swiftly took one of the pills and put it into his pocket. After that, he put everything back in place and closed the drawer.

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