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Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 70 by desirenovel

Marrying a Dumb Husband chapter 70 by desirenovel

Is Savannah Pregnant

Because they never had a heated argument for a consecutive number of days, Savannah felt that she had probably discovered a way to get along with him – agreeing with whatever he said and doing whatever he thought was right. As such, they began to look like a couple who respected each other.

Emmett could sense that she didn’t resist him as much as she used to. Nevertheless, her smile and every move didn’t seem real.

As such, he had an inexplicable feeling that she would vanish from sight anytime. She was like sand that drifted away through his fingers, yet he couldn’t hold on to her no matter how hard he tried.

During dinner, Savannah stole glances at Agatha from time to time. Old Mrs. Quaker used to say that she has the dirt on Sean, which can ruin Sean’s reputation and even make the Quaker family go bankrupt. Did she mean the villa inspection report that Sean mentioned to me?

How can an inspection report make the Avery family go bankrupt? To what extent is the villa project flawed and jerry-built?

Doubts filled her mind when she was having dinner. Nevertheless, because she didn’t ask Agatha, she had to discover the answers by herself.

Agatha thought that Savannah wanted to try the delicious cake because Savannah kept glancing at her. As such, she asked Mary to put the plate of cake before her and said, “Wanna try some sour food? Just eat as much as you want if you like it.”

Savannah nodded and took a few bites of the appetizing hawthorn-stuffed cake.

Mary was standing aside when she said smilingly, “Is Mrs. Quaker pregnant?”

Savannah almost choked on her food and hastily had some soup.

Meanwhile, Emmett was initially stunned but quickly recollected himself and chimed in, “That’s possible.”

“By the way, is Mrs. Quaker’s Aunt Flo… missing for quite some time?” Mary asked embarrassedly.

“Oh, do you mean my period? It’s a bit late this month.” Savannah didn’t shy away from it. In fact, she was certain that she wasn’t pregnant and thought that the contraceptive pills that she took messed up her period.

Nevertheless, Agatha felt that it was possible and said energetically, “That’s right. You might be pregnant this time. Emmett, bring Savannah to the hospital for a medical checkup. Who knows if the good news has finally arrived?”

“Yeah, sure,” Emmett pretended to be delighted as he replied.

“You’re a lucky man,” Agatha pointed at him and said laughingly.

On the other hand, Savannah kept her head down and continued having dinner. She was hesitant about telling Agatha that she wasn’t pregnant because the news would let Agatha down.

After the night fell, they returned to their bedroom. She secretly looked up the villa project that Sean mentioned when Emmett took a shower. After a while, she was shocked to find a piece of news that was reported last year.

It read that a foreman in the construction site didn’t follow the SOPs at work. As such, the elevator suddenly fell and killed two workers.

After the tragic incident, the foreman was arrested as he was believed to be responsible for the accident. Also, the construction company owned by the Avery family gave symbolic compensation to the families of the victims.

Since the families of the two victims were dissatisfied, the Quaker family requested the Quality Control inspector to conduct a site inspection. The conclusion made was that the foreman didn’t follow the SOPs at work. Therefore, the families finally stopped asking for more compensation.

The developer of the villa project was the Quaker family, while the contractor was the Avery family’s construction company. Both families showed up and ended the dispute together.

Staring at the news on her laptop, Savannah knew that there were certainly some skeleton-in-the-cupboard. Perhaps failing to observe SOPs wasn’t the only reason, and the Quaker and Avery family probably hid the truth.

Once she heard Emmett opened the bathroom door, she immediately opened another tab about fashion design but was still deep in thought. Where would Old Mrs. Quaker hide such an important document? Would it be in her own room or in a safe that she rented elsewhere?

Well, I guess I have to sound Mary out on this.

“You seem absent-minded the whole time. What did Sean actually tell you?” Emmett wiped away the water droplets on his body with another towel wrapping the lower part of his body.

Savannah dared not look at his muscular body and changed the subject. “Nothing much, but Sydney is rushing me again. When should I tell Old Mrs. Quaker about the whole thing? Sydney is getting worried because her baby bump grows bigger day by day.”

“Well, Grandma’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day. You can show Sydney’s DNA report to everyone on that day.” Emmett fixed the day for her.

Savannah immediately checked the calendar on her phone and said, “Thanksgiving Day? It means there are less than ten days left. In this case, Sydney can put her mind at ease.”

Meanwhile, Emmett came up to her back to wrap his arms around her shoulder and put his face on her cheek. “We’re going to the hospital for a medical checkup tomorrow. If Grandma is disappointed with your result, you can tell her that Sydney is pregnant with Osborn’s child to cheer her up.”

“But, will Old Mrs. Quaker be happy to know that Osborn has a child?” Actually, her heart was thumping when Emmett was so close to her.

At the same time, she was formulating excuses so that Emmett wouldn’t lay his hands on her tonight.

“No matter what, the baby is still her great-grandchild,” When Emmett spoke, he put his hand gently on her belly as though she had a baby.

Savannah cautiously moved her hand away and said, “Fate will decide if we have a baby. We’ll know it when I’ve done the checkup in the hospital tomorrow.”

Deep in her heart, she was reluctant to go to the hospital for a checkup. However, she had no choice but to do it to give Agatha a confirmed answer.

As she was deep in thought, Emmett carried her up and smiled mischievously. “We have to work harder if you’re not pregnant.”

Savannah said nervously, “But what if I’m pregnant? You will hurt him by doing that. Also, I think we should sleep separately to be safe. I can sleep on the couch, and you can sleep on the bed.”

“It’s okay that we sleep together anyway. Do you think I don’t have any self-control at all?” Emmett pinned her down the bed and refused to let her sleep on the couch.

Savannah turned around with her back facing him and sneered secretly. What a jerk? How could he have the cheek to claim that he has self-control?

When he was in the mood, he could do it with her several times in one night. It was clear that he was only focused on satisfying his own needs and never cared about her feelings.

“Alright, I’m tired and will sleep now.” Since Savannah didn’t want to talk much, she closed her eyes, hoping to fall asleep as soon as possible.

Emmett regretted his remark somehow but didn’t want to break his promise. Hence, he loosened his grip and lay back on the bed for a while.

However, because he couldn’t fall asleep, he still turned around and hugged her. At this moment, the fragrance exuded from her body made his blood boil. When he wished to be intimate with her, he suddenly heard her snores.

He was surprised that she fell asleep so quickly, and hence he lifted his body with one hand to check if she was really sleeping.

Her face flushed a little while her mouth slightly opened. As such, he was certain that she had fallen asleep.

He couldn’t help but kiss her cheek. Then, he heaved a sigh and went to the bathroom to get a cold shower.

Once Savannah heard the sound of the running shower, she sneaked a peek to find out if Emmett really didn’t see through her little game or did he somewhat cherished her. He is willing to hold in his lust and take a cold shower to calm himself down?

After a while, she closed her eyes and continued pretending to sleep. Emmett probably had a different opinion about making love, but she believed that it ought to happen with the consent of both sides. However, since she did it with him against her will, she shouldn’t think highly of him no matter what he did. She would never fall in love with any man, ever!

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